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The Most Popular Adult Costume Onesies Online

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Forget about hourglass silhouettes. The new silhouette is far closer to a potato sack chic. With the intensity of the onesies craze, skinny jeans, pencil skirts and tailored shirts are in danger of becoming so last year. Why are these one-piece, pajama-like, anything but put together looking one-pieces the new vogue? Maybe because:

  • They’re super comfy
  • They’re adorable as hell
  • Celebrities wear them
  • You don’t have to worry about coordinating an outfit
  • You can sit down for a large dinner without having to worry about loosening your waistband- perfect for Christmas and Thanksgiving parties
  • They make love handles disappear.
adult costume onesie

There’s no doubt that  onesies make a statement, it can be hard to find the right statement for you. With all the onesies out there, it’s hard to choose between super cute, super weird, super funky, or just plain superhero.  Thinking about rocking a onesie?  It’s a bold move, understandably, but we think you’ll find it one to worth taking. Here are some suggestions for breaking out of your comfort zone while staying well within it.

What Are the Best Costume Onesies Online?

Onesies scream millennial. That’s why they’re most often bought online. Such a high-tech concept as a one piece that turns you into an instant cartoon character is a natural match for the sophisticated computer age. However, the world wide web is infinite and sometimes the choice of onesies seems infinite as well. Here are some of our recommendations for the best onesies on Amazon to help you narrow it down.

Pug Dog Kigamuri Adult Costume

Is it the wrinkles, the sad eyes, or the signature pug nose that make us want to dress pug dogs in human clothing and post pictures of them all over social media? Pugs have no problem dressing like us, why not dress like them for a change? You’ll be an instant hit in the Pug Dog Kigamuri Adult costume.   Made to fit anyone over five feet tall ( that means adults only), this Japanese import is machine washable and made with high-quality fiber.  Other features include:

  • Fleece (100% polyester for comfort)
  • Can withstand repeated washes without losing shape
  • One size fits all for guaranteed fit with room to move
  • Unisex

Nothing but Love Adult Dinosaur Onesie

This may not be a killer dinosaur, but it sure is a killer dinosaur onesie. Barney may have been cool, but it’s a safe bet that he didn’t come with side pockets for holding things or a zipper at the rear for quick bathroom access. Other features of the Nothing But Love Adult Dinosaur Onesie Include:

  • Front button closure with elasticized wrists and ankle cuffs
  • Super soft and breathable fleece
  • Freedom of movement, perfect for costume parties, sleepovers or hanging out at home

What Are the Best Men’s Onesies Online?

Not feeling the cat ears and kangaroo pouch? We hear you. It takes a real man to wear a onesie, but no one said anything about pastel colors and a unicorn horn. Luckily, there are onesies for the men with a little more street style to them. Here are some of the best onesies online for bringing out the alpha male in every onesie wearer.

Skyline Wears Fashion Onesie Hooded Jumpsuit

 Who says you can’t wear a onesie without sacrificing your street cred? There’s no better way to stay “in the hood” than with a onesie like the Skyline Wears Fashion Onesie Hooded Jumpsuit.  Available in many colors and patterns (check out the red/blue for the Bieber look), the Skyline features:

  • Pockets – front or side, depending on the style
  • Knitted Fleece with a high-quality zipper
  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Machine Washable, won’t shrink or lose color
  • Available in an assortment of colors and styles

Chewbacca Wookie Adult Hooded Costume

Grew up with Star Wars? Haven’t we all? It seems like just when we’re growing out of our Chewbacca costumes we’re growing into new ones.  What better inspiration for a cozy adult onesie than an eight-foot-tall hair covered hirsute biped from the planet Kashyyk? With the Star Wars Chewbacca Wookie Adult Hooded Costume, the force comes included. Features Include:

  • 100% polyester fabric in Chewy brown
  • Full body zipper closure
  • Officially license Lucasfilm product
  • Warm and snuggly as Chewbacca himself

What are the Best Women’s Onesies Online?

Why is Miley Cyrus covering up her pasties and tattoos with a unicorn onesie?  Because knows a thing or two about fashion. If you’re getting your fashion inspo from celebrities, get ready to be inspired by the onesie. The comfort, the soft fleece, the too cute to stay home/stay home look that just screams selfie opp; how could you not try one on for size? They are one size fits all, so you don’t really need to try them- a definite plus for online shoppers). Ready to roll like a celebrity? Here are some of the best women’s onesies online.

Follow Me Adult Style Onesie Pajamas and Jumpsuit

 Let’s talk some serious onesies, as in not the ones with teddy bear ears and cattails. Sometimes a woman needs to feel like a woman, even if she is in onesie pajamas. The Follow Me Adult Style Onesie will not only give you the confidence in your appearance, but it will also give you the confidence of knowing your onesies won’t tear at the seams or fade in the wash. Features include:

  • Sweatshirt material fleece
  • Two side zipper pockets for storing your cell phone and M & Ms
  • Kangaroo pockets in the front for added style
  • Seams locked stitched for extra strength
  • Machine washable with no danger of losing shape or color.

Totally Pink Women’s Warm and Cozy Plush Adult Onesie

Onesies don’t have to be serious to be fashionable. If leopard print is the new black, the Totally Pink Women’s Warm and Cozy Plush Adult Onesie is the cat’s meow. Available in a variety of playful prints, cat ears non-negotiable, this onesie is purr-fect for cuddling up on the couch. But be warned, this curve-accentuating onesie may lead to some heavy petting. Features include:

  • Luxurious plush fabric that feels great on your skin
  • Fun prints and bright colors that bring out your fun side
  • Elastic cuffs and wrists and zippers for a closer fit
  • High-quality finishing with lock stitch seams
  • Won’t shrink or lose color in the washing machine.

Cheap Onesies Online

Just because your budget is low, doesn’t mean you have to dress like a sad sack. Luckily, you don’t have to let a tight budget stop you from getting loose in a onesie. We scoured the world wide web to find the best bang for your buck onesies and this is what we came up with.

Newcosplay Animal Pajama Unisex Adult Kigamuri

Betcha can’t pick this unicorn out of the herd.  This no remorse horse would give any higher priced unicorn onesie a run for the money. With the Newcosplay Animal Pajama Unisex Adult Kigamuri, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, looks or side pockets for low cost. Features include:


  • Breathable polar fleece material feels baby soft on your skin
  • Buttons for easy put on and take off
  • Side pockets so you have somewhere to store your cell phone, and put your hands
  • Warm material for cuddling up
  • Adorable unicorn hood with nothing sad sack about it.

What Theme Should I Choose for a Onesie Party?

Now that you and your friends are all united by your common love for onesies, it’s only appropriate that you throw a party in celebration, but the best parties have a theme. How can you choose the theme that will give onesie wearers a reason to throw their hands in the air? Here are some suggestions:

Dance Party:

There’s something about wearing a onesie that makes you want to get down with your bad self. That means there are a lot of bad selves in onesies out there just waiting to get down. Why not throw a dance party to let them get down with the get down.

For a dance party, a good music selection is necessary. Playing music from your I-Tunes selection is an easy and fun way to keep the party going. You might also want to think about a dance contest, like, “Who works the best twerk?” Make sure to keep snacks on hand.

Slumber Party:

You’re already technically in your pajamas, why not incorporate sleeping into the theme? Sure, most slumber parties are more about the activities than actually sleeping, but any excuse for a party is a good one!

Movies are always a good slumber party activity. Horror films are the best. You can prank everyone later in the night with a preplanned spook out: Onesies can cast some very scary shadows on the wall. And load up on the popcorn and snacks.  You’ll need to feed the animals.