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The Top 10 Movie Quality Cosplay Costumes Available Online

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What is Cosplay?

“Cosplay” is a relatively new word, originating in Japan in 1984. But the idea stretches way back to 15th century Carnival masquerades. Fast-forward to New York 1939. The first World Science Fiction Convention was held, with two sci-fi fans bedecked in “futuristicostumes” inspired by pulp magazine designs. Costumes were found at subsequent World Science Fiction Conventions and continue to be seen at sci-fi, anime and pop culture conventions to this day.

If it’s Halloween Costumes you’re looking for then these can work, albeit these are typically themed more to traditional Cosplay themes like fantasy gaming and movie, but Cosplay Costumes work.  If it’s strictly Halloween Costumes you want though we recommend checking out the Best Selling Halloween Costumes on Amazon.

Let’s talk about cosplay costumes. Some can be elaborate, and some may just be a mask and a cool pair of boots. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how much effort you want to put into your cosplaying.

Where can I find movie-quality cosplay costumes?

If you are going to a cosplay event, you want to make sure you look as authentic as possible. You don’t want your Wookie costume to be the wrong shade of brown when you’re at your next Star Wars fan convention. And if your Cersei Lannister dress isn’t perfect, your fellow Game of Throne cosplayers will know! That means buying a movie-quality cosplay costume.

Below are some of the popular and highly rated websites that will aid you with your movie cosplay ideas and will help you look your best at your next cosplay event.

Amazon is the tried and true movie cosplay costume seller. The online marketplace sells movie-quality professional cosplay costumes such as the $2,349 Mtxc Men’s Mobile Suits customizable Gundam Seed ZAFT MS Pilot Uniform. This made-to-order cosplay costume can take up to two months to create and even includes a customizable pair of shoes.

For those who want a costume that is a bit more affordable and will arrive faster, there is the Coshow Ant-Man and the Wasp Ghost cosplay costume that takes about 10-20 days from ordering to shipment and sells for $478. Amazon is a vast site so you’re sure to find whatever costume you’re looking for!

For affordable movie cosplay costumes, head over to  If you want to get an ideas of what’s out there we recommend our article on what’s popular and to get an ideas for what are some good Halloween Costumes out there.  This company is a classic player in the $2.3B Halloween industry, but, of course you have one of everyone’s favorites, Amazon, catching up!  Amazon has a full store of Halloween Costumes and is closing on the competition.   Now, keep in mind, many of these costumes are “off the rack.” So, things may not fit as well. However, the site offers helpful sizing charts to make sure you look your most authentic when cosplaying. The site also offers its “Made by Us” line of costumes that is created in-house. The popular costume site, beginning as a brick and mortar store in 1992, offers thousands of fun and exciting costumes, from the Grinch to Batgirl.

And, what I think is really helpful: You can even rent your costume! So, think about choosing if you want an affordable movie cosplaying costume or you only need your costume for a short period of time. has been in the costume game for 30 years and has helped countless people of all body sizes find the right cosplay costume, and they can help you, too.

The largest costume store in the U.S., you can find all your cosplay needs online 24/7 and in temporary, seasonal brick and mortar stores across the country and throughout Canada! I like the fact that Spirt has brick and mortar stores, because seeing their selection up close and in person will help you choose the right character and fit.

The 30-year-old company offers a wide array of cosplay wear, from Deadpool to Black Panther to the Ninja Turtles. And, if you want something a bit more up-scale, check out Spirit’s “Signature Collection.” There are plenty of movie characters to choose from so that you can be the star of your cosplay event!

For all of your Japanese anime cosplay needs, check out! From Sailor Moon to Dragon Ball, they’ve got all of the favorites. And you’ll also find cosplay characters from many of your favorite movies.

For newbies who want to enter the world of cosplay, the site includes “Cosplay School,” which includes makeup, wig and costume tutorials; tips on cosplay photography; and even directions on how to make a katana! Miccostumes offers a wide range of sizes, and can even custom-make personally sized costume, just for you! And they ship worldwide. Check them out today!

6. Censored

Want a DIY sexy costume that is hot and funny at the same time? Why not censor yourself.

All you need is some nude underwear, one piece or lingerie, and some neutral color squares. Glue the squares together and place them on your top and bottom, and there you have it. 

What are the top 10 movie quality cosplay costumes online?

