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What are the Best Halloween Costumes this year? (2019)

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No matter how enthusiastic you were about Trick or Treating as a kid, unfortunately, after a while trick or treating is simply not age-appropriate behavior. Knocking on strangers’ doors and yelling “Trick or Treat” in a voice that is several octaves lower than the rest of your gang is just creepy, and not Halloween creepy, just downright creepy.

However, adults do celebrate Halloween, only in a slightly different fashion. Either they go to parties, or they accompany their little ghosts, goblins, and zombies around the neighborhood to make sure the kids don’t get lost or hurt or say something rude to the neighbors. And while dressing up in Halloween costumes is not required for either of these things, it does help to get into the spirit. Besides some costumes just deserve to be worn, no matter how old the person inside them is.

Also, iff you’re looking for recommendations on kid’s costumes, we suggest taking a peek at our full list of recommended Girls and Boys Halloween Costume Ideas

Back to the adults and your role Halloween night!  Maybe you’re the type to stay back at the house and pass out Halloween candy.  If that’s the case, you’ll want a ghoulish lawn!  Check out this article for ideas on great Outdoor Halloween Decorations to light up and scar-ify the yard!

If you are an adult and are as into Halloween as we are, you’re probably looking for a costume to beat all costumes. Luckily, we’re always on the look-out for the men’s best Halloween costumes ideas and we found some for you on Amazon. Here is a sample of what we came up with.

Once a year, something possesses all males to emerge from their mancaves and walk the earth in various types of costumes. Whether it’s the moonlight through the trees, the eerie whistling wind, or man’s natural instinct to hunt (for candy), men start looking for men’s Halloween costume ideas that will blow the competition away – and mind you the competition is deadly.  If you’re throwing a party you’ll also want to have drinks.  Here are 10 Easy Halloween Cocktail Ideas to help you set up for that party!

Fortunately, we have a few ideas that we’re just dying to tell you about.  See below for our suggestions on great costumes or if you want the full list click here for some of the top rated Men’s Halloween Costumes on Amazon.

Fun World Killer Clown Complete Costume

This costume is so scary it’s not funny. Be the one to send the neighborhood kid home in tears this Halloween with this oversized clown suit complete with an (in)appropriately creepy over the head latex mask. Check it out today. From what we hear, the Fun World Clown is killin’ it on Amazon.  Butcher knife sold separately.  This is a costume that’s sure to scare not only kids but even the adult passersby.  You won’t be disappointed!

California Costumes Voodoo Dude

This voodoo dude is one bad daddy of a snake charmer. With a top hat and jacket worthy of an (unnamed) Guns and Roses guitar player and an eerie half skull façade, there will be no doubt

that there’s a (witch) doctor in the house this Halloween. To get in on his mojo, check him out on Amazon.  This is a great costume for anyone looking to put a fun spell on the night!

California Costumes Storybook Beast

Oh, you handsome beast. Hairy though he might be, this aristocratic beast is dressing to impress with his tailcoat, vest, and cravat. Straight out of a fairy tale, this furry heartthrob is sure to sweep those Halloween hotties off their glass-slippered feet. This story and fairy tale beast has been with us for over a century now and still holds it’s weight as a favorite and recognizable costume.  This is especially a good choice is you’re going with a date and find a Bell dress!  Visit him on Amazon and bring the fairy tale to life.

Fun World Men’s Complete 3D Zombie Costume

With the popularity of zombies these days, this one may be a bit of a no brainer.  But this 3D zombie costume is so dead-on, we had to bring it up. While the tattered shirt and zombie mask are standard walking dead attire, the sewn-in PVC body parts and organs are the real heart stoppers here. Check the costume out on Amazon to see it in the flesh.  

Disguise Men’s Optimus Prime Deluxe Adult Costume

It’s Halloween and your Optimus Prime, de-facto leader of the Autobots on a battle to destroy the Decepticon evil forces. You’ve got the smokestack detail on your 3-D shoulders, detachable hip armor, and built out muscle torso and arms to protect you. Will you win the fight against the Decepticons or will you end up at an all-night party doing the robot? Get your Optimus Prime Costume on  Amazon to find out.

Sometimes you want to be ghoulish on Halloween and other times, you simply want to be foolish. Whether you’re saving the drama for your mama this year, or just have kids that freak out when they sit on Santa’s lap at the mall, you may be looking for something a bit more on the foolish side this year. If so, here are some costumes that add just the right amount of comic relief to Halloween.

Siren Sue Animal Shaped Inflatable Riding Horse Costume

Embrace your inner party animal this Halloween in the Siren Sue Animal Shaped Inflatable Riding Costume. This half man half horse mashup inflates in one minute and stays inflated while you ride around the neighborhood or hit the dance floor like you’re the ‘mane’ attraction. It can be charged using the attached battery pack or alternately with an outside USB power source. Sure to get a few whinnies out of all of the Halloween guests, this riding horse costume is available on  Amazon.

Rubies Costume Hero Men’s Hippie Shirt and Wig

Hippie Halloween! While the dead are resting in peace, you can be spreading the peace and love in this hippie wig and trippy orange dashiki. With a metal peace sign necklace and a pair of blue-tinted round rims, this hippie costume is so cool, it calls its mother ‘man’. Dig this costume on Amazon.

The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume

Here’s a Modern Stone Age twist on Halloween. What better way to come out of your man cave than dressed as Fred Flintstone? This orange tunic with jagged edges and blue tie is all you need to get the look of the original cartoon caveman down to prehistorical perfection.  Check this costume out on Amazon.

