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What are some good Halloween Costumes? (2019)

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Christmas is typically the answer people will give you when asked, “What is your favorite holiday?”  It’s true, Christmas is filled with time spent with family, living rooms are decorated with Christmas trees and of course it’s the heart of the season of giving and so there are usually presents from friends, family and Jolly Ol’ St Nick himself nestled under the tree.

With all that said, that has been the typical answer, but there is a Holiday that more and more people are claiming as their favorite. There is a holiday which includes giving (candy!!), like Christmas, but it also includes wicked treats, neighborhoods lit up with more than just red and green and of course our favorite: a chance to wear and play in your favorite Costumes!  That holiday of course is Halloween!  If you’re throwing a party you’ll also want to have drinks.  Here are 10 Easy Halloween Cocktail Ideas to help you set up for that party!

In this article, in preparation for that very fun holiday filled with ghoulish fun, we’re going to cover just how exactly you can find that perfect Halloween Costume be it for a party, trick-or-treating or simply to dawn and pretend.  We’ll cover:

  • What are some good Halloween Costumes?
  • What are some easy Halloween Costumes (DIY or simply like an overnight deliver from Amazon)

With this fun-filled holiday fast approaching the time for planning your perfect costume is at hand.  We hope you find some great ideas from below and if they don’t spook up the perfect costume we recommend checking out the huge selection of Halloween Costumes at Amazon or

What are some good Halloween Costumes?

It’s time to find your costume!  There are simple costumes and elaborate costumes. There are Halloween Costumes that will scare the bajeesus off passing kids and fellow trick-or-treaters and there are cute and snuggly costumes that you’ll want to simply wear back into the house and fall asleep in.

What you need to think about is what is the right costume for your event?  What is a good costume that fits the occasion, what others might be wearing if you’re in a group setting and even consider your body type! Below are our recommendations for some good costumes to choose from.

Good Costumes for Men

In addition to the list below there is also a huge variety of Men’s Halloween Costumes on Amazon.

The Pirate Costume

The classic swashbuckling pirate is a great costume for men.  These costumes are light to wear and come up with a series of accessories to help complete the scoundrel ensemble.  This costume also works as a couple’s costume because there are plenty of options for lady pirates to go with it.  In addition to your run-of-the-mill pirate, there are also options to imitate none other than Jack Sparrow or even Captain Hook.

men's pirate halloween costume
The Top Gun Flight Suit Costume

When you feel the need, the need for _____! Can you finish the line?  Of course you can, and you, like the many other thousands of Top Gun fans out there would be hard to mistake this costume.  This is a great costume to choose because in addition to being a popular choice for years it’s also very comfortable.  Imagine being stuck in a seat for hours at a time flying a jet.  The flight suit was made for simplicity!  This is a great choice. Don’t forget the Aviators!!

Karate Kid Cobra Kai Costume

One of the first moves you need to learn if attending the Cobra Kai dojo of course is to “sweep the leg!”  This is a classic costume which beckons many back to their childhood and watching Larusso take on, against all odds but for the masterful training of Miyagi, the Cobra Kai’s biggest bully in the championship round.  Remember, “no mercy!”

An alternative to this costume of course is to go with the hero of the movie.  None other than the actual karate kid himself.  If you’re teaming up with a buddy and both of you are looking for the perfect Halloween costumes to match then one choosing the Cobra Kai Costume and the other the Karate Kid Costume is an excellent choice!

karate kid cobra kai costume

Good Costumes for Women

Check out the below list for some good costume recommendations for women!

Captain Marvel Costume

A huge blockbuster in March of 2019, the new Captain Marvel set a standard for Women stepping up and saving the world!  Carol Danvers character before the crash that would change her forever was a badass who took nothing from anyway and was always one to get up after she’d been knocked down.  Not only was she a badass before the incident but afterward she became Captain Marvel, first avenger.    This is a great costume for anyone out there ready to sport a little sass and attitude along with the killer costume it is!

