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The Most Striking Angel Costumes for Adults, Girls, DIY and Amazon

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There are certain costumes that will always be popular. Ones that have always been in the popular culture. Ones that have never gone out of style.

And, angel costumes, more so than any others, are great examples of costumes that will never go out of style.

If you’re a female, you’ve probably had an angel costume at some point in your life. Either as a little girl, dressing up for Halloween. Or maybe you have cosplayed an angel and a fan convention or dressed up as an angel for a costume party.

I’m sure you remember when you put on your costume’s wings for the first time. They transformed your outfit into something ethereal.

If you need a costume for a special event and you’ve never dressed up as an angel, there’s no time like the present. Angel costumes are extremely popular, and you can find some great ones online to purchase. There’s a huge selection to choose from so you can find something unique that no one else at your event will have.

They’re also easy to accessorize so if you don’t have much experience in putting together a costume, don’t worry, dressing as an angel is simple and straightforward.

And, an angel costume is easy to make, so if you’d rather DIY your costume, there are many websites offering step-by-step instructions on how to transform you or your little one into the perfect angel!

So, if you want to dress up for that next fan convention or Halloween party and impress your friends, why not choose an angel costume?

How do you dress like an angel?

If you’ve decided on an angel costume for your next cosplay or for your daughter on Halloween, this article will give you all the tips you need, whether you are planning to buy or make your costume. And, if you haven’t yet decided what costume to buy, this article show you why a choosing an angel costume is the right way to go!

When we talk about angel costumes, I expect that you’re thinking of a female dressed in a flowing white gown with wings and perhaps a halo. Well, that’s partially right. There are other types of popular angel costumes, however. For instance, there are dark angel costumes and fallen angel costumes. Both of these costumes feature darker and sexier clothing. The angel wings will probably be black or red. And there definitely won’t be a halo with the costume!

And, if you’re a male, there are plenty of angel costumes out there for you as well! Don’t forget about Cupid and archangels! Males are totally represented in the angel costume segment!

We’ve got plenty of costume suggestions for you to decide on in this article, from adult and girl costumes, as well as Amazon best-sellers.

So keep reading. You’ll discover the most striking angel costumes for you and your significant other. If you’re an adult, we do a deep dive into some fantastic angel costumes just for you. And, of course, we offer a list of fun angel costumes for your little princess.

Plus, if you’re confident around glue guns, scissors and feathers, we’ve got some great and simple DIY instructions to make a fantastic angel costume that will turn heads.

There’s something for everyone. Angel costumes can be worn by the whole family. There are so many styles to choose from. Read on and enjoy!

Is an angel a halloween costume?

And if you wondered if you could wear an Angel Costume for Halloween, the answer is Yes!  Definitely!  Halloween is that special holiday when you basically get to dress up as whatever you want.  

You don’t have to pick the classic Christmas Angel Costume that might be the first costume to come to mind but if you want to throw a little edginess to it there are plenty of Dark Angel Costume ideas!

The 5 Most Striking Angel Costumes for Adults

I know you want to look your best when dressing up for a cosplay event, like a fan convention, or for a Halloween party. And one of the most striking characters to dress up as right now is an angel. In fact, angel costumes have always had a lot of popularity because they’re fun and easy costumes to put together.

And, just because you’re an adult, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like an angel! People of all ages have a great time wearing angel costumes.

Oh, and don’t think that we’ve forgotten the guys. They can also get in on the fun cosplaying at a fan convention as an archangel or dressing up on Halloween as Cupid!

We’ve searched the internet and have curated a list of the five most striking angel costumes for adults. We’ve got dark angels, archangels and, of course, sexy angels.

Why not look through the following list. If you’re searching for a great-looking outfit for that special occasion, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it here.

So take a look at the five most striking angel costumes for adults.  (Links to Amazon or

1.) Dreamgirl Angel of Darkness Costume

We’re starting off our list with this sexy Dreamgirl Women’s Luxurious Angel of Darkness You’re sure to turn heads decked out in this sensual outfit.

2.) Dark Angel costume from Desire.  

Another in the category of the dark and shadows, this sexy Angel Costume gives Angels an entirely new meaning!

3.) Men’s Archangel costume.  

Prove your honor and worth with this Archangel costume!

4.) California Costumes’ Women’s Guardian Angel

This is a change of pace from the earlier dark angel costumes but I think you’ll agree this guardian angel costume stands out!

5.) Men’s Cupid Costume

Definitely one of the more fun costumes available.  This Cupid Angel Costume for Men is hilarious and a must if you’re ready for a lighthearted evening!

The 5 Cutest Angel Costumes for Girls

Little girls in angel costumes are so adorable. Perhaps your daughter wants to trick-or-treat as an angel, complete with a halo. Or she may have a school play that’ll require an angel costume. Or, maybe she wants to play dress-up with her friends.

And angel costumes, especially on children, are so charming. Some angel costumes for girls come with halos and even candles. And they generally include a white dress and white wings. I haven’t seen any angel costumes that come with shoes, so keep in mind that you’ll probably have to buy a pair of white shoes to complete the ensemble.

If you’ve found an angel costume that you love, but it doesn’t include a halo, no worries. includes a wide range of halos for adults and children. Here’s an adorable halo adorned with feathers!

Check out the list below. I’ve given you five ideas for an angel costume for girls. Your little one will feel like an angel when you dress her in one of these costumes.

