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What are the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day?

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Although our current Valentine’s Day celebrations typically include candy, roses and candlelight dinners, the holiday used to be one of unrestrained Roman debauchery, that is, until Pope Gelasius I replaced the fertility festival known as Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day, to honor two martyred saints, both called Valentine. 

It wasn’t until the 14th century that Valentine’s Day started to resemble the day as we know, with people offering gestures of love to one another. And, not until the 17th century did people began buying commercially produced cards to send to their beloved, thus turning the holiday into a more recognizable version of our own modern Valentine’s Day!

We’ve come a long way, with more and more creative ways to tell someone we love them, constructing a red heart from a set of LEGOS to counting the stars in dark-sky park. But, the meaning of the holiday is still the same. Valentine’s Day is the day we show our beloved what is truly in our hearts. 

Grow your gift-giving skills!

So, you’re ready to take the plunge and give your sweetie a Valentine’s gift. Good for you! Now you have to decide what’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. My advice? Stay away from an overly practical gift. No one wants a new garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner for Valentine’s Day. 

You may need to do some research before you embark on a Valentine’s Day shopping trip. Talk to your significant other. Discover what they like. Are they romantic, practical or outdoorsy? 

Your sweetie might prefer the typical flowers and candy Valentine’s present. Or, your significant other might be someone who appreciates a finely bound book. Or, the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him might include a winter hike in the woods and a Thermos full of hot chocolate. 

Once you form an idea of what to buy your beloved, talk to salespeople. If you plan to buy your honey a set of whiskey accessories, a salesperson will know what the hot present is that every whiskey lover wants.

Or, if she loves fine chocolate, visit your local artisanal chocolatier, who will make suggestions based on your sweetie’s tastes. And, they may even give you some free tastes!

And, of course, unless you are a sommelier, it’s best to let the wine store clerks pick out the best bottle of wine for your significant other.

What are the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Perhaps you’re not a veteran of many Valentine’s Days. So, it could be safer to stick to the tried and true Valentine’s gifts. The type of gifts that show that special person that they are loved. Below, I’ve listed the five most popular Valentine’s gifts from Statista’s 2017 survey. And you’ll notice, nary a vacuum cleaner anywhere on it!

The top five most popular Valentine’s Day presents are:

  1. Candies

Everyone loves a nice assortment of artisan chocolate! Well, most people. Check before you go all out on fine chocolates! Perhaps your loved one is more a salted caramel or yogurt-covered pretzel person!

  1. Greeting Cards

You can buy a nice, heartfelt greeting card at any drugstore or grocery store. Or, if you are artistic, why not make a card? There’s nothing like receiving a Valentine’s greeting that someone has made with love!

  1. Flowers

Like greeting cards, you can get a nice bouquet of flowers at any grocery store or flower shop. You could go for the usual, a dozen fresh roses, or go off script and tell them you love them with a bouquet of these lovely pink dried floral buttons. 

  1. Romantic Dinner

Make sure you book reservations weeks in advance. You don’t want to get stuck without a seat for dinner at your love’s favorite restaurant. Check out opentable.com for restaurant listings and to book your reservation.

  1. Wine

I for one really don’t know much about wine. So, when I am looking for a nice bottle of wine for a special someone, I always as the wine shop workers for a recommendation. If you want to pick out a special bottle of wine one your own, check your local wine shop’s schedule for their wine tastings. You’ll have a chance to taste some great wine and you’ll learn some invaluable information. And, not only will your sweetie be impressed at your wine-picking skills, they’ll be impressed that you went to such lengths for them. Win-win!

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What is the best gift for a woman on Valentine’s Day?

There’s something magical about giving and receiving a special Valentine’s Day present. But, if you’re looking for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend, ones that will tug at her heart strings, find out what she likes, first. If she’s into geek culture, maybe stay away from silk lingerie. Conversely, if she’s the romantic girly type, she may not want a set a LEGOS. 

Do your homework. What is she into? Does she like cutesy things? Perhaps she leads a hectic life and needs some relaxation? Or maybe she wants to explore her creative side? Find out what will truly make her happy.

Take a look at the list below. It will give you some ideas of great Valentine’s Day gifts for the woman in your life.

  1. Satin Pajamas

February in my part of the world is freezing. The weather is routinely below zero. So, for the special woman in your life who may be huddled under a dozen blankets, waiting for spring, why not give treat her to a pair of Silk Satin Pajamas from Victoria Secret. Or, if it isn’t terribly cold in her part of the world, negligees, cami sets, etc., are great Valentine’s Day gifts. 

  1. Bath Bombs

Help your sweetie relax with a  Zen Bath Fizzy bath bomb. The world is increasingly hectic and stressful, so allow her some moments of peace, soaking in a warm tub with calming scents swirling around her.

  1. Lego Red Heart

If the woman in your life is of the geeky persuasion, she will absolutely love this LEGO Valentine’s Puppy set. It’s adorable and will bring a smile to everyone. For more Valentine’s Day LEGO patterns, head over to Google, as LEGO fans around the world share ideas and projects for holidays and beyond!

