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The Best 5 Courses to Help You Learn Belly Dancing Online

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When you think of belly dancing, your mind drifts to the exotic look, colorful costumes, mysterious eyes, seductive choreography, and overall enticement of mind and movement.  Belly dancing is the marriage of an empowering state of mind and body.  The good news, you can harness the power of belly dancing from the comfort of your own home.

The best 5 courses to help you learn belly dancing online are:

Learn How To Belly Dance:  Complete Guide From A-Z


Intro To Belly Dance


Platinum Package of Belly Dancing


Belly Dance Class #1


Beginner Belly Dance


Belly dancing invokes a celebration of womanly essence in a matter of speaking.  It isn’t just the movements that suggest ownership and control of our place in the universe.  Belly dancing exhibits strength in a feminine way.  It exudes confidence, authority, power, and music you can more than tap a toe to.  Ready to embrace the art of belly dancing?  This list may help you master the art.

Belly Dancing Lessons Online

It is hard selecting the belly dancing course that fits into your lifestyle.  The internet presents an endless amount of resources. 


Udemy.com is nationwide resource center for all types of classes.  If you want to learn it, odds are it is on Udemy.com.  Their search capability makes it easy to find belly dancing courses offered.

This site offers the best belly dancing courses seen online.  Udemy.com is easy to navigate and has modest pricing.  You can buy one video entitled ‘Learn How to Belly Dance:  Complete Guide From A to Z,’ or they will couple the video with two other relevant videos and receive a deep discount on all three. 

Hovering your mouse over the title will yield a description of what you will be learning in the class.  For example, in the first video description, you will know:

  • Various belly dance movements: shimmies, belly rolls, hips movements, undulations, chest isolations, and many others!
  • Basic belly dance rhythms, fundamentals of dancing with a veil, related folklore styles, and other things that are essential to know right from the beginning.
  • Skills to put all learned movements into dance combinations, and simply enjoy dancing to the music.

Not only are there videos to teach you the belly dancing, but they have videos on the preparation, context, costumes, and stage props.  All videos are on-demand and can be viewed at any time, anywhere with Wi-Fi access.  All courses offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the class.

Udemy.com offers over 150,000 courses online and lifetime access.  You can build a library of anything that you are interested in, including your interest in belly dancing.  If you are uncertain what belly dancing course is right for you, Udemy.com guides you by answering a few questions.  Udemy.com features an app to make learning easy on the go.

If you are beginning to explore a hobby in belly dancing or become a professional dancer, Udemy.com comes equipped with everything needed to make a real go of it.  With Udemy.com’s guarantee and the long-standing excellent performance record, this course earns top pick.


DanceGardenLA.com has a physical location in California.  Classes are taught by some of the most well-known dancers.  The class costs are monthly and modest.

If you are more into a studio approach and private lessons, then DanceGardenLA.com may be more your speed.  Their site is easily navigated with class and descriptions prominently displayed.  They offer on-demand courses, live sessions, and private lessons.  A FREE ‘Intro to Belly Dancing’ class is given to new students.

Interestingly, they provide different classes for different types of Belly dancing, such as Egyptian or Turkish.  DanceGardenLA.com also offers courses for specific areas of belly dance, such as ‘Shimmies and Hips’ or ‘Belly Dance Choreography.’  The classes delivered here are not as generic as other institutions and focus more on what type of belly dancing and venue you want to participate in.

The Video-On-Demand feature from their website indicates a modest $7 fee for a single viewing or $25 for 5-class viewing.  VIP membership is also offered at $125 per month, which allows you an unlimited amount of access to classes and viewings.  You also receive a discounted rate for special courses or featured instruction.  They also boast a newcomer special at $40 for two weeks as a VIP.

One of the unique things about DanceGardenLA.com is that classes marked with an ‘*’ are ‘Pay What You Can’ courses.  This additional gratuitous investment into the community and its people is admirable and endearing.  DanceGardenLA.com lives up to their vision of:

“…mission to bring diverse dance forms to dancers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds with an eye to community building, cultural education, and personal development… “

DanceGarden.com offers belly dancing classes at any level and for any budget.  This studio is a gem in the realm of online belly dance courses.


If you are into package deals, then this site is for you.  They do offer belly dancing attire.  Prices are monthly.

Bellydancer.com is unique in that they distinguish types of belly dancing by purpose. For example, they offer belly dancing courses tied closer to fitness, professionalism, and enjoyment.  They also provide Tribal belly dancing.  The website is easily navigated, and there is a list of six packages with descriptions and pricing:

Platinum Package

This course includes all of the classes (long list supplied once you click on it).