If you’re going to a party as a couple of you’ve just got a good buddy and you feel like teaming up and kicking some Stanos tail, we highly recommend going with this authentic Captain America costume.  It’s unmistakable.  Now, if you could find some vibranium and make a shield.  Ensemble complete!

women's captain marvel costume
Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile

Perhaps arguably the first ‘most powerful and influential women in the world,’ who better to bring out your sexy and powerful attitude than Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile.  One interesting fact about her, she came to be the ruler in Egypt at the age of only 18!  Can you image having that type of authority so early in life?  What would you do with it?! 

Well, maybe you can’t rule Egypt, but you can definitely rule the party with this awesome costume!  The Cleopatra costume is a great choice for anyone ready to strut their stuff and demand luxury precede her wherever she goes!

cleopatra, queen of the nile
Women’s Pirate Costume

Who says only the men get to be pirates and have all of the fun raiding and pillaging!?  Imagine you’ve just found yourself aboard an old high mast sailing ship with a few dozen canons faced outward ready to take on an armada!  This is the costume for you if you’re ready to bring your salty attitude to the party!

This costume also goes great with the male counterpart pirate costume so whether you’re going solo or as a couple you’ll have an option of raiding the party together!  Don’t forget to leave the party with all of your plunder!

women's pirate costume

Good Costumes for Children

Now for the little ones!  We all have memories of at least one costume blunder in our past.  With so many options available now you’re sure to leave those blunders exactly where they are!  If you have kids and are throwing a kid friendly party, check out our article here for Halloween Games for Kids to keep them entertained before and after the candy!

In addition to the list below we highly recommend taking a look at our full list of recommendations on Girls & Boys Halloween Costume Ideas.

Army Man Costume (for boys)

Ok, let’s get real here for minute.  Who hasn’t imagined themselves (men mainly but women can be just as tough) dressed up in full fatigues and shipped off to war to fight the enemy overseas?  Boys love army men and they need a reason to feel courageous and at least for one night pretend to be the hero of the day!  Maybe even as an adult you’ve imagined yourself being the hero in green, saving the country and meeting the president.  This is the costume for the job! 

boy's army man costume
Zombie Costume (for girls)

What can be more fun that dressing up in a costume that peels off as the night goes on?  Zombie costumes have become more and more popular over the years thanks especially to The Walking Dead.  It’s not all about a post apocalyptic society and staying alive though.  Some zombies are friendly, some just want to walk around and eat brains!  Whatever type of zombie you want to be this costume is a great starting point for you to show up dead to a party and help bring it back to life!

girl's zombie prom queen Halloween Costume
Marvel Infinity War Spiderman Costumes (for boys)

There have been hundreds of spider-man costumes throughout the history of one of our favorite super heroes, and while a lot of people think the Iron Man Suit is the best one it’s hard to hold on to an old favorite style when the Iron Spider was introduced in the new Marvel movie series. 

For men and boys alike, Spider-man is an image of hope from a friendly character who’s just like one of us, but, of course, with some freak accident powers that gave Peter Parker to dig within himself and join the Avengers.  Back to the costume, check out the all new look and sleek style.  This is sure to be a party pleaser!!

marvel infinity war spiderman costume

What are some easy Halloween Costumes?

One of the challenges in picking the right Halloween Costume is time and money!  Many times, if you’re like us and procrastinate on picking a costume you’ll simply have to settle with doing something that simple, easy and usually inexpensive.(Like belly dancing costumes on amazon!)  We’ve helped you take some of guess work in finding a quick and easy costume and provided you with a short list below. 

Some of the below costumes are easy because you’re able to get them from a distributor (like Amazon) or straight from the manufacture (like overnight and right to your door the next day.  Other costumes we list below are easy to put together DIY ideas that we’ve either made ourselves throughout the years.  Here they are!

