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What Should I Bring to a Halloween Party

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At the stroke of midnight, the month of pumpkins transforming into jack-o-lanterns, eating candy, and the epic Halloween parties begin.  It’s exciting when you receive an invitation to a Halloween party. They’re a memorable evening for all where you get together with friends, family or your neighbors for a night of fun.

Only you wonder what you’re going to bring to the party!! Food, a gift, a zombie from underneath the ground? Okay, not the zombie. That could get out of hand.  Never fear this article is here to give you some advice. Instead of bringing a ghost or a goblin, it’s highly recommended that you bring something more suitable to a Halloween party.

Bring Yourself

That’s the most important thing on the list to bring. Since you’re invited the hosts want to see you there. Unless you already have a conflict gently explain the situation and the hosts are sure to understand.

 A party is important to attend, especially around the holidays. Halloween brings together friends, family, and even neighbors who you may not get to talk to. It’s an awesome opportunity to catch up with old friends or even meet new friends.

Be respectful to your hosts and all your guests. The hosts went through long hours to set up this party just for their guests. Most importantly, not everyone enjoys Halloween. We all have different views on Halloween or holidays so be respectful about others opinions.

Have a Costume Prepared

What’s a Halloween party without a costume? Don’t show up in your regular clothes. At least think about buying a costume so you won’t be the only person who is not dressed up. Halloween is the holiday to go all out. Your costume can be anything from your favorite superhero, Disney character, a ghoul, or you could just make up your own costume

Halloween is about creativity and putting your imagination to work. Make sure your costume is suitable and not violently or sexually graphic for whichever age group party you’re attending.

Take a Friend Along

Before bringing a friend to the party, speak to the hosts to make sure it’s okay. They have already invited their own friends. Of course, you don’t want to leave anyone out but you should understand if the party is invite only. Take a chance and make a new friend.

Bring a Gift for the Host

Gifts aren’t always necessary, though it’s a nice gesture. If you want to bring a Halloween themed present it’s okay. Here are three suggestions.

A Bouquet of Flowers or a Gift Basket

Flowers always make a beautiful touch to a house. Create a gift basket to surprise the hosts. Put candy, candles, or a Halloween movie inside.

Halloween Decoration

If you do buy a Halloween decoration for your host’s house make sure they don’t have this decoration before buying it for them.

Candy, Candy, Candy!

Candy is always the best gift! Bringing candy saves your hosts time from having to buy candy for all the hungry trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

Snacks and Appetizers

The main snack guests want to binge eat on is candy. However, all that candy isn’t healthy. A party needs a snack that is on the healthier side. Don’t worry, nobody will be mad that you didn’t bring a treat that wasn’t sweet. They’ll most likely thank you later on.

Here are some delicious snacks and appetizers that you could prepare for the party. Don’t worry, there are more food ideas than just these six. Either that or create your own meal.

Monster Apple Bites

Slice up an apple and turn into a ghoul! Some tasty apple sauce dip goes along well with it on the side.

Monster Eyes, Eyeball Pasta or Mummy Meatballs

Ever wonder what a meatball would look like with an eye? Then place a few eyeball meatballs into some pasta. If you don’t want to creep out your guests another option is to wrap the meatball in spaghetti or bread to create a terrifying mummy.

Mummy Dog

No, don’t wrap your own dog in toilet paper. This recipe calls for a cooked hotdog wrapped up in bread. Another tasty treat to look like a mummy.

Jack-o-Lantern Quesadillas

Cheesy quesadillas are a tasty appetizer! Fill the insides with either meat or vegetables. Or use the other ingredients to make a spooky jack-o-lantern face on the top of the meal.

Green Dip with Spooky Chips

Chips and dip are the most popular of party foods. Pour a little green food coloring in the dip. Then it will look like a witches cauldron.

Cheese Witch Brooms

Roll some bread together in little thin sticks to create a witches broom. Then melt some cheese in a cup to dip that bread in for a delicious taste.

Tasty, Ghoulish Desserts

Come up with some nifty baking ideas. Cookies, brownies, and cupcakes are the best baked goods for parties. However, you create a few unique ways to make them into scary desserts.

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats are a favorite snack. Think of what they’d look like if you made a frosting shaped pumpkin right in the middle. That’ll be a hit among the crowd.

Candy Corn Cookies

Bake cookies with some candy corn inside.

Ghost Cupcakes

Bake some ghoulish cupcakes and even draw eyes and mouth.

Dead Velvet Cake

Bring the cake back from the dead. This delicious red velvet cake will win over many chocolate cake lovers.

Jack Skellington Oreo Pops

Ooh, these sound delicious! Make a batch of Oreos and then place them on a stick like a lollipop. And then you could add a popular movie character.

Pumpkin Patch Brownies

A nice batch of delectable brownies is a delicious dessert. Mix in some pumpkin mix or even draw icing pumpkins on the top.


Guests are going to get thirsty. Check out these awesome cocktails you can prep before and bring over.  Before bringing drinks think about the age range of the party. Is it kids or adults? In addition to those in the link, here are a few drinks to think about.


A bottle of wine is always a nice thing to bring along. That is if it’s a Halloween party for adults.

A Bottle of Wine

Everyone needs to stay hydrated no matter what! You’ll be a saint for bringing more water bottles.

Soft Drinks

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Ginger Ale. Soda is a big hit among all guests.

Hot Spiced Cider

Around the fall, cider is a popular drink when the temperature starts to get low. And cider is a great Halloween theme.

Important Tip: Have Fun!

Yes, just have fun at a Halloween party. Bring in the Halloween spirits and have an awesome night. Knowing that Halloween has a dark history don’t let things get out of hand. Be a respectful guest and don’t show up just to play tricks.

Bring what you think will make a Halloween party awesome! The food is what counts after all. Research other tasty Halloween snacks or create your own. You just may invent a new snack that others will want to bring along to parties. Have a fun evening.