1.) Toddler Starlight Angel costume

2.) Child’s Angel costume

3.) Girl’s Angel Costume with Wings and Candle

4.) Girl’s Golden Angel costume

5.) Girl’s Fluttery Angel costume

The Top 5 Selling Angel Costumes on Amazon

You may be planning for an important cosplay outing for yourself. Or, perhaps you’re looking to purchase a Halloween costume for your little one. Or you may be looking to spice up your relationship. Whatever the reason, getting the right angel costume should be top on your list.

Below I’ve given you a list of the top five angel costumes on Amazon. The top-selling angel costume on Amazon is actually for toddlers. I’ve included a link to it below and, after taking a look, I’m sure you’ll agree that your little princess will be the prettiest angel on the trick-or-treat circuit!

I’ve also listed some adult outfits that you could wear to a costume party or to a fan convention. You’ll love how you look in your angel costume and your friends will, too. You could also pair your angel costume with a friend who’s wearing a devil costume! Duo or group costumes are a fun way to cosplay or celebrate Halloween.

Not surprisingly, some of Amazon’s best-selling angel costumes feature sexy steel-boned corsets, ruffled pants, and satin ruffle skirts, all to create that sexy angel look for you for a night to remember with your significant other.

So, take a look at my list of the top five best-selling angel costumes on Amazon. They all have different styles and can be worn for a variety of events. I’m sure you’ll find one you’ll love. In fact, you may want to buy more than one so you can wear them for a variety of events!

1.) Sweet Little Angel Toddler costume

2.) California Costumes Women’s Fallen Angel costume

3.) Daisy Corsets Women’s Sweet Angel costume

4.) Forum Novelties Women’s Angel costume

5.) Women’s 4-piece Angel Corset costume

How do you make a homemade Angel Costume?

No worries if you need a quick angel costume and don’t have time to order a costume. If you’re creative and you have a craft store nearby, why not try to make your own angel costume, either for yourself or your child?

My hometown has a Mardi Gras-like festival every year to usher in spring and usher out bad spirits. And costumes are a must. I put together a fallen angel costume one year and it was beyond simple. I bought red feathered wings at Party City and pinned them to a black dress. I topped it off with red shoes and red lipstick and I had a fun fallen angel costume. And I only spend about 5 bucks!

The reason making your own angel costume is so inexpensive? Really, it’s because angel costume DIY is all about the wings. And you can attach your DIY wings to dresses, a sleek leotard or, if you’re feeling saucy, a bra or cropped tank top.

And don’t forget about color. The great thing about DIYing your angel costume is that you don’t have to settle for the standard black for a dark angel costume or fallen angel costume or white for a heavenly angel costume. What about pink, for an “innocent” angel? Or purple (my favorite color)!

And, since DIYing costumes is a big part of cosplay, check out our article on what foam to use to get started in cosplay and to make your own costumes! With a little bit of know-how, you could use foam to create some fantastic angel wings!

how do you make an angel halo headband

Of course this can be a trick operation but we’ve found a great resource to help you out.  Check out the YouTube video below.

How do you make Angel Costume Wings?

Another challenging DIY project but one you’ll soon get the knack of!  If you’re wanting to make angel costume wings check out the YouTube video below.

The 5 Easiest DIY Angel Costume Ideas

So, below, I’ve given you some YouTube tutorials for angel costume DIY ideas, and also some tutorials for just wings. Get out your paints, glue gun and scissors and give it a go.

1.) No-sew Wings for adults or kids. Just pair these wings with a flowy white dress and you’ve got yourself a fabulous DIY angel costume!

2.) Japanese and English language DIY Angel costume (English language from 4:16)

3.) Angel Wings for girls. Again, all you’ll need is a white dress and your costume is complete! What could be easier.

4.) Coat Hanger Angel Wings and Halo costume. Pair the wings and halo with a dress of the same color and your angel costume will be a hit!

5.) YouTube DIY Angel costume. Another fun and simple overview on how to make a great costume!

6.) OK, I lied. I’ve got a sixth costume to show you. It definitely not for a beginner, but it is absolutely stunning! Check out this DIY angel costume that sparkles with fairy lights. I adore this costume and I am planning to try my hand at making it for my next Halloween bash!

Angelic Beginnings

I hope this article has been a stepping stone into the world of angel costumes.

There are so many opportunities to dress up in a costume these days. Especially with the burgeoning cosplay industry. A fan convention is a great way to show off your angel costume! And, because the cosplay community is a warm and friendly environment, there will always be people you could talk to in order to get tips and tricks for cosplaying.

And don’t forget, if you really want to cosplay an angel, invite your friends to join you for a themed group costume experience. One of you could cosplay as an angel and the other as a devil. Or, you could dress up as the various archangels.

Yes of course, there’s Halloween, a great time for kids and adults to wear costumes. An angel costume is perfect for you little trick-or-treater. You can’t argue the fact that a set of wings on a costume always look adorable. And then add to that a halo, and trust me, your child will have the best costume on the block.

But don’t forget about you. Perhaps you want to dress as an angel for Halloween, or for maybe you want to spice things up in the bedroom. Well, there are stunning “angel in white,” fallen angel, dark angel and just plain sexy angel costumes and accessories for you to choose from. If you’re in the market for an angel costume, make sure you check out Amazon. They’ve got a great selection.

And, again, angel costume DIY is fun and rewarding, especially if you’re handy. Since angel costumes are so popular, for both children and adults, you’ll have no problem finding both simple and more advanced instructions and patterns to create the costume of your dreams.

So get started; you’ve got some shopping and crafting to do! And don’t forget to take photos!