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How to Throw a Crazy Memorable Onesie Party

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When you envision a party, a onesie party may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you enjoy not having the pressure of finding some new digs, a cute outfit or putting on a ton of makeup, this is a fun alternative to enjoy time with your friends.  Besides, costumes and onesie parties are way more fun than the same ol’ thing.  The objective here though, make it crazy memorable!

How do you throw a crazy memorable onesie party? The key to having a successful onesie party rests in the theme you choose, the activities you engage in, and the planning that goes into everything.

Maybe this party is for a kid, maybe it’s for a group of adults. Whatever the occasion, planning is key! Onesie parties can be upscale pajama parties but a theme can tie the party together.  The creativity behind the planning and onesies themselves is what makes the fun and unforgettable.

Also, don’t forget, you can’t have a kickass onesie party without Onesies.  Pajamas are totally fine!  Or, if you want, go all out and do it up in costumes.

There is just something about onesies though that are comfortable, casual and imaginative.  In our minds, it’s like pajamas meets costumes.  If you’re ready to show for yourself or want some ideas, we recommend checking out the onesie selections out there.  

By the way onesie party planners, here are the Best Selling and Top Ranked Adult Onesies on Amazon to help you find the perfect Onesie! We’ve also got some great recommendations sprinkled throughout.

On to the party planning…

How to Throw an Epic Onesie Party

One thing we all can agree on is that we need more excuses to wear our onesies to parties.  Again, they are awesome, cute, fluffy, and incredibly comfortable.

So, why not combine your love of onesies with the ever-popular trend of throwing pajama parties? After all, everybody loves a good pajama party, and with your onesie, you will be the star of the show.

Throw a onesie party and call all your friends over. And, if they don’t have a onesie of their own, you can lend some of your extra onesies to them. After all, they are a one-size-fits-all type of clothing. Or, if you are not that keen on throwing parties yourself, you can go to one of the major events to people that share your passions.

Onesie Party Planning Steps:

  1. Have a plan.  (Who’s invited? What time? Where will it be?)
  2. Pick a theme. (Unicorn? Animal? …more ideas below)
  3. Prepare for games activities. (Board games?  Drinking Games? ..  ideas below)

Those are the building blocks for the party.  Below we’ll go info furthe detail and then we’ll break down different types of Onesie Parties to throw and activities with each.

cool cats and ass hats
Red Panda Onesie Costume
Have a plan for your Onesie Party.

There are few things you need to decide before you get to the fun stuff, the who, what, where & why. Decide who among your lucky friends, family and colleagues are invited. Decide if they can they bring a friend, their child, their dog, and so on. Choose what your guests need to bring with them, if anything.

Additionally, you must choose if you want your humble abode to serve as the venue. What is the party in aid of? Are you celebrating a Birthday, engagement, or a house warming? Or, are you doing it to raise money for your a charity of your choice.

Pick a theme for your Onesie party.

Remember, we want our guests to be talking about “that amazing onesie party they went to” for weeks and months to come.  How do you put a fun and memorable time in motion, especially considering the pictures that you and your friends will be looking at for years to come: by having a theme. 

There are endless themes out there but we’ve got a few that have all the right onesie costumes you can pick from. 

Here are some fun Onesie Party theme ideas:
  • Unicorns (lots of varieties of costume available)
  • Animals (cows, dogs, bears etc.  Many here too)
  • Colors (this keeps it open for whatever…)
  • Cosplay (movie or gaming characters, superheroes, you name it.)
  • Any so many more!

By selecting a theme you’ll take your onesie party to the next level!

Prepare for games and activities for your onesie party

After the theme, you’ll want entertainment!  There are typically two main forms of entertainment at a party outside of good conversation and laughter, and not counting food.  The first is music and the second: games!  You’ll definitely want to think of a few games you and your friends or family will be able to play during the party.  

If you’ve picked a theme then you’re already one step closer to helping yourself narrow down to the right games.  You can match the games to the theme.  You can even have a photo booth (photo booth kit at Amazon).  Even if you don’t match the theme there are classic games for you and your friends to play.  Here are some onesie party game ideas to really liven this party up.

Plush Unicorn Onesie Costume

onesie party game ideas

Board Games

Who doesn’t like a good board game?!  There are so many great games out there and some that our our favorites we’ve listed below.  If you’re looking to keep the energy alive at the party, choosing a couple great board or card games is a great idea!

  1. Cool Cats and Ass Hats
  2. Exploding Kittens
  3. Cards Against Humanity

If these don’t strike your fancy check out the Best Selling Adult Board and Card Games on Amazon.


Onesie charades can seem boring. Throw in some booze or soda for kids and your onesie clad fellow party attendees and you’ve got quite a laugh in store.
The rules are that you start by deciding who will go first – if nobody volunteers take a vote.

The first person begins by picking someone in the room and using classic Charades techniques must act out that person’s onesie. The other players must guess whose onesie is being described.The person who guesses correctly goes next.

Onesie Roulette

Onesie roulette can be quite amusing. Onesie Roulette involves a roulette wheel deciding who you must swap onesies with.  (Get a roulette wheel for just over $12 on Amazon)

The rule are that you decide who goes first, as above, vote if you cannot decide.
Have the other players nominate two other players as the potential “swappers” and assign one with the color black and the other red. The first player then spins the roulette wheel.

Depending upon what color the ball lands on, the first player must swap onesies with the other player who was assigned that color.

Continue playing until everyone is wearing a different onesie. Twister is so much more fun when played dressed in onesies. I am sure you can imagine the carnage involved for those people who turn up in Footed Onesies!

Onesie Disco

Onesie disco is not really a game as such – but it is a must at any onesie party. There is something quite amusing about watching people dressed as Cows, DogsPokémon & other similar, unflattering things. Turn the lights down and music up and you are sure to have a good night.

Next morning, make sure your guests have access to an amazing breakfast to recover from a late night. A great idea is to create a buffet-style bagel bar: lay out a pile of bagels and serve a bunch of toppings in little bowls so that everybody can assemble their own bagel.

Think hummus, cream cheese, cucumber and tomato slices, lettuce, nut butters. You could also do this with oatmeal or chia pudding and an array of toppings. Also, be sure to have some fresh orange juice and/or smoothies ready!

cosplay Cow pajama

Christmas Onesie Party Ideas

After we unplug the Christmas tree and pack away our holiday decorations, many people feel a touch of ‘post-holiday blues’ because there is nothing left to celebrate and a long winter ahead. There is a lot to celebrate after the holidays!

For one, we aren’t faced with the daunting task of entertaining in-laws and houseguests for another weekend packed with holiday traditions and formalities. Those of us who travel aren’t faced with another weekend in an airport, dragging luggage and children from coast to coast to visit family.

The magical, sparkly, snowy winter weather is still going strong, which means we have a lot to celebrate, right at home, dressed in your totally tacky yet amazing Adult Christmas Onesies.

Christmas onesie themes:

  1. Winter wonderland
  2. Reindeer
  3. Santa
  4. Nutcracker

Without all the holiday obligations, we can gleefully spend the rest of the winter season in hibernation. Why not celebrate what’s left of the season with a laidback ‘Winter Wonderland’ pajama party?  These themes are also great for teen Christmas party ideas that aren’t boring!  (Link goes to an article dedicated to teen Christmas party planning)

Since the kids will be on winter break until after the New Year, you can keep the party to just your family or invite another family to join in. It’s also a great excuse to use those Matching Family Christmas Pajamas one more time.

Other than a ‘Winter Wonderland’ themed party, there are plenty of other Christmas themes to choose from.

You can have a reindeer themed party, a Santa themed, a Nutcracker themed and many more. To get more ideas you can visit websites like Pinterest, which is full of creative ideas you can choose from.

Forever Lazy footed adult onesie - comatose camo!

Onesie Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

With spring in the air and nice weather right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to throw a theme party like an adult onesie party! An adult onesie party can include as much or as little as the host likes but generally, guests will wear the very best and latest in adult onesie fashion!

Planning an Adult Onesie Party:

  1. Get childcare
  2. Choose venue
  3. Create your guest list
  4. Decide if alcohol is present

To really ramp up the fun of an adult onesie party, try throwing a contest complete with prizes for the very best onesie of the party. Adult pajama parties are a great way to bring old and new friends together for drinks, snacks, and some of the best parts of the pajama parties you loved as a kid.

Make sure you have plenty of old movies on hand including some of your favorites as a kid. Snacks like popcorn and candy should be on hand as well as a variety of adult beverages! If your guests don’t have any onesies of their own, you could always purchase a variety.

An adult slumber party host or hostess has some unique challenges that don’t have to be considered while planning your average get-together.

If you are going to invite guests of both genders, you will have to address a few issues such as offering two separate sleeping areas, providing extra dressing room space and an extra mirror, too, for a less stressful morning.

 You should also ask guests to wear appropriate sleepwear. If you are inviting someone who is in a long-term relationship, you should be sure to invite their significant other if you are having a co-ed party.

When choosing a date, keep your guests’ work schedules, as well as your housemates’ in mind.

Consider having the party on Friday or Saturday night so those with traditional school and work schedules will have the next day off. Also, remember that guests who have children will need plenty of notice to arrange for over-night childcare.

Having the party at home is an obvious choice, but for those who have a small house or housemates who might not want to have a party, this could be a challenge.

Consider holding your party at a local hotel, campground or your own backyard. If you are feeling adventurous, find a nice mountain cabin or a condo on a beach to hold your party.

There are a variety of options for slumber party invitations, including a simple email and store-bought invitations. You might also want to hand-make some invitations or simply just call your circle of friends with a verbal invitation.

photo booth kit

What Theme Should I Use for My Onesie birthday Party?

Choosing a theme for a party can be fun and can help the host or hostess make other decisions such as the color scheme and what types of snacks to serve.

In fact, you could even borrow theme ideas from children’s slumber party themes and put an adult spin on them, such as a spa or game night theme; themes can easily be adapted for a slumber party, too.

Best onesie party themes:

  • Hollywood
  • Charity
  • Tech-Free
  • Blind Date
  • British
  • Netflix & Chill

Everyone likes to be treated as if they were rich and famous, even if it is for one night. Rent a projector, screen, and a stack of favorite or classic movies for an evening of fun.

Roll-out the red carpet, or at the least, a roll of large red paper for guests to walk on when they enter the party venue.

This is also a great idea if you want to host a fancy party – ask everyone to show up in their finest Hollywood styles – and don’t forget the photo booth! Be sure to provide popcorn, candy, sodas, slushies, and various other snacks for guests to enjoy.

Provide guests with glow sticks which can be purchased at the local dollar store. Set-up black lights and give each guest a plain white T-shirt and some neon or glow-in-the-dark fabric paint that they can use to decorate it.

Crank-up the music and a few low lights for safety reasons and let the glow-in-the-dark dance party begin.


Turn your fun event into a meaningful experience. Buy supplies for various different craft projects and ask guests to create useful or decorative items that can be sold to raise money for charity or that can be donated to those in need.

Crafts that could be sold to raise money include beaded jewelry and painted pottery items. Knitted scarves, mittens, and blankets can be donated to homeless shelters or organizations who help the needy.


Tired of social media and the electronics leash? Invite your well-connected friends to unplug for the night. Collect all phones, laptops and tablets at the beginning of the night and ask guests to refrain from taking them back throughout the night.

Have plenty of “old-fashioned” fun available so they won’t even miss their night without their phones.

Board games and drinking or party games will help take their minds off all the social media opportunities they are missing. Have digital cameras available to capture the fun (without having to grab a phone) and some alarm clocks too, so guests won’t rely on their phones to wake them.

Provide a land-line number so guests can give it to their families or roommates in case of emergency. Be sure to email or send photos via Facebook after the party to help guests remember the fun.

Blind Date

Invite single friends of both genders to your mixer party. Provide a lot of quiet corners for guests to talk, music and a place to dance and some fun “get to know you” games.

As the night grows late, provide separate sleeping quarters for male and female guests. You might just be responsible for introducing your best friend to her new boyfriend.

Provide a few organized activities for the next day in case couples want to spend the day together. Activities might include taking a group to an art museum, ball game, or a local tourist attraction.


Celebrate all things British with all your favorite mates with a British themed party. Decorate your party area with British flags, double decker bus images and lots of red and blue balloons. Serve tea, fish and chips, and Yorkshire pudding.

Play your favorite British comedies throughout the night. Be sure to teach your guests how to wave and act like royalty and award a prize to the person with the best British accent (or the one who remembers to use their accent the longest).

Set a clock to Great Britain’s time zone (either Greenwich Mean Time or British Summer Time) and eat dinner and go to bed based on their time zone. So, what if you’re eating dinner when all your American friends are in bed?

The internet is full of interesting (and sometimes weird) challenges, fads and trends. Gather a group of friends together and spend the night attempting one of these challenges after another.

Take photos of each other planking or a video of pulling a safe prank on someone. Some safe challenges include Try Not to Laugh, Whisper, or Mannequin Challenge.

Of course, you will want to avoid any of the many challenges that could put you, your guests, or property in danger. Some challenges need ingredients or supplies, so be sure to pick a few of your favorites and be prepared.

Have some typical party foods, but also include some popular “Eat It or Wear It” Challenge goods. This popular challenge asks players if they want to eat or wear such foods as Jell-O, spaghetti or fish.

For decorations, put the popular social media logos on large poster boards and hang them around the venue and use fun emoji decorations.

Netflix & Chill

Share a night of your favorite Netflix shows and some good eats with your best friends. Ask everyone to come in their pajamas or lounge clothes. Provide popular snack foods like theater candy, pizza, and popcorn.

Get ahold of the largest television you can and make sure you have enough lounging areas around the television.

When you’re choosing the films to watch, ask guests to vote amongst your favorites or have a playlist already figured out. Have a few games available if guests get bored with watching movies.

The main activity for the night is just hanging out with friends in a nice, relaxed atmosphere.