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What are some good Halloween Costumes for Girls & Boys?

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More fearful than a werewolf, more dreaded than Freddie Kruger himself, and scarier than a blood-pumping hockey mask that makes breathing noises, may just be the thought of getting your child a Halloween Costume they’ll refuse to wear! 

Let’s face it, kids’ and parents’ tastes in costume differs at least slightly!  The trick (pun intended) is to figure out what he or she wants to be, likely driving by popularity and balancing it with your much more refined knowledge of what’s classic.  Of course, then comes the most dreaded part of all – that’s realizing how much work you’ll have to put in to accomplish your costume goals by the Halloween “dead” line.

Do you DIY the costume?  Do you re-use a costume from last year or maybe even have the siblings switch costumes? (good luck with that! lol) There’s a slew of decisions you can make leading up to the decision to mix and match and make your single troop or little squad frightfully ready for All Hallows Eve!

Don’t worry, between a couple of our favorites, Amazon and, your fears of DIY gone DIWrong, are over.  Maybe you never planned to DIY in the first place but simply wanted to ensure you selected the most ghoulishly popular Costume.  These distributors have that covered too! 

Check out our recommendations below or feel free to jump right into the most popular Kid’s Halloween Costumes on Amazon or right into and start costume shopping!

Ok, article format. In this article on girls and boys Halloween costumes we are going to talk about:

  • Girl’s Halloween Costume Ideas
  • Boy’s Halloween Costume Ideas
  • Superhero Halloween Costumes for Girls & Boys
  • Monster Halloween Costumes for Girls & Boys
  • Silly Halloween Costumes for Girls & Boys
  • Family Halloween Costumes

More on the vendors we’ve picked to highlight costumes at.  Amazon in particular has Halloween costume ideas for kids that don’t take any more work or time from you than hitting the “buy” button. Whether your kids are rising from the graveyard, coming to save the day, or simply in it for the candy, Amazon is rising to the occasion.

marvel's captain marvel costume for girls

Girls Halloween Costume ideas

Now that we’ve gone through and provided groups of costumes, from monster costumes to superhero, funny to family, we’re going to just list out below some of our favorites as well as some of the top selling girl’s Halloween costumes!

1. fun world funky punky bones costume

Fun and colorful, dazzling and delightful, this Funky Punk Bones Halloween Costume is quickly becoming a best seller.  It’s no doubt with the bright colors and fun and vibrant attitude the costume brings to life!

Fun world funky punky bones costume
2. girl's supergirl TV show costume.

A classic for years running and brought back by the hugely popular TV show, this costume imitates exactly the TV show costume or Supergirl.  Bring your little girl’s dreams of saving the world to life with this excellent Halloween Costume!

girl's supergirl TV show costume
3. Disney's Princess Elsa Halloween Costume Dress

One of the most popular Disney characters for little girls, this Princess Elsa Dress comes with all the necessary accessories to turn your little girl’s dreams into reality!

Disney's Princess Elsa Halloween Costume Dress
4. Princess Audrey Rose Halloween Costume

Straight out of the wicked world of the Descendants, this Princess Audrey Rose Halloween Costume is a one to one match for the character.  Attitude included!

Princess Audrey Rose Halloween Costume
5. girl's inflatable unicorn costume

Right out of the land of fantasy and mysticism, this Girl’s Inflatable Unicorn Costume is rare find.  (pun intended).  Quickly becoming Halloween sensations, inflatable costumes are taking trick-or-treating by storm and always a welcome sight at the candy bowl!

girl's inflatable unicorn costume

boys Halloween Costume ideas

Now that we’ve gone through and provided groups of costumes, from monster costumes to superhero, funny to family, we’re going to just list out below some of our favorites as well as some of the top selling girl’s Halloween costumes!

1. Boy's DC Comics DeluxE Batman Costume

Sometimes known as the caped crusader, sometimes fears but always there when Gotham City goes awry, this boy’s Halloween Costume falls into one of the most classic and widely known costume categories of history!

Boy's DC Comics DeluxE Batman Costume
2. Morphsuites Zalgo Kids Monster Urban Legend Costume

Morphsuites are where it’s at!  This has fast become a popular costume and it’s no doubt as to why.  Creepy and fun, this Zalgo morphsuite is exactly the kind of fun costume our trick-or-treater’s are looking for!

Morphsuites Zalgo Kids Monster Urban Legend Costume
3. Kid's Police Costume with accessories

This costume includes all of the necessary accessories to bring the imagination of being a police officer out in full force.  Includes hat, belt, walkie-talkie, handcuffs and of course shirt and pants.  

Kid's Police Costume
4. Star Wars the Force Awakens Stormtrooper Costume

Right out of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. This delux Stormtrooper Halloween costume could double as a kid’s Cosplay costume.  Jump your little trooper light years ahead with the force in this excellent and iconic costume!

