Halloween Party Games for Kids

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Parties take time and major creativity to plan out. Especially in October! Pumpkins are carved into scary or silly faces, kids seek out a terrifying costume for the epic Halloween night, and the month of binge candy eating begins!

Let’s not forget about the epic Halloween party. What do you do at a kids Halloween party? No, don’t be the host who doesn’t plan out any games and has their guests standing around in utter boredom wishing they could be anywhere but here! You won’t be the talk of the neighborhood after that.

Are you thinking about hosting a Halloween party for kids and you’re not sure what to plan? Yes? Then you’ve clicked on the right article. Don’t go all out and buy a whole amusement park for your backyard just so kids will have a memorable time. In this article, you’ll learn about the best Halloween party games for kids.

Pick a Theme

Will your party be one of the scariest parties of all? Scary has multiple definitions in everyone’s eyes. Since this party involves kids of different ages plan out a party with more child-friendly themes. A scary party may affect a child negatively.

Here’s are examples of themes:

  • Disney Costumes Night
  • Colors: Pink, Orange, Red
  • Harry Potter
  • Monsters
  • Pumpkins
  • A Murder Mystery Halloween Party

These are six out of many themes to choose for your Halloween party. Don’t think too hard. You just may think up the most creative idea that other parents will wish to use for their own festive October parties.

Decorate the House

Once you’ve picked your theme, start decorating the house. Place some fake gravestones on the lawn, buy a witch flying into the door, or hang up spider webs (again, fake) all over the bushes.

There are stores dedicated to Halloween fun. Buy some of the most exotic Halloween decorations for your home. Again, think about your crowd’s age group. How scary do you want your house to look?

Have a Costume Party!

Halloween is all about dressing up in your most exotic costume! Plan out a costume contest/parade. Kids will go all out in either costumes or makeup. Have the kids present their costumes in a costume parade. As the judge ask them a couple of questions on why they chose to wear this costume.

Don’t pick just one winner. Make sure everyone gets their needed credit. There is never only one winner. Halloween parties are meant to be fun after all.

Set up an Arts and Crafts Station

Art is one of the most important activities to include in any Halloween party for kids. Get together all the necessary crafts such as paints, markers, paper, and your imagination!

Here are three examples of fitting Halloween arts and crafts activities. Besides these fun activities, there is more to explore.

Face Painting

Face painting is a creative and relaxing activity for kids of all ages. Buy paints that are safe for the skin. Have some example images out on the table such as a witch, a pumpkin, or draw a frightening mask.

Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween is the time of year to make a creative jack-o-lantern. Instead of creating a mess and taking apart many pumpkins in one evening, buy little pumpkins. Have kids paint a face or a little design around the sides of the pumpkin.

Decorate Spoons

Spoons may only be for eating but what if you had one evening to make a spoon resemble Frankenstein? Glue googly eyes, or make a napkin look like a skirt.

Creativity is key. Art is a form for Children to express themselves. Make your party fun with several different arts and crafts stations. Everyone will get a turn. New crafts just may add a new decoration for your home.

Fun Challenges

At elementary school age, Children are in the midst of testing their critical thinking skills. Set up fun and creative challenges to test their critical thinking skills. Here are five fun challenge ideas.

Halloween Bingo

Bingo is a popular game among many crowds. Find your own bingo sheets or create your own with all sorts of spooky numbers. Have a few rounds with some neat prizes. There is no need to go all out with prizes. Keep it simple.

Scavenger Hunt

Draw out a creative map or riddles to seek out clues. Keep the locations within the boundaries of the home or the yard if weather permits. A scavenger hunt is a fun idea for kids to test their critical thinking skills. And they can also work together and collaborate.

Crafty Puzzles

Have a nifty Halloween puzzles station. Puzzles are the greatest concentration tool to figure out where the pieces go. Make it a quick and easy puzzle. Puzzles shouldn’t take up too much party time.

Halloween Touch and Feel Game

Have you ever been involved in a game where you reach your hand inside a box touch something slimy or scaley? It’s gross but it’s also very intriguing. Some advice on what to put in these mystery boxes are spaghetti, jelly beans, or various objects like a toy. Don’t have any objects that may harm guests. Everyone should have fun.

Spooky Word Search

Word searches are awesome concentration games. Find a Halloween themed word search making keywords Halloween related.

Games Involving Food

Who shows up to a party that has no food? Other than preparing snacks or creative food dishes involve some tasty treats in your Halloween games. Take note of any allergies earlier.

Donut Eating Contest

Tie a donut and hang it over kids heads. The key is to grab the donut until they’re eating the deliciousness in their mouths.

Candy Corn Guessing Game

Kids love candy corn. Pile up all the candy corn in a jar and see who guesses the exact amount inside the jar. After that, the winner gets the prize.

Marshmallow Toss Game

Time to partner up. Toss a marshmallow through the air for the other to catch. If one person drops, they’re out. Other games that can also be included as fun challenges are:
  • Pinata or Candy Filled Pumpkin Balloons
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Choose the Candy

Games You Can Play With Pumpkins

Pumpkins are one of the most important symbols of Halloween night. They’re festive and they easily go along with the spooky setting around the neighborhood.

Want to learn some fun games involving pumpkins? Aside from creating a face, there are more fun activities involving pumpkins.

Frankenstein Bowling with Pumpkins

Take a pumpkin and roll it down an aisle into Frankenstein drawn bowling pins to knock them down.

Pop Goes the Pumpkin Balloon

Similar to a game of darts, buy a set of orange balloons and hang them up against a board to pop each balloon.

Pumpkin Ring Toss

The stems of pumpkins make great for throwing rings and see if they hook around the tops. 

Fun Activities

Party guests will be tired by the time the party comes to a close. If there is still some energy left in the tank have a look at these energetic activities.

Freeze Dance

Put on the tunes and dance around. Then stop the music and eliminate who is left dancing. It’s a fun game! See who makes the funniest poses.

Wrap the Mummy

Find all the toilet paper in the house and wrap someone up to make them resemble an eerie mummy. Just make sure they can see and don’t let them trip over anything dangerous. You don’t want your guests to wind up in an actual mummy outfit.

Ghost Story Game

Instead of watching a movie, make up a creative scary story. Sit in a circle and pass around an original scary tale to see what directions the story will go in. A chilling or the funniest ghost story will make the party all the more fun as a story game challenges children’s listening, critical thinking, and creativity skills.

Musical Chairs

Set up an odd number of chairs in a circle, start the music, then children walk around waiting in anticipation to sit in a chair. Similar to freeze dance, as soon as that music ends, children scramble to stay in the game. Be careful. Make sure it is a safe game for all and nobody starts fighting or gets hurt.

Gift Bags

Create gift bags for all the guests to thank them for coming to the party. Pack bags with candy or little Halloween themed treats.

Make Your Halloween Party Fun!

The goal of a Halloween party is to have fun! Go ahead and create your own games. Make sure they’re appropriate for kids of all ages. Save the memories and take pictures.

Halloween is a memorable evening for all. The whole month is filled to the brim with exciting events and eating candy. It’s a safe bet that there will be a plethora of fun activities throughout October.