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11 Perfect Toddler Costumes for Halloween

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Kids love Halloween and having the ability to get up and A lot of parents worry if taking their young children out trick or treating can be scary for them.

Kids this age are at the perfect age to start their Halloween experience as they start to get into their imaginations and explore all of these different ideas and concepts! Finding a costume can be super easy using Amazon or stores like Spirit Halloween.

It is just important to remember that you have to make sure your toddler is ready, as we all know that sometimes the imagination and reality can get a little blurry especially for kids this age.

Why Toddlers Are Perfect Age for Halloween

When children are under the age of two, this is when they are just starting to learn the world through their imagination. It is important to know that at this time being able to see the difference between reality and fantasy can be a little difficult for them. This means that it is up to you to make sure your child understands that this holiday is a lot of “pretend”.

As such, you must differentiate between what is real and what is “pretend” for them to help them understand. You can do this by reminding them of any previous dress-up or play-time experiences that they have had. And explain how it is going to be the same when they go trick or treating that there will be this role-playing.

It is also recommended to avoid having your child wear any sort of mask over their face if possible.  As large masks can block your child’s vision and also give a more scary perception.

What Should My Toddler Be for Halloween?

The best thing to attempt first is to talk with your toddler to see if they have any ideas of what they would want to dress up as. You never know, but they might already have an idea In mind! And if they do, that is great. Now try to find an easy-to-wear costume that will work for your toddler’s age!

If your child does not have any ideas, then start to ask them about some of their favorite things. If you know that your toddler is interested in a specific movie then ask them who their favorite character is. If your toddler loves cars or superheroes, you can do the same thing. Find something that your toddler enjoys that will have a good time wearing their costume and will also be super comfortable wearing it as well.

11 Perfect Toddler Costumes

There are an endless number of options when it comes to a child’s Halloween costume. You have the more well-known superhero costumes, witches, animals, and Disney princesses. The following list is going to be ideas inspired outside of the standard scope that your toddler will love!

Harley Quinn

This costume is perfect for your toddler that is starting to get into a little bit of mischief to play into their personality a little bit. In addition to dressing up your toddler in this costume, you can dress up as The Joker or Batman alongside them to create a comic book look when you two are together! Or you can get one of your other kids to dress up along the theme with them.

You can find this costume here.

Lilo And Stitch

A tale of a young girl who adopts a “dog” named Stitch, who becomes the perfect pet for their family. This costume is meant to take on the adventure of Halloween, with two main characters as the options.

  • Stitch: The stitch customer features a head-to-toe plush jumpsuit with a front zipper for easy access in and out of this costume. Combined with some ears and gloves and this costume is complete. You can find this on Amazon located here.
  • Lilo: The perfect option for your toddler who loves the Lilo and Stitch movies. A Hawaiian-themed red dress and red bow make this a simple and easy costume! You can find this on Amazon located here.

Take these two of their favorite movie characters and turn them into the perfect Halloween costume!


This costume is inspired by the Despicable Me movies which eventually lead to the entire Minion Series of movies as well. The famous Gru is the smart protagonist of these movies! These customs come with a yellow and blue dress with black tights or a yellow shirt and blue overalls with the cute little eyeball hat to complete the look!

You can find a minion costume on Amazon here.

Little Red Riding Hood

Over the river and through the woods and off to trick or treat you go in a little red riding hood-inspired costume! This European fairy tale about the young girl and the big bad wolf covers her journey from grandma’s house. This custom combines the signature red hooded cape and the red/white checker’s dress.

You can find this Little Red Riding Hood costume at Party, Amazon, and Walmart. Here is the link to Amazon.

Super Mario

Instead of collecting candy, it is time to start gathering up gold coins as soon as they get into this Mario costume. This Mario series-inspired costume is a super easy costume that can be paired with another sibling.

It is also the kind of costume that if you want you can make a lot of it from items you might already have at home. But you can get it from major costume realtors. All it takes is some blue overalls, a redshirt, and a hat if you have one, and your toddler.

You can find this Super Mario costume on Amazon here.

Lightning McQueen

Cars! If your kid loves cars or movie cars then this costume is for them. And what is better than getting your kid to become Lightening McQueen itself? With an entire 3D car costume? Your toddler will be zooming around all night just light in the movie cars.

This costume is easy to wear and to get on and off. You can find it in a few different local stores including Spirit Halloween.

You can also find it on Amazon here.

Disney Themed- Minnie Mouse/Mickey Mouse

Bring some Disney magic into your toddler’s Halloween costume this year! You can dress your toddler up in Disney’s Mascot! Mickey Mouse always appears in red shorts, yellow shoes, and big white gloves. Or appear as his significant Minnie Mouse who has been his long-time sweetheart. She always appears in the polka-dot dress, white gloves, and slow-heeled shoes.

  • Mickey Mouse: It is time for your toddler to step into the one and the only Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse is the most recognized Disney fictional character. You can find this costume at nearly any store that is selling Halloween costumes. Here is one you find on
  • Minnie Mouse: Minnie Mouse is one of the most recognized Disney Fictional characters in Disney’s Collection. You can also find this at most major stores that sell Halloween costumes. Here is this one on

It is time to get a little Disney magic and get your toddler ready to explore the magic.

Frozen Themed- Olaf/Elsa

These Frozen-themed characters can make for the perfect Halloween costume for any toddler who loves the songs, music, or the character themselves!


With custom options from both the first movie and the second movie, you can decide which look would be best! The snow queen has spoken, and it is time to transform your toddler into one of these Elsa costumes to make it the most magical Halloween yet.

With long and short sleeve options available on Amazon, Walmart, and Party City you can also find the best option for the weather to keep your toddler warm!  You Can Find this Elsa-themed Costume on Amazon Here.


A perfect costume for any toddler that loves frozen but does not want to be a princess/queen. Olaf stepped onto the screen and showed us how warm a hug can truly be. And what can be better than a funny, walking, singing snowman? Only a toddler in this cute costume! 

These plush costumes contain all of the pieces to make up the perfect Olaf.  You can find this custom on Disney, Amazon, and Party City. You can find this Olaf-themed custom on Amazon Here.

Take one of their favorite movie characters and turn it into a costume just like this.

Garden Gnome

If your toddler loves to be outdoors, then this costume may just be for them! It is a super cute gnome costume that includes shirts, pants, a hat, and an optional beard. A gnome nowadays is put as a decoration out in the yard and was originally believed to protect the owner from any evil.

You can find these types of costumes at Spirit Halloween, or you can look at this one on Amazon or you can also take a look at this one.


galaxy then they just might be ready to take on the Star Wars character of Chewbacca. Chewbacca was a part of the rebels who restored freedom in the galaxy. It is time to get your little rebel ready to rumble out into the holiday season. You can also find this costume in places like Spirit Halloween and on Amazon here.

Harry Potter

This costume only works as long as your toddler is not a muggle! It is time for your toddler to start earning their house points as they dress up in their house colors and start making their magic outside of their home! Take a look at this costume that includes a robe, grey vest, skirt or pants, and a striped scarf to top off this look!

If the costume you find does not include its wand, be sure to find that important accessory to top off the look. You can find this costume at Spirit Halloween here or find one on Amazon here.

Recap On Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume

There are so many options out there when it comes to finding the perfect costume that will fit your toddler’s wants or their personality if they are unsure which costume they want to dress up. Remember that you do not have to stick with the standard costume if you do not want to!

You are more than welcome to get creative. If they are not sure what they want, think about the things or items that they enjoy and try to find a costume based on that! After all, them being comfortable and enjoying this experience is going to be the most important piece.

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