Halloween Ugly Sweaters on Amazon

The 10 Best Halloween Ugly Sweaters on Amazon

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You just found out that your office is having an ugly Halloween sweater contest. You love shopping on Amazon™ but are wondering how to choose from so many options. This article will save you from scrolling through endless possibilities as we have done the work and chosen the 10 best ugly Halloween sweaters we could find.

The elements that make these popular holiday sweaters so ugly are:

  • Bold colors, oftentimes clashing
  • Busy patterns
  • Excessive embellishments
  • Haphazard placement of images and/or embellishments
  • Subject matter

Amazon has plenty of great examples that will be listed further in the article.

If you want to win the competition for the ugliest Halloween sweater in the office, continue reading this article for some great examples that are sure to get you some hoots and howls.

Ugly Sweaters - Not Just for Christmas Anymore

During the eighties and nineties, fashion took a bit of a nosedive for a while, which led to our closets becoming inundated with ugly sweaters as well as many other unsightly styles which people regarded a little too highly at the time.

Eventually, two creative Canadians had the bright idea to make a joke of these hideous harbingers of festivities. They hosted the very first known ugly Halloween sweater party, and poof, the ugly sweater industry was booming again.

Only this time, the sweaters were intentionally made to be ugly. The uglier and more embellished these sweaters are, the more well-received they will be. 

It has become a tradition throughout the country for many workplaces and family gatherings to have ugly holiday sweater contests. This article is meant to give you the inspiration you need to have the ugliest sweater possible this Halloween. Happy shopping and good luck!

Continue to the next section to see the best examples of ugly Halloween sweaters on Amazon.

Prize Worthy Halloween Sweaters – Amazon's 10 Ugliest

Without further ado, here are what we consider to be the ugliest Halloween sweaters found on Amazon in 2021. Hopefully, one of these will be the hit at your Halloween party.

Frightening felines and jovial Jack O’ Lanterns are sure to attract the right kind of attention at your next Halloween gathering. With such a busy print, it is hard to decide which spooky graphic to ogle first. The reasons this falls into the ugly sweater category are:

  • Bold, contrasting colors with heavy outlines of the graphic features
  • Large, cartoon-like spooky cats haphazardly placed throughout the design
  • Multiple Jack O’ Lanterns with various expressions on their faces plastered all over as a busy background

If you want to turn heads and possibly even some stomachs, this hideous cardigan should do the trick, which may lead to you getting the treat at the end of the party! This sweater has a similar look as you might find on a traditional Christmas sweater with a Halloween theme.

The features that make this sweater truly ugly are:

  • Has the appearance of an old fashioned smoking jacket
  • It resembles something your Great Aunt Betty made years ago
  • The busy Jack O’ Lantern and skeleton pattern
  • The hideous brownish-yellow mustard color

The ugly oversized buttons that look like owl droppings

You cannot go wrong with this honkingly hilarious ugly sweater. Try saying “Honkus Ponkus” ten times fast and see what happens. You’ll be the life and laugh of the party with this goofy goose plastered over your midsection.

The features that get this into the ugly sweater category are:

  • A large goose wearing a witch costume plastered in the middle of the sweater
  • A mixture of fall colors give it the appearance that it is moving in a dizzying manner
  • Large block lettering and a funny play on words
  • The ultra-busy pattern will make you go cross-eyed
  • The variety of items used in the patterns makes it hard to focus on one single item

Don’t operate heavy machinery while looking at this ugly Halloween sweater. Its dizzying pumpkin pattern will have everyone’s attention, and they will be hypnotized with one look. It’s nearly impossible to glance away from these possessive pumpkins.

The features that make this sweater so darned ugly are:

  • Busy patterns that cause dizziness
  • Three different pumpkin patterns
  • Ugly color combination
  • Weird placement of the patterns

Beetlejuice has been a Halloween classic since the late 1980s and is still watched by millions of people today, so why not wear a sweater to honor this classic creep show? If you thought Michael Keaton was ugly in the movie, try wearing his face on a sweater! You are sure to win a prize or two if you show up to the office party wearing this classic character sweater.

Features that make this sweater ultra ugly and contest worthy are:

  • Busy background pattern
  • Ghosts, tombstones, and insects in the background pattern
  • Michael Keaton, aka Beetlejuice’s scary face
  • Ugly contrasting background colors

From a distance, this could pass as one of your grandmother’s funky tapestries until you get up closer and realize you are looking at the busiest and dizziest sugar skull design you have likely ever laid your eyes upon. If you want to win the ugly Halloween sweater contest, this will surely put you in the finals.