$24.99/month; or


Belly Dancer Suite

Instruction for all levels including props, choreography and more

$19.99/month; or


Tribal Style

Education for those that are interested in tribal style belly dancing

$12.99/month; or


Learn To Belly Dance

Instruction for those introducing themselves to the world of belly dancing

$7.99/month; or


Workout & Fitness

Education for those that are more focused on the fitness rather than the art

$5.99/month; or


Performances & More

On-Demand access to performances worldwide that you can watch

$5.99/month; or

$59.99 annually

Once you click on the package that you want to explore, you are provided a complete description and the names of the classes that you will have access to.  Upon purchase, you can view all of the courses on-demand at your leisure and move through them at your own pace.  Your subscription is automatically renewed monthly or annually.

The downside, there is a physical location and email address provided, but this is virtual instruction without the benefit of any live guidance.  There is a note on the website that if you want to own the actual DVDs, it is possible by contacting www.bellydance.com.  Bellydance.com features the attire, props, DVDs, and other items that can be purchased for your belly dancing adventures. 


If you are looking for a larger network, this site offers a long reach.  Teachers are from all over the world for greater variety.

The sites mentioned so far are all paid classes for the most part.  If you are uncertain of your level of commitment to belly dancing but still want a structured course, EssenceBellyDance may be just what you are looking for.

EssenceBellyDance.com has all the basics of belly dancing moves that you can watch at NO COST.  They post new classes regularly that may be of interest to you as well.  The site is easily navigated and tempts you with a sensuous dance move section.  There are also performances that you can watch by the teacher.

The exciting thing about this site is that they are an International Network of belly dance enthusiasts and dancers connecting the world through their expression and love of belly dancing.  A page right out of their book supports the message of body empowerment:

Essence of Belly dance is a new holistic method that combines the sensual art of Belly dance with Pelvic Floor Integration™ and contemporary awareness- and bodywork-techniques.”

EssenseBellyDance.com considers belly dancing a healing force of positive self-image and control.  The beauty of that thought translates into dance.  EssenceBellyDance.com offers regular workshops with renowned artists.

The primary message of the site is to ‘Dance from The Inside Out’ and encourages you to fall in love with your body as you get to know every inch of it.  Coco Berlin, the instructor, is a force of nature in the way she speaks and is a positive influence for thousands of women.  She has written books on the subject and performed all over the world.  The website is worth a visit and a solid introduction to an ancient art.


Individual attention and community are what Ansuya.com is about.  It is a refreshing, uplifting network and offers monthly student showcases.

For more of a personal touch and the bonus of live communities on social media, Ansuya.com is an ideal place to socialize and learn among like-minded people in a safe space.  This site offers a variety of ways to learn:

  • Live Online Group Classes
  • Live Online Private Classes
  • Membership Based Video Collection
  • YouTube Channel (free classes)
  • Online Student Facebook Group (only for registered students)
  • Skype Coaching
  • Goddess Transformation Training (30 hours of self-development)
  • Sacred Sinuosity (Yoga blended with belly dancing)
  • Goddess Circle Showcases

Ansuya has built an empire of social media to capitalize on a belly dancing community that supports and learns from one another.  It is the equivalent of having a study buddy beside you every step of the way.  Ansuya offers the most interactive resources for soon to be belly dancers and professional belly dancers. 

The different types of class venues are a strong plus in being versatile for a diverse population.  Communication is Queen at this website with several outlets of support and direct contact.  Ansuya is about a complete image overhaul and lifestyle change versus a traditional belly dancing class, and the site is set up with the tools to help you do just that.

Ansuya has a deep connection with its students through this community.  All students stay connected through social media and offer encouragement and promote change in mind and body.  This online community shares a bond that will last for a lifetime.

All of the classes mentioned above demonstrate positive messages on:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • spirit

They promote ownership and control of the body and openness of the mind to free the soul. Belly dancing is a source of ancient empowerment that can be tapped into and implemented into everyday life to improve our human condition.  As if you needed more incentive to acquaint yourself with belly dancing, here are a few more.

Reasons Why to Take Belly Dancing Classes

Have you ever wondered how a belly dancer can perform in front of hundreds of people with such grace and confidence?  Belly dancing teaches several lessons that we can incorporate into everyday life.

