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The Sexy Cosplay Group Spiral Cats: Their Instagram, Twitter, Doremi, Miyuko and More!

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Lately, fans of Cosplay are geeking out over the Spiral Cats! This all-girl Cosplay team from South Korea has taken the nerd world by storm, making a name for itself in domestic as well as international markets. In this article, we’re putting a spotlight on Spiral Cat’s fierce leader Tasha, as well as co-cats Doremi and Miyuko!

Get ready;  these girls are certainly adorable, but they’re ferocious when it comes to Cosplaying. We’ll start this article off by introducing you to the Spiral Cats as a team, and then we’ll put the focus on some of your favorite members! First, we’ll cover:

  • Why are the Spiral Cats famous?
  • How did the Spiral Cats get started?

Then we’ll get to the individual players, giving you the inside skinny on:

  • Who is Spiral Cat Tasha?
  • What is Spiral Cat Tasha’s age?
  • Who is Spiral Cat Doremi?
  • What is Spiral Cat Doremi’s age?
  • Who is Spiral Cat Miyuko?


If you ask us, the Spiral Cats are total Cosplay rock stars! They’re gorgeous, friendly, sexy, and they look like miniature action figures! No wonder the biggest names in cosplay pay fortunes to book them!

Ever since they went pro, the League of Legends based group has been courted by big-name clients such as Nixon, Blizzard Entertainment, Neowitz Games, NCSOFT, and Riot Games, among others. See them strutting their stuff at Anime Expo to get a feel for the Spiral Cats in action! (source).


Spiral Cats started as a venture by a group of co-workers at the game development company that Tasha was working for, doing graphic design, backgrounds, and 3D effects. She and Ren began the group in 2009. They were joined by Timayo in 2010 and by Miyuko in 2011.

Although many of the original cats have strayed, team captain Tasha, along with recruit Doremi, continues to hold down the SC fort! (source).

Now, stronger than ever, the two permanent members, along with about 10 revolving SCs, are kicking butt on Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube!


So many Spiral Cats, so little time! How can you choose? Luckily, we narrowed it down to the few you’ve been asking to hear more about, namely Tasha, Doremi, and Miyuki!

Without further ado, here’s the scoop on the Spiral Cat top cats!

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Without a doubt, the cat that you’ve been the most curious about is Tasha! The Spiral Cats Team leader, Go-eun, in her native South Korean tongue, has been cosplaying since 1999.

She got bit by the Cosplay bug when her parents took her to a Cosplay event when she was young. Looks like mom and dad taught Tasha well!


Tasha was born on May 12, 1987, which puts her at 32, going on 33, in 2020. She’s certainly taken advantage of the millennial generation’s many internet opportunities to grow as an entrepreneur! See her Facebook page for pictures and more on what she’s been up to (source).


Yes, that is Doremi as in the “Do-Re-Mi” song from the “Sound of Music,” but her actual name is Lee Hye-min!  She got into cosplay through manga and became an official Spiral Cat in 2013. Since then, she’s been Tasha’s main girl! You go, Doremi! You’re one loyal cat!

harley quinn: secret wishes cosplay costume


Doremi was born on Dec. 11, 1993. She’s 26 and will be turning 27 in 2020. A babe of the nineties, Doremi is using her Internet skills to the maximum! See her showing off her skills on Facebook! (source)


She may be gone from the band, but she sure ain’t forgotten in the Cosplay universe! South Korean cutie, Miyuko (Kang-Yun Jin), found her passion for cosplay through Korea Comic World, (compare to Japan’s ComicNet) in 2006.

After her two-year stint with the Cats, ending in 2013, Miyuko went on to make a name for herself as Aza Miyuko, cosplaying all of our fave Cosplay characters,  and looking as pretty as, well, all of her pictures!  Hit up her Fanpage on Facebook for updates, and see for yourself! (source)

Now that you’ve caught the Spiral Cat Scratch fever, you’re probably burning to know more about them, and what it takes to make a living as a cosplayer. Hit up Spiral Cats up on Pinterest for costume inspiration and check out costumesanduglysweaters.com. for more information on how to get started in the business of Cosplay. Meanwhile, we hope you’ve enjoyed our tidbit on Spiral Cats, and we hope to see you at the next convention!

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