The features that make this Day of the Dead skull sweater so ugly are:

  • Multiple sugar skulls of varying sizes
  • Rainbow colored gradient pattern that makes your head spin
  • Strange and busy background pattern with confusing detail to distract the eye

For a look that will make people’s eyes go googly, try your hand with this purple catastrophe. If you want a busy pattern with every Halloween spook you can imagine, then look no further. You are sure to win a prize with this ghoulish garb.

The features that make this sweater a contender for first place in the ugly sweater contest are:

  • Confusingly busy pattern
  • Haphazard placement of graphics
  • Purple background with bright contrasting graphics
  • Too many characters and graphics to focus

For a fashion nightmare that is sure to get you into the running for the ugliest Halloween sweater, you will not be disappointed with this choice. It is unlikely that anyone else will have this evil eye-sore at your party.

The features that make this fashion nightmare a great candidate for the ugly sweater contest are:

  • A busy picture with a lot of details and movement
  • Bold lines and contrasting colors and images make it hard to look at
  • The bloody-looking, ominous color pallet

If you want to have the ugliest Halloween sweater, then you can’t go wrong with a picture of Freddy Kreuger lovingly knit into your memories forever. This sweater will surely turn heads if not send a few people running for the hills as they remember their childhood nightmares that accrued from staying up too late and sneaking in those scary movies.

The features of this sweater that make it so ugly are:

  • Bright, gory color pallet to give you bad dreams
  • Freddy Kreuger’s face glaring back at you
  • The green stripe contrasting with the red background
  • The ugly firey pattern behind the main image of Freddy

Oh boy! The eighties called, and they want their ugly Halloween cat sweater back. If you are smart, you won’t answer, and you will end up winning the office contest for having the ugliest Halloween sweater. This is a classic example of an ugly holiday sweater that will have you winning the prize.

The features that make this a classicly ugly sweater are:

  • Busy background pattern
  • Cheezy, overdone imagery
  • Multiple Halloween images mixed together
  • Ugly contrasting bold colors

Additional Ugly Halloween Sweaters

With so many great ugly Halloween sweaters to choose from, we could not discuss them all; here is an abridged list of our favorites that didn’t make the top 10:

If you are stuck and unable to find an ugly Halloween sweater continue reading for some helpful tips.

Are There Ugly Sweater Alternatives?

So you can’t find an ugly sweater or perhaps can’t find one ugly enough to enter the contest. You may be wondering what clothing or outfit you could use to substitute the ugly sweater that you so desire.

If you are short on time or just can’t find a sweater to suit your needs, try one of the following suggestions:

  • Customize an ugly Halloween outfit
  • Find an ugly Halloween sweatshirt
  • Find an ugly Halloween T-shirt

These and other things can be done so you will fit in when you get to the party.

To learn more about ways you can wear the ugliest getup to the party, continue reading.

Standing Out in a Sea of Ugly Sweaters

If you want to stand out by wearing the ugliest sweater to the office party but are unable to find one, it’s time to get creative and think outside of the coffin.

As previously mentioned, you can simply try to find an ugly Halloween sweatshirt or T-shirt from the store, but if that doesn’t work, the best way to get the desired look you are going for is to customize your own sweater and take home that prize.

Customizing your ugly Halloween sweater will ensure that no one else will be wearing the same thing as you, and you are sure to be the hit of the gathering.

If you are unsure of how to customize your ugly Halloween sweater, try some of the following suggestions.

Getting Creative with Halloween Embellishments

First, buy a premade Halloween sweater, sweatshirt, or T-shirt. You can opt for purchasing a brand new shirt from a big box store or try your luck at a second-hand store.

If you try a second-hand store, you may even get lucky and end up finding the ugly Halloween sweater you were looking for after all. Once you have your ‘foundation,’ start collecting the supplies you will need to add your customizations.

If you really want to go over the top, you can decorate other garments such as your pants, jacket, or hat. Show up in a head-to-toe ugly Halloween outfit and knock everyone’s socks off while getting a good laugh at the same time.

Some supplies and tools you may need include:

  • A hot glue gun and extra hot glue sticks to attach embellishments
  • A needle and some thread
  • Crazy patterned iron-on materials you can use to cut out spooky shapes
  • Fabric paint
  • Glitter for extra pizazz
  • Iron, to adhere your crazy materials to your garment

Buy a whole bunch of random Halloween themed embellishments such as:

  • Fake spiders and insects
  • Fake spiderwebs
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners

Once you have your supplies gathered, it is time to go back into time. Imagine you are in kindergarten again, and you have been asked to decorate a Halloween sweater. Now get creating. Think like a child. Be messy and make it as ugly and confusing as possible. If you stick to these tips, you will be the talk of the party.

Ugly Halloween Sweaters Are Fun For Everyone

The ugly sweater tradition is alive and well, and it doesn’t look like this trend will be fading anytime soon. Amazon is a great place to stock up on your ugly holiday sweaters. So get shopping and have some fun!

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