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24 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

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What Can You Get the Women in Your Life For Christmas (Besides A Diamond)?

Are diamonