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Hilarious Turkey Trot Costume Ideas, both DIY and Amazon

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Nothing says crazy fun American like dressing up in a Turkey costume and running a 5K!  Turkey Trots.  Turkey Costumes.  Hilarious Turkey Gear, why not!!

We’re going to start the race off with a bit of trot knowledge and then jump into hilarious turkey costumes to wear on that fateful day (for the turkey!).  We’ll talk about: 

  • What is a Turkey Trot?
  • Hilarious Turkey Trot Costume Ideas, DIY and Amazon
  • What are the biggest Turkey Trots?

Here we go!!

turkey trot socks

What is the Turkey Trot?

Ah, the blend of post running euphoria, tryptophan, good company, and the lack of guilt when saying, “yes, please” to that second helping of sweet potato marshmallow casserole. The Turkey Trot (otherwise known as the “Race Before You Stuff Your Face”) is a foot race held traditionally on Thanksgiving morning to celebrate the holiday, raise money for charity, and help millions of Americans show up to Thanksgiving dinner with a deficit of at least  500 calories. Sound like something you could get into?

If so, there are a few things you should about the race before you become giddy with thoughts of guilt-free holiday gluttony. Firstly, Turkey Trots often involve costumed fun, which means you’ll want to plan an outfit accordingly. Secondly, Turkey Trots happen all over the country, so you’ll want to find one wherever your home for the holidays finds you. Luckily, we can help with both of those. From locating the Turkey Trot near your home sweet home to getting your outfit together, here are some tips for those about to trot.

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Hilarious Turkey Trot Costume Ideas, DIY and Amazon

Now that you know the where the question is the what to wear. Although some opt to dress up as turkeys from head to toe, others find the full-on turkey gear a bit too hot to Turkey trot, especially in the warmer climates. For those who prefer an athletic aesthetic, fashion choices gravitate toward holiday-themed socks, shorts, tutus, headgear, t-shirts, and tanks. And where do they find this festive apparel? On Amazon of (first and second) course. Here are some Turkey Trot costume ideas from Amazon you to feast your eyes on.

GObble Gobble turkey trot Hat

Best Turkey Trot Costumes for Men

Good coordination is just as important for running as it is for fashion. While we choose to leave the motor coordination to the guys, we’ve chosen to take on the fashion coordination duties. We’ve been checking out the Turkey Trot Costume selection on Amazon and we’ve put together a few separates that will keep men showing their pluck.

1. Thanksgiving Day Friendsgiving Day Plush Camo Turkey Hat 3-Pack

When you’re falling down at the end of the race, this turkey hat will be standing tall on your head like a proud soldier. The trio of plush hats come in three unique camouflage colors and patterns so you can show your team and Thanksgiving spirit. Pick them on Amazon and run like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving day plush camo hat (3-pack)

2. Thanksgiving Huffin and Puffin for Beer and Stuffin’ Thanksgiving Turkey Trot T-Shirt

You ain’t huffin’ and puffin’ for nuffin.’  This is the perfect beer meets turkey shirt (avail here on Amazon).  There’s a dream that you’re racing toward on this trail, and that dream is of a turkey holding out two huge beer mugs. Share your dream and tell the world the true meaning of Thanksgiving – to feast like a beast. Get this T (for turkey) on and have a beery happy holiday.

3. Turkey Face Boss with Tie Running Pilgrim Hoodie

Why not get tanked this Thanksgiving?  This graphic print sleeveless features a turkey “tying one on” at the office. Breathable, lightweight, and comical, this shirt will keep you cool before the drool. Available in several colors available here on Amazon.

If you’re expecting a cold Thanksgiving there is an equivalent hoodie also available on Amazon!

turkey face boss with tie hoodie

4. Gone for a Run Run Now, Gobble Later (yellow, orange and brown)

According to these socks, the agony of de -feet will lead to the thrill of roasted turkey smothered in gravy, open-faced sandwiches, and a slice of pumpkin pie of that would put Marie Callendar’s out of business. Inspirational and sensational, these socks feature moisture-wicking technology as well as sage advice. Get them on Amazon and Turkey Trot socksessfully.

5. Forum Novelties Men’s Adult Fleece Turkey Costume

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a craving for pumpkin pie! Able to run 5K races on an empty stomach!  It’s a bird.

Too much of a buildup? Maybe so, but at the Turkey Trot, it’s not unlikely to see a grown man in a turkey suit dashin’ for the drumsticks. This men’s adult fleece costume is light but breathable, making it ideal for racing, sans shoe covers, that is. Check it out on Amazon and have a happy game day.

men's adult fleece turkey costume

Best Turkey Trot Costumes for Women

Thanksgiving is the new hen party.  Most of the turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving are female turkeys. And what better way than Turkey trotting in a hen costume for the ladies to represent their fallen feathered fellow females? Here are some of the Turkey Trot accessories on Amazon for the chicks.

1. Spooktacular Creations 2 Turkey Hats for Happy Thanksgiving

Cher and Cher alike this Thanksgiving with two Turkey feathered headdresses that would make the Goddess of Pop proud. These hen hats feature 2 colorful full-bodied birds with an adjustable turkey tail in the back, making them true crowning glories. Get them on Amazon and believe in life after the Turkey Trot.

2. Turkey Face and Pink Headband Running Pilgrim Trot Tank Top

Tell the hens from the mens this year with this turkey in a pink bow headband tank top. In this breathable shirt, you’ll be tankful for the extra air conditioning. Check it out on Amazon and end the squabble for good

3. Cute Turkey Face Women’s Printed Yoga Pants

If there’s one thing that women have to be thankful for around the holiday season, its yoga pants. Show your thanks by trotting this Thanksgiving off in a pair of leggings with a bunch of bug-eyed turkeys as your beakins of triumph. Get them on Amazon and stay hungry, at least until dinnertime.