Cosplaying is a popular pastime. You’ll see cosplayers at conventions, movie openings and at social meetups. And, if you’re going to cosplay, not only do you want to look your best, you want to have costume that everyone will know and love. Below are 10 of the most popular cosplay costumes on the market today. You won’t go wrong with picking out one of the costumes below!

1. Batman from Justice League

The popular Batman character fights the bad guys, including Steppenwolf, an ancient creature trying to destroy the Earth, in the 2017 Justice League. And, as soon as the movie arrived, people were snapping up the newly styled Batman costume for their cosplaying needs. We’ve seen so many iterations of Batman’s suit and cape, but the Justice League version comes with gold embellishments, the look of leather, and a fantastic mask to round out the costume. You’ll be ready to fight crime or at least pretend to when you cosplay as Batman from Justice League!

2. Spider-Man from Into the Spider-Verse

Cosplay costumes based on the Spider-Man character from the 2018 animated Into the Spider-Verse are gaining traction in certain circles. Spider-Man has always been a popular character to cosplay, but he’s gaining even more popularity thanks to this new theatrical entry in the Spider-Man franchise. The animated Spider-Man is a multi-dimensional thrill-ride. The reimagined Spider-Man’s alter ego is Miles. And he teams up with other Spider-Men from multiple dimensions to save the city. The new Spider-Man costume is much more modern and darker than before. It covers the cosplayer completely and is emblazoned with a contemporary-looking spider on the chest. I love it and I think you will, too!

3. Superman from Justice League

Cosplay fans can’t get enough of the characters from Justice League. These are the characters we know and have grown up with. And the Superman costume from Justice League is a favorite among cosplayers. You’ll love the new costume. Yes, it’s the Superman you know and love. But the costume is darker and more serious looking.  It’s a Superman for a grittier modern world. You’ll be the hit of your Justice League party with a Justice League Superman cosplay costume.

4. Dr. Strange from the Marvel Universe

People love cosplaying as Dr. Strange from the 2016 movie of the same name. Hot-shot surgeon Steven Strange severely injures his hands, and, while looking for a cure, ends up studying under The Ancient One, discovering the mystical secrets of other dimensions. He acquires the Cloak of Levitation (a fan favorite cosplay accessory) and gains the ability to cast spells, create shields and weapons out of light, and travel through portals. You’ll love the costume’s dark red and black colors, its upturned collar and of course, the Cloak of Levitation!

6. Katniss from Hunger Games

Katniss takes the place of her sister as a tribute to the Hunger Games. She gains bow and arrow skills in hopes of winning in the arena. And a Katniss cosplay costume will make you look powerful, strong and able to win any fight you come upon. The dark full body costume comes with shoulder armor and bow and arrow to complete the look. You’ll be the hit of your Hunger Games cosplay event when dressing as the strong and smart Katniss.

6. Wolverine from X-Men

The Wolverine costume from X-Men is one of my favorites. And, you too can dress like the super-human Marvel character with a yellow and blue body suit complete with muscle inserts! But, don’t forget those claws…just be careful when you’re wearing them at your next cosplay event. Complete the look with a mask and boots and you’ll look fantastic as you cosplay the popular antihero. We first saw Wolverine on the big screen in the 2000 movie. He has incredible senses and healing abilities and uses his power to fight the evil Magnet and his minions. Wolverine is a great-selling costume, very popular among cosplayers due to the dark and mysterious mutant!

7. The Joker from Suicide Squad

There aren’t many cosplay villains as popular as DC Comics’ Joker! We’ve grown up with the Joker and seen many iterations of him. But the Joker from the2016’s Suicide Squad is a dark and formidable character, working with other supervillains to save the world from even darker and dangerous forces.

I love the Joker’s long purple coat and his bright green hair. There’s nothing whimsical about this Joker. Cosplaying the Joker from Suicide Squad will give you an edgy, dangerous look, a strong foil for the other DC characters at your next cosplay event.

8. Elsa from Frozen

There are some stunning Elsa cosplay costumes out there, complete with the Disney princess’s beautiful blue dress. Elsa is afraid of her supernatural powers that allow her to create and control snow and ice. She undergoes many trials and tribulations, losing her parents and distancing herself from her sister, before she can come to grips with her superhuman capabilities. Even though the movie is animated, cosplaying its characters, complete with their charming costumes, is quite popular for not only kids, but adults as well!