Star Wars the Force Awakens Stormtrooper Costume
5. Inflatable Kid's sumo wrestling costume

It doesn’t get any more fun than running around from house to house in an inflatable Sumo suit.  This is one of the most popular and most fun costumes available.  Your kid’s are sure to love it!

Inflatable Kid's sumo wrestling costume

Superhero Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls & Boys

Here they come to save the day. The smallest group of superheroes have come with the intent of doing justice, defending freedom and getting away with the largest amount of candy possible. If it’s a superhero your child wants to be, Amazon is central headquarters. Here are some of the best Halloween costumes for your little superheroes and heroines.

1. Super DC Heroes Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Toddler Costume

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your toddler in the cutest Superman Costume ever. He’ll be looking fly in his blue jumpsuit with a classic “S” insignia, attached muscle chest, red boot tops and cape with his red and gold belt. Get this costume on Amazon and have your super baby toddling to the rescue.

2. Rubies Classic Child’s Spider-Girl Costume

By day, she’s your sweet little girl, but by night, she’s the meanest web-slinging female arachnid in the neighborhood. Let your spider-ina emerge in full force this Halloween in her blue glitter tutu dress with a printed bodice and character eye mask. But be warned in advance, Spider Moms and Dads, with this costume from Amazon, she’s sure to be trapping a lot of candy.

3. Rubies Marvel Avengers Endgame Hulk Children’s Costume and Mask

What’s mean, green and all the rage this Halloween? The Avengers Endgame Hulk Costume. Watch your child bust out of his tattered jeans and transform into the Hulk before your very eyes. The costume includes a long-sleeved jumpsuit, with a green muscle print top and black printed bottoms with the Avengers logo on the hip, attached green foot shoe covers on the legs and Hulk character half mask. Get it on Amazon, and he’ll have the neighborhood kids turning green when they see how much candy he brings home.

4. Suit Yourself Deluxe Stormtrooper Halloween Costume For Boys

Got a little action figure at home whose dreaming of protecting the Galactic Empire from the Rebel Alliance Forces? Dress your mini Jedi up for Halloween with an Empire approved stretch jumpsuit featuring embedded muscle padding, printed armor, plastic arm guards a chest piece and a foam belt. But don’t forget about the Helmet, oh small padawan. The outfit comes complete with the signature Stormtrooper helmet with black details around the eyes and across the brow. Check it out on Amazon.  

6. Rubies DC Comics Deluxe Muscle Chest Flash Costume

 Using his superspeed to get to the candy before all of the kids can get there, your child will be giving the other kids a run for the money in this Deluxe Muscle Chest Flash Costume. This officially licensed DC comics costume jumpsuit features a lightning bolt logo on the chest, yellow boot tops on the legs, a lightning bolt belt, and a hooded eyepiece to conceal his real identity – which could be useful after he nabs all the candy. Check this costume out on Amazon before it gets away. 

DC Comics marvel flash costume

Monster Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls & Boys

Here they come to make trouble, eat too much candy, and generally do what they do on every day of the year. Little kids can be very monstrous indeed, but on Halloween, they’re monstrously cute as well, so we let them get away with it. If your little monster is on the prowl for candy this Halloween, here are some costumes that should be right up his dark alley.

1. Spooktacular Creations Zombie Costume Child Bloody Axe

Imagine the glee your child will feel when he suddenly becomes an ax- swinging zombie on the search for human brains- but willing to accept candy as a substitute. This costume includes a long-sleeved shirt and pants, both with bones attached, gloves and a mask and Zombie Hunter Axe. If you’re looking for a Halloween outfit for your kids, this one is a real no-brainer. Check it out on Amazon.

2. Hydra Costumes Girls Witch Glamour Costume Halloween Dress Set

Help her celebrate Halloween this year by treating her to the cute side of the dark side. She’ll be the fanciest little witch in her coven with this “glam witch” costume especially helpful for working on her “spelling.” Available in many styles, this matching dress and hat costume is bewitchingly available on Amazon.

3. California Costumes Count Bloodfiend Child Costume

Drac is back this year, and he’s ready to sink his teeth into come gooey candy. Dress your little one up to kill this Halloween in this vest with attached sleeves, complete with neck cravat, and gothic chain clasp cape. With this costume, he’ll be the most handsome devil in this “neck” of the woods. Check it out on Amazon.

4. California Costumes Child Grim Reaper Girl

They say there’s a little bit of ghoul in every little girl and this year, your girl is on her most fiendish behavior. She’ll be stealing hearts and snatching souls in this dress, hooded cape, waist chain, printed glovelettes and skeleton print tights. Put the ghoul in your girl this year with this Grim Reaper costume on Amazon.

5. Forum Novelties Children’s Unisex Headless Costume

Your child’s friends will think she’s lost her head, but she’s really just wearing a headless costume from Forum Novelties. Inside, your child has his head in a harness attached to a long black robe suspended from a bloody neck. On the outside, your child is a horrifying headless creature moaning for M and Ms. Will he find the M and Ms or will she lose her head trying? Find out by heading over to Amazon.