4. Gone For A Run Thanksgiving Holiday Tutus

Tutu cute not to be worn for the Turkey trot, this 3-layer tulle will add style to your every mile. Durable as it is adorable, the goofy turkey athletic tutu is lightweight with a comfortable elastic waistband that stretches between 23” and 39.” Like our stomachs seem to do on Thanksgiving. Find this flirty skirt on Amazon and add a little fox to your trot.

5. Hot Sox Thanksgiving Fair Isle Crew Socks

Getting cold feet about running the Turkey Trot? Not with this toastie pair. Spread the word from the bird and keep your toes cozy with these Gobble to You Wobble cotton blend socks with pull on closures.  And don’t worry about overdoing it with these socks, they have rubber grip heels to keep you from too much wobbling. Get them on Amazon.

turkey unisex costume onesie

What are the biggest Turkey Trots?

Buffalo YMCA Turkey Trot

While some things are best not to be done on an empty stomach, eating Thanksgiving dinner isn’t one of them. Each year, 900, 000 runners all over the nation line up on Thanksgiving to run all morning, binge all night, and keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive. Here are some of the most iconic Turkey trots in America to keep us in it together with love to the feather.   

It may be the home of the chicken wing, but Buffalo is all turkey on Thanksgiving. Known as the oldest consecutively run footrace in the world, the Buffalo YMCA 8KTurkey trot has been going full steam since 1896. In that time, it’s been doing a lot of good for the community, making the YMCA’s services available to families who can’t afford them. And after all, if you’re planning to race, Y not do it for Buffalo?

Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot

Nothing could be finer than to be in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thanksgiving morning. With the just-right temperatures and fresh air, the Charlotte Southpark Turkey trot is an excellent way of building stamina, muscles and a hefty appetite. Join the 11,000 runners for the 5K, 8K or 1 mile and 26.2-yard Tot Trot before you chow down like your trying to eat the leftovers before they become leftovers.

Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

Every Thanksgiving the greatest technological minds in America don turkey costumes and run like it’s the technological apocalypse. The Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, also the largest in America, boasts more than 19,000 runners yearly raising a grand total of 6.9 billion dollars for charitable donations (Bill Gates is worth 105.7 billion, to put things into perspective). With a 5K, 10K and kids fun run, there’s something for everyone in the family.

Mile High United Way Turkey Trot: Denver, Colorado

Looking to get high this Thanksgiving? If so, the Mile High United Way Turkey Trot offers a refreshing change of altitude. Forty-six years strong, this race features a tree-lined vista, lung challenging air, and a post-race beer garden where the nearly 10,000 runners get just a little plucked up.

Strategic Staffing Solutions Turkey Trot: Detroit Michigan

The Strategic Staffing Solution Turkey Trot is the way ‘Troit Trots. Known as the “Parade for the Parade,” the race kicks off the city’s annual parade with 20,000 participants storming the D-town streets. The distances are named after the traditional Thanksgiving Fare, including the 10K Turkey Trot, the 5K Stuffing Strut, and the Mashed Potato Mile. Ready for a second course?  Try the Drumstick Duo (5K and 10K) or Cranberry Combo (1 mile and 5K).

Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot

Where can you find the best-dressed turkeys on Thanksgiving? The answer to that would be Dallas, Texas. Not to cast any aspersions on your Mama’s cooking, but it was in 2011 that the Dallas YMCA turkey-trot broke the Guinness Book World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as turkeys, clucking in with a bird herd of 661. If your Dallas is your T-Day destination, its

Western and Southern Thanksgiving Race: Cincinnati, Ohio

If you really want to go cold turkey this Thanksgiving, head to Cincinnati Ohio for the Western and Southern Thanksgiving race and MacDonald’s Kids Run. This year marks the 109th installment of the 10K event making it the oldest road race in the Midwest, the sixth oldest race in the country and the only one that circles the Ohio River twice. Talk about the home of the brave! This race supports the Ronald MacDonald House, Girls on the Run and UC Barrett Cancer Center, among other charities.

GObble Gobble turkey trot Hat

DIY Turkey Trot Costume Ideas

And then some trot their own road. Those who want to make a unique Thanksgiving fashion statement. They’re the ones who create their costumes, who dream, toil, and put in the sweat only to sweat yet again, gloriously on the 5K. For those who put in extra effort, we salute you. Here are some DIY turkey-trot costume ideas that win, even if the runners fail spectacularly.

Running A’ la Carte

It seems that one lone runner took the phrase “keeping his eyes on the prize” to a new level. He chose to run steering a shopping cart with a Thanksgiving dinner fastened to it, complete with an actual roasted turkey, utensils and appropriate silver wear. Now, that’s what we call bringing the game.

Give the Turkey a Big Hand

Grade school arts and crafts have gotten really big at the Turkey Trot. One runner showed up with a plus-sized version of the old traditional hand turkey. Don’t know if he won the race or not, but we had to hand it to him for creativity.

U-tensil, I-tensil

Looks like the fork finally did run away with the spoon. Why Turkey trot as a couple, when you can turkey trot as a couple of utensils. Knives, spoons, basters, everything is gravy. Just make sure you don’t hit any forks in the road!

Turkey Trot Beanie

Looking to put a few feathers in your cap? You can make your own turkey beanie with a plain cheap brown beanie in ten minutes. Just buy small pieces of red, yellow, and orange felt, fabric glue and two googly eyes from a craft store, cut out beak and wattle features and add a few feathers at the seam for added decoration.

And one last thing: trot it like you got it. To all you fabulous individuals who participate in these races, we wish you a happy, healthy, hearty Thanks giving.