Your Body: Know It and Love It

Belly dancing reintroduces you to your body from head to toe.  You must be confident to be a belly dancer, or you will become confident in doing so.  Learning how your body moves and controlling every muscle inside it is no small task.  Most people are uncomfortable when confronted by themselves in a mirror naked; the only thing more uncomfortable is moving in front of the mirror bare.  Belly dancing teaches you to give a smile and a wink to that mirror and glide in front of it with some swagger.

Knowing and loving yourself for who you are is one of the hardest taught lessons.  Society has conditioned us to compare ourselves to others.  Belly dancing will guide you to love yourself, your body, and everything in it.  Positive self-image goes a long way in communicating with others and exuding self-confidence.  Belly dancing will teach you to do this and in an enjoyable way.  Belly dancing is fun, keeps you active, increases your quality of life, and is a great ice breaker.

Dressing It Up

Dressing up makes you feel beautiful. You can find belly dancing costumes on amazon to get a beautiful belly dancer set. The vivid colors, hair, makeup, and costume are ideal for those that get into belly dancing.  You feel sexy, and sexy is good.  Everyone wants to feel sexy.  Sashaying around the room with all the bells and whistles is an intoxicating feeling.  If you put that feeling with the graceful, mystical moves and a good beat, you feel like a Rockstar in your own right.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Belly dancing is a great exercise, and it is fun to do.  You will learn:

  • Flexibility
  • Core strengths
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Endurance
  • Stability
  • Peace of mind

Staying active and finding activities that help you stay focused, or at a minimum, take you away from the kids for an hour, helps your mind relax and rejuvenate.  Belly dancing helps you feel young!

Belly dancing builds core strengths, and an hour session burns about 350-500 calories.  Core strengths strongly relate to:

  • Isolating and controlling various muscle groups
  • Vertebrae – alleviating lower back pain
  • Helping with childbirth & menstrual pain– strengthening muscles used
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Low impact – easy on the joints
  • Muscle group strength: abdomen, pelvis, spine, neck, gluteals, arms
  • Flexibility and tone
  • Better posture

Belly dancing uses your body weight as a resistance method to strengthen the entire torso.  There is no other workout that utilizes the fundamental pillar of your body and is so enjoyable in both mind and body.

Friends That You Haven’t Met Yet

Belly dancers are great friends to have.  Communities are full of:

  • Positive
  • Strong
  • Independent
  • Empowered women

Networking is always a bonus.  You can find other avenues of interest and hobby within the belly dancing world.  It’s true what they say; you can never have too many friends.

Embrace Your Sensuality

Get in touch with your inner goddess.  Owning your sensuality is enlightening and powerful.  Each movement demonstrates strength, charisma, and inner beauty that’s conveyed through dancing.  You know who you are, you own the moment, and you are confident in the spotlight.  Few things are more attractive than a woman in control of herself and her surroundings.  Womanhood should be celebrated on a daily basis in heart and mind.

We know where to take the classes.  We understand the benefits of why we should take the classes.  Now, what is it that we will need to immerse ourselves in the belly dancing community?

What Belly Dancers Wear

Belly dancers are known for the big jewelry, style, brightly woven colors, and sheer threads.  There are a few essentials that should be in every belly dancer’s closet.


This is what we think of immediately when we think of belly dancing.  It is the complete ensemble of the beaded top, skirt, and hip scarf.


The wide bottom pants that are more accustomed to the tribal style.

Harem pants/Chalwar

These are pantaloons that, instead of allowed to be belled out, are tied at the bottom around the ankle.

Beledi Dress/Gallabiya

This one-piece dress is usually cotton and can be quite simple or magnificently jeweled.

Hip Scarf

This is an elegant scarf that ties around the hips between the belly dancer top and bottom.

Belly Dancer Top

These come in a wide range of designs, colors, and styles.

Belly Dancer Skirt

These are also a wide range of designs, colors, and styles and are usually complimentary to the top.


Sarongs are dresses that are longer than the hip scarf but of the same material.  Sometimes include fringes that move with you as you dance.


Shoes are not necessary, but if you want to protect your feet, belly dancer shoes are similar to ballet shoes.  They usually match the dress or commonly gold or silver.

Not all of these items are needed, but it is fun to dress the part.  Belly dancers have a signature, stylish look to enhance their beauty and grace.  Dressing in the proper form helps you identify with the culture, the lessons, and the mindset. 

There are several different styles of belly dancing that have been passed down through the centuries.  There are also new ones that have popped up on the scene.  Popstars, like Shakira, take belly dancing moves and fuse it with their style.  It has become her calling card. 

Different Kinds of Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is not all the same.  First, you learn the basic introductory moves of belly dancing; then you may want to select with the type of belly dancing is more your style.  Watching performances will break down what you would like to try.  Here are some of the different styles; this is by no means an all-inclusive list.  This list will assist you in finding the type of class you may be interested in enrolling in.

Belly Dance

Belly dance is the generic catch-all for Middle Eastern dance that is primarily the center of social or solo dancing.  The majority of classes will fall under this heading.

Middle Eastern Dance

This dancing style refers to the dance widely practiced by the peoples of the Middle East countries.  This type represents both folklore and classical belly dancing.

Egyptian Style

Like the ‘Belly Dance’ heading, this style is a variety of belly dance styles inspired in Egypt and is what most Americans believe to be the proper form of belly dancing.

American Cabaret

This belly dancing style is only practiced in America.  The costumes are Vegas-style vogue and mimic Middle Eastern style.

Goddess Style

Another American tribute to belly dancing that combines spirituality with modern and belly dance movements.  It is a form of religious expression by women but has nothing to do with Middle East religions or rituals.

Arabic Style Dance

This type of belly dancing is accepted by most of the Arabic speaking countries.  It focuses on folklore and classical styles.

Beledi Style

This is the belly dance style that you will see at social gatherings.  In the Middle East, belly dancing is a common practice among all its people.  Beledi means country in Arabic.  This dance calls on the many styles associated with each country.

American Tribal Style

This type of belly dancing originated in California.  It is a blend of the different styles across the board and has no real connection with the Middle East.

Oriental Dance

This dance is associated with countries of the Near Middle East.  It is known as the classical dance of the East.

Lebanese Style

This belly dancing style is recognized as coming from Eastern Arabic countries.

Discovering what kind of style suits you is an exciting undertaking.  Watching belly dancers from any style is hypnotic.  Once you see the beauty and grace, it is hard to look away.  Some of the moves seem to defy gravity.  It leaves a person to wonder, with so many positive vibes, welcoming support, health benefits, and outstanding attire, why is it still considered taboo or difficult to start?

Belly Dancer Myth Busters

Belly dancing goes back centuries.  This type of dance has been both celebrated and scorned by Americans.  But why the bad wrap?  There are some preconceived notions, no matter how incorrect, that continue to be associated with belly dancing.  If you look at it, women used to not be able to show their ankles much less their midriffs—time to bust a myth up.

You Are Too Big Too Belly Dance

In belly dancing, size is irrelevant.  Belly dancing is designed to teach you how to move at your size and your pace.  Belly dancing is an expression of love and acceptance of one’s own body, as is.  Belly dancing is size-blind.  Anyone can do it and is encouraged to.

Belly Dancing Focuses on The Belly

This is entirely untrue.  Belly dancing focuses on the movement of the entire body.  It is a dreamy, surreal movement and control of oneself.  Belly dancing exhibits extreme muscle control that rivals gravity.  This is why the skirts are long and create an aerodynamic flow to move with the dancer.  Your entire body glides; the ensemble as the whole helps carry your movement and state of mind.

You Are Too Old to Belly Dance

Belly dancing is color-blind.  Promoting well-being is well worth the time and effort of any age.  Learning to have a positive body image at any age is a benefit.  Belly dancing is an excellent way to:

  • Express yourself
  • Ease frustrations
  • Quite the mind, and
  • Build confidence in who you are.

It is vital to have a love of self.  Age is just a number.

You Must Have A Belly Ring

Belly rings are not an essential need in belly dancing.  In fact, a lot of dancers don’t partake in the piercing.  Belly dancing is about expression, so if you feel you want one, by all means, get one, but it’s not mandatory.

You Must Have A Belly RingBelly Dancing Originated in Harems

It is thought that belly dancing was a performance to entice men.  This is simply not true.  This theory was circulated by male travelers from the west that traveled to the Middle East and spun by Hollywood.  Belly dancing empowers women and promotes the woman form.  It is an expression of the inner beauty and strength of the female form.  The dance itself may look appealing to men, but it is appealing to women as well.  We are all attracted to beauty.

Belly Dancing To Be The Best You

There are far more reasons to participate in belly dancing than reasons why you should not.  The practice speaks volumes on self-image, mindset, and core strengths.  These are desired traits in:

  • Employees
  • Leaders
  • Life partners
  • Friends
  • Parents

Finding the right belly dancing class may just change your world.