Quick and Easy Costumes Available for Overnight Shipping

Department of Corrections Orange Jumpsuit Costume (For Men or Women)

Maybe you have one of these in your closet, and if you do, we won’t judge!  If it has been hung up doing nothing but collecting dust what better occasion to break it out and show a little attitude than Halloween!  There’s a bit of edginess and danger that accompany a con and with this costume you get to bring your inner bad boy (for bad girl) to life for at least a night. 

We also recommend picking up some handcuffs to complete the ensemble.  Don’t forget the key just in case.  And, with a little pumpkin luck who knows, maybe candy won’t be the only treat you get that evening!

Department of corrections orange jumpsuit costume
Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress

Perhaps one of the most glamorous and iconic figures of the 20th century, a face and name that everyone knows, Marilyn Monroe.  This Costume Dress is perfect for you to dress up for the evening and play the Hollywood starlet’s part.  We recommend getting a platinum blonde wig to complete the look and if you happen to pass by an industrial fan or if a passing subway zoomed by blowing wind up into your dress for that perfect Halloween IG shot then take it!

The Big Lebowski Dude Bathrobe Costume

White Russians and a giant bathrobe.  That’s pretty much all you need here.  Maybe some chill undershorts and plain t-shirt but don’t try too hard, the Dude wouldn’t!  This costume bathrobe is exactly the same look, feel and color of the one worn by the Dudeness himself. 

One thing we don’t recommend doing when you show up at the party and chill out with the vamps and ghouls rockin to the DJ, don’t take your host’s rug when you leave!

big lebowski "the dude" halloween costume bathrobe

DIY Costumes and Last-Minute Costumes

The Cat Costume (Women)

Let’s face it, if you have a black this and a black that and can cover up pretty much every inch of your body with black, you’ve got 99% of what it takes to be a cat for Halloween.  The DIY cat costume is probably one of the simpler costumes. 

You have two other parts that complete the ensemble, the nose and whiskers.  The nose is mostly a non-essential unless you’re really going for the win, but whiskers are a must.  There are whisker kits online that are probably the easiest to go with or of the many things you have within the house think of anything long, thin and black and you’re in business.

leg avenue women's cat costume
Clark Kent/Superman Costume (Men)

The only thing you’ll need to possibly purchase here in a superman undershirt, everything else you’re sure to have.  If you don’t have it, go dig into the nearest middle-aged businessman’s closet and borrow everything else you need!  The outside of the costume is basically being as nerdy as you can be. This includes sunglasses, the prescription doesn’t matter, and it also includes some super tight suspenders!  Any pair of slacks will do although we recommend grey or black and finally, just use any ol’ plain white button up dress shirt.  You’ll complete the Superman Costume once all of that is put together and you’ll be able to go about unsuspectingly as Clark Kent and then when the moment strikes, BAM!  .. Superman!

men's clark kent superman halloween costume
80s Workout Costume (Women)

Probably one of the most iconic pieces of fitness apparel the workout industry has ever seen, the Leotard Fitness Instructor outfit.  If you’ve been to the gym lately you might have noticed that things have changed a little bit.  Some of these of course have nearly made their come-back with trendy and trained yoga teachers!

The outfits are still tight but the style has dramatically shifted!  Back in the 80s however, this is what was worn and whether you’re getting all dolled up for a pub-run or for Halloween the 80s Workout Costume is an easy go-to that anyone at the party is sure to recognize the origin!

women's 80's workout halloween costume

Well, we hope this has been helpful for you and you’ve found the costume you’re looking for. And if you are one of the big guys and would like more ideas on great costumes, we recommend checking out the best cosplay costumes for fat guys too!

Most of the costumes above are for Men and Women and children, but not the babies of the house!  When you have a really little one, especially if it’s their first Halloween, you’ll want the Baby Halloween Costume for to snuggle them into before trick-or-treating!

Happy Halloween!