9. Captain America from Civil War

Marvel superhero Captain America is pitted against Iron Man (check out the coolest features about the iron man suit here!) and other superheroes that make up the Avengers team in Captain America: Civil War. Captain America has to fight the evil Zemo, who is creating a team of brainwashed “Winter Soldiers.” The much-anticipated film came out in 2016 and was immediately a major blockbuster.

And fans love the dark and powerful cosplay costume that includes Captain America’s red and blue shield. This costume, like other Marvel costumes, show the seriousness and strength of the character. You’ll make a powerful entrance cosplaying as Captain America!

10. Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman cosplay outfit from the 2017 movie, follows the trend we’ve seen with other superhero cosplay costumes: It’s a darker and grittier costume these days. It’s still a fabulous costume, complete with her top and skirt, and fierce-looking armguards, armband, and of course, her lasso! To get into character, take a look at the movie.

Wonder Woman’s origins are in the Amazon jungle. However, she leaves her paradise to fight in a massive war and discovers her destiny. She’s a powerful character and you’ll feel like a warrior when you cosplay as Wonder Woman!

What are great movie cosplay ideas for throwing a Cosplay Party?

Now that you have a great cosplay costume, why not throw a cosplay party? Invite all your friends to come over in their finest cosplay costumes. But don’t forget to give them plenty of head’s up. It’ll take party attendees some time to get their costumes and accessories in order. And you’ll need extra time to turn your house into the perfect cosplay space. Also, don’t forget universe-appropriate food! Lastly, I’d suggest you hire a photographer or rent a photo booth so your friends can show off their fantastic costumes!

Captain America Cosplay Party

This one’s easy. Decorate with a lot of red, white and blue. Get cardboard standups of all your favorite Marvel figures for photo ops. Buy a Captain America-themed cake. Your bigger party supply stores will have plenty of Captain America-themed dinnerware to make your meal authentic! Have some red, blue and white beverages, either alcoholic or not, for Captain America cocktails (or mocktails).

You can even make goodie bags filled with Captain America shield iced cookies or trinkets for your guests to take home. Use your art skills to make decorations like a cardboard city scape, and glue red, blue and white colored paper to Frisbees so your guest can have their very own Captain America shield. Definitely have prizes ready for the best cosplay costume. Have a screening of one of the Captain America movies. And have fun!

Frozen Cosplay Party

You’ll want to turn your home into a winter wonderland when having a Frozen Cosplay party! Fake snow, glass and shimmery lights and a cardboard backdrop of an ice castle and you’ll be on your way to creating the Frozen universe. And add your friends wearing Elsa, Anna, Sven and the gang cosplay costumes, and your house will be transformed into a magical world.

You can make snowgies (tiny snowmen) from marshmallows, get Frozen-themed dinnerware from a party supply store, and even bake Frozen cupcakes decorated with blue icing. Again, a best costume contest is a must, so have prizes on hand. And don’t forget the photos. You could rent a photobooth and have winter-themed accessories on hand for those one-of-a-kind snapshots. Go all out and make it a night to remember!

Pirates of the Caribbean Cosplay Party

Dust off the black eyeliner, buy a couple of fake parrots, and fill an old chest with chocolate coins for a memorable night of fun! Everyone can get into the fun, because even if you friends don’t have cosplay costumes, it is easy to put together a pirate ensemble. You just need a blousy white shirt, some oversized pants, and some black boots. The hats, fake swords and other accessories you can pick up at a party supply store or online.

For food and drink, a punchbowl filled with grog, or “mock grog” for the younger crowd. And, how about cookies iced with an anchor design. Also, you could hire a photographer for candid shots or have a photobooth complete with pirate-themed hats and eye patches. And, it’ll be hilarious to have all your guests talk like a pirate! Aye matey, yer gonna have a fine time at your Pirates of the Caribbean cosplay party. Enjoy!

Luke, I am your father

Now that you’ve had a crash course in cosplaying, it’s time for you to decide what character you’d like to choose. Do you want to be a good guy, like Batman, an antihero like Magneto, or a truly bad guy like Darth Vader? And, do you want a costume that will cover you from head to toe, like the Wolverine, or something that will feel similar to your regular clothes, like Jack Sparrow or Katniss?

Well, don’t worry, because if you get hooked on cosplaying, and I suspect you will, you could always try different characters and different costumes. So, go all out and find that perfect costume! And don’t forget to take lots of pictures!