Disney's mickey mouse clubhouse mini mouse pink dress

Silly Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls & Boys

For some children, the only thing they take seriously about Halloween is the candy. When it comes to the costumes, it’s more about the kooky side than the spooky side. If your kids are thinking of going off the old Halloween beaten path this year, no problem from the dark side. The evil forces have seen these costumes, and we hear they’re laughing their heads off.  

1. Dress Up America Gumball Machine Costume

Here’s a costume for all the kids who want to show off their bubbly personalities this year. Your child will be a Halloween candy machine when she puts on this dress with a clear vinyl top full of gummy yummies. The metallic panel features a knob and chute door so the gumballs are ready to grab.  See it on Amazon and bring the candy  to the

2. Princess Paradise Donut Waitress Child Costume

What could be more delightful than a tiny retro donut waitress showing up at your door this Halloween? She’ll be wearing a stylish A-line dress with a pink ruffle underneath patterned with more donuts than Dunkin’. You’ll know she’s a waitress by her pink sequined trimmed apron and Mel’s Diner style hat. Be sure to give her candy as a tip. Order your donut (costume) on

3. Boo Inc. Whoopie Cushion Children’s Halloween Dress Up Theme Party and Cosplay

Let your child cast his smell this year dressed as a life-sized whoopie cushion. If you’re looking to start Halloween off with a blast, dress your child in this full-sized novelty whoopie cushion jumpsuit from Boo Inc. Get it on Amazon if you dare. It may cause quite a stink in your neighborhood.

4. Fun World Pizza Slice Costume

They say you are what you eat, and with this costume, your child will be living proof. Dress your little monster up a little bit saucy and a little bit cheesy this Halloween as a slice of pizza this Halloween. Order it on Amazon and wait for delivery.

kid's inflatable t-rex halloween costume

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

The only thing more adorable than your dressing your children up as your mini-me is dressing your child as your mini Halloween me. Picking one shared costume theme is not only “Aaaw” inspiring, but it also makes the process easier and a lot more fun. If you’re looking for a theme for the team this year, we’ve come up with a few for all the “me’s” in your family.

1. Costumes – The Family Meal

If you’ve got a few small fries and a little ketchup, why not make it a meal? Serve dad up as the  Big Mac of the pack in the  Forum Men’s Hamburger Costume. Let the kids take care of the condiments ( if you have a very little one, you must check out the Rasta Impasta Ketchup Packet Costumes) and save mom for dessert as the Rasta Imposta Ice Cream Sundae. If someone asks you what you were for Halloween, you might say a lot of calories.

2. Rock Band Costumes

This Halloween, get those Sweet Child(ren) of (Yours) into some heavy metal wigs and dress as a family rock band this year. Mom and dad can relive their heavy metal days in the  Hocus Pocus Labs 80’s Rocker Couples Wigs, each with matching bandanas, while your little ones can make their debuts in the Forum Novelties Rock Star Dude Child’s Costume.  Cuh!

3. CCINEE 4 Pieces Halloween Costume Weapon Headband

It’s Halloween and your entire family has just narrowly escaped death at the hands of a horror movie killer. The only problem is, he’s left his weapons behind. Now they’re stuck in the heads of your family members and your doomed to trick or treat throughout the neighborhood looking like you’ve narrowly escaped death. This 4 Piece weapon set is the perfect gag costume for a family of trick or treaters. Now your family can roam through the neighborhood only looking like you’ve just had an ax, saw, pair of scissors or a bloody syringe stuck through your head. Go to Amazon to get in on this killer look.

4. Superfamily

Superdad will use his X-ray vision to scope out the candy. Wondermom can use her superhuman balance and coordination to her lead her troops through the hungry throng of trick or treaters. Spidergirl will use her web-slinging abilities to deftly trap the treats in her spidery web, and Batboy will use his super-intelligence to come up with a plan that will have the family trick or treating in the least amount of time to get home with the greatest possible yield of candy. Check out the Rubies Dawn of Justice Superman Deluxe Costume for Dad, Rubies Costume Co. Wonder Woman Costume for mom,  Costumes USA SpiderGirl Costume for girls, and Rubie’s Costume Boys Deluxe Batman Costume. for boys online at Amazon.

5. One Hippie Family

Hey man! If you’re bumming out because you can’t find a Halloween theme for your family’s costumes, don’t lose your cool.  Have a hippy Halloween instead. This year, you can dress all your flower children in tie-dye to die for. Spread good vibes throughout the neighborhood with Dad in the Era Spooky Men’s Hippie Peace and Love Costume, and mom in the Smiffy’s 1960’s Groovy Lady Costume. Your little girl is sure to think The Forum Novelty Kids Peace Lovin’ Hippie Costume is “totally awesome” and your little boy will be “giving you some skin” when he sees his Rubie’s Big Boys Hippie Costume.

girl's fairytale cute witch halloween costume