  1. Gift Certificate to a Spa

What could be more relaxing than a hot stone massage, a facial or a sugar scrub? Why not give her a spa day? One day where she can forget the craziness of the world and take time out for herself!

  1. Jewelry

Perhaps she’ll like a nice piece of jewelry, something from the heart. Take note of what type of jewelry she wears and what she likes. If she’s artsy, check out your local museum’s gift shop. Get her something fun and funky!

What do you get your husband for Valentine’s?

Whether he’s the type of man who spends his weekends out of doors or he’s the type to stay in and watch a game, there’s a gift out there that he will love. And it may not even be the present that touches his heart, but the idea that you know him so well.

Check out the list below for ideas on how to give your husband a memorable Valentine’s Day!

  1. Whiskey Accessories

Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks out there, and if your husband is a whiskey lover, why not buy him a set of nice whiskey glasses so he can enjoy his drink in style? 

  1. A Watch

Is he rugged, stylish or geeky? Why not buy him a watch to match his style? This GPS-enabled timepiece will aid your outdoorsy fellow keep track of his location and even monitor approaching weather.

  1. Baseball Tickets

Yes, baseball doesn’t start until a few months after Valentine’s Day, but tickets to his favorite baseball team will cheer him up from the gloom of the winter. This thoughtful present will remind him that spring, and spring training, is right around the corner!

  1. Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

If the man in your life embraces geekdom, a Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker may be right up his alley. Plus, if you’re lucky, perhaps he’ll make you breakfast in bed!

  1. Wireless Earphone Hat

This Bluetooth-enabled beanie will allow him to listen to his favorite music or podcast while out and about and never miss a beat! Not only does the hat have a built-in speaker, it also has a microphone so he can stay in touch with you via smartphone!

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What are good ideas for things to do for Valentine’s Day?

hat special day is coming up. Make sure you don’t get stuck out in the cold and start planning that romantic Valentine’s outing with your loved one now.

Restaurants are filling up fast. Check out your town’s restaurant guide and plan to make that dining reservation soon! 

Or start brainstorming what type of romantic outing you could embark upon. From a star watching to snowshoeing, make it a celebration to remember!

And, if an outdoor adventure isn’t really your speed, you could always celebrate the tried and true way: watching a movie together.

Here are three ways to spend your next Valentine’s Day:

  1. Go out to eat

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that you can go all out for, especially when choosing a restaurant. Forget about the usual burger joint. Live it up and go fancy! You’ll have to make reservations weeks in advance so mark your calendar now!

  1. Watch the stars

Go to your local planetarium. They may even have a special show for Valentine’s Day. Or, check to see if your city or region has a dark-sky preserve, where you can go and watch the stars at night with your sweetie without any annoying artificial light pollution. 

Or, if you have your heart set on celebrating outdoors and your region lacks a dark-sky park, why not go for a daylight walk in nature? Just remember, if you live in a cold, wintery region:  Pack your snowshoes!

  1. Watch a movie

Perhaps you and your significant other like making a night of it and going out to the movie theatre, or perhaps your more of a Netflix and Chill type of couple. Either way, celebrate Valentine’s Day by losing yourself in a good movie. Valentine’s Days is an exceptionally popular time to go to the movies, so you may want to buy your tickets ahead of time at Fandango.

What does Valentine's Day really mean?

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only time you show your love for one another. But it can be a day that you may feel freer to make those romantic gestures that you and your significant other generally don’t have time for. 

It’s a day to slow down. To take stock in your relationship. Maybe to start discussing steps forward. 

But the day that you show your significant other that you love them doesn’t even need to be Valentine’s Day. It could be any day…or every day, for that matter. 

It’s about the two of you. It’s about getting to know each other. Learning each other’s likes and dislikes. Learning what makes the other person tick. 

If you’re in a new relationship, every day may seem like Valentine’s Day. But, if you’ve been in a relationship for many years, it could be time to rekindle that romance and start going all out for the holiday.

Wherever you are in your relationship, just know that there is no wrong or right way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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Show them you love them, on Valentine’s Day and every day!

No matter what you get up to on Valentine’s Day, be it eating a special meal or Netflix and Chilling, being together with the one you love is the most important thing.

And, running a top second to spending time with each other, gestures of love will go far in showing your significant other that you care about them. That you listen to them and you know what they like. And the perfect gift or the perfect gesture will show them that they are in your heart. By showing that you really know them, you’ll deepen your relationship and allow it to grow.

That’s why I discuss above about researching possible presents and learning what your sweetie really loves.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you create a spreadsheet with multiple columns to determine what to buy for Valentine’s Day but doing a bit of research will pay off in the long run. You goal is to make that special someone in your life happy and let them know you love them. 

The internet is a great source to research presents for your honey. And, salespeople are invaluable.

Valentines has come a long way from naked debauchery, although that still can be had if that’s how you and your significant other like to spend the holiday! 

The pressure is on to deliver the perfect gift or experience. But sometimes, the simplest present is the best. Just as long as you make sure your present is from the heart.  

If you find yourself in a bind while choosing romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for her or him, ask yourself what would make them smile. And, then, try to give them what they want, even if it is a new vacuum cleaner!