Rasta Imposta Taco

They say you are what you eat, and this Halloween, you can show it, too. If you’re feeling like a taco this Halloween, express yourself in this men’s funny Halloween costume tunic complete with taco shell and lettuce design. Order your taco on Amazon today. We hear its extra corny and extra cheesy.

Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Costume Tube Dancer

Throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care. Dressed as an inflatable tube with flailing arms, you’ll be killin’ it on the dance floor and taking names. It’s one size fits all, with a battery pack included, inflates easily, and is designed for movement. To get the party started this Halloween, test out this tube on Amazon.

 Halloween is the time of year when every woman strips off her skinny jeans and calls on her inner powers to transform herself into her most alluring and enchanting outer form. Sometimes, however, she needs a little help deciding what form she should take. After all, women are multidimensional. With so many dimensions (and choices of Women’s Halloween Costumes on Amazon) to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best female Halloween costumes. Luckily, we’ve been searching on Amazon and we’ve found some Halloween costumes that are so good, that they’ll make the other ladies want to cast an evil spell on you. Here are some of the best Halloween women’s costume ideas for 2019.

Rubie’s Women Suicide Squad Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume

“I’m rubber, your glue, whatever you say bounces off me and makes a six-inch diameter exit wound in you.” It’s not often that you get the chance to walk around in hot pants and a varsity jacket, carrying a bat and making such meaningful declarations. With the shorts, jacket, fishnets, belt, and Daddy’s Little Monster jersey included, you’ll be the darling of the Suicide Squad in no time. Check this costume out on Amazon.

Leg Avenue Women’s Deadly Ninja Costume

Not much room for weapon concealment here. You may not be the stealthiest ninja, but you’ll certainly be the sexiest. Even if no knives are hiding up your spandex sleeves (or under your deep v-jumpsuit), with your ninja face mask hiding your identity, you’ll slip into the night like a true Ninja master. To channel your inner ninja, get this costume on Amazon.

California Costumes Egyptian Goddess

Walk like an Egyptian (goddess) this Halloween.  This 5-piece set comes with a beautifully detailed dress, gem beaded collar, headpiece and glovelettes with sheer drapes running down the arms guaranteed to knock the gods out of their gladiator sandals. Check out this Egyptian costume, located appropriately on (the) Amazon.

California Costumes Lethal Beauty

Poison everyone’s minds this Halloween with this leafy take on the classic sexy Poison Ivy costume. Trick (or treat) yourself out in this costume including a halter dress, mask, detachable train and waist tie, printed leggings, boot covers, and glovelettes, complete with faux leaf detail. Wear this one on Halloween and you’ll have all the ladies turning green in hopeless imitation. Check it out on Amazon.

Fun World Women’s Pineapple Cutie Halloween Costume

And if you’re inner Vampirella has decided to stay in her coffin this year, why not go as a cute fruit? With a stylish green crown pineapple headband and pineapple tunic, this outfit says nice, but you can always play it naughty. Get your pineapple on at Amazon and let us know all the

juicy details.  

Rubie’s Costume Supergirl TV Show Costume

Hey Supergirl! You’re looking fly this year; just make sure you don’t crash into any of those witches on their broomsticks when your leaping tall buildings in a single bound. This costume is the officially licensed DC Comics Supergirl based on the original Supergirl TV show from way back in 1958 – it even has the authentic trademark on the label. You’ll look superheroic in this long-sleeved costume dress with the iconic “S” House of El symbol in red and gold on the front, metallic red flared skater skirt, gold lame belt, and removable red cape. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, and it’s super sexy. Get it on Amazon.

AmCham Darling Bee Halloween Costume

Oh, honey! Are you going to be the buzz of the Halloween party this year! This darling Bee costume features a tunic romper with black and yellow honeybee stripes, black and yellow striped leg warmers, filigree accented wings, and an antennae headpiece with fluffy pom-pom tips. To bee the bee you always wanted to bee, check this bee costume out on Amazon.

Leg Avenue Snow White Classic Women’s Halloween Costume

And if it’s a Disney Princess you want to be, then it’s a Disney Princess you shall be. No wave of the magic wand or prince’s kiss necessary here, just pick this costume up on Amazon and make all your fairy tales come true. Be the fairest of them all in this satiny puffed sleeved dress with ribbon bodice lacing a sheer ruffled collar and satin bow attached to a fabric-covered headband and live happy Halloween(ly) ever after.

Rubie’s Women’s Sexy Morticia Addams Costume

“I’m just like any modern woman trying to have it all. Loving husband, a family. It’s just I wish I had more time to seek out those dark forces and join them on their crusade.” We hear you, Morticia Addams.  Every woman wishes she had more time to seek out her dark powers, and what better time than Halloween? Take advantage of Halloween to get in touch with your inner Morticia. The costume includes a slinky black dress with a plunging neckline. It’s creepy, it’s kooky, it’s altogether “ooky” and it’s available on Amazon.

California Costumes Rich Witch Costume

 Is it the universally flattering witch’s hat or is it the idea of personifying evil that makes choosing to dress up as a witch so irresistibly attractive to women? Whichever the reason, this saucy black number will hug your curves so well, you’ll be casting spells more potent than any sorcery could conjure. See how high you fly this Halloween, with this slinky dress and matching hat with buckle. Just bring your broom and your undeniable sex appeal. Check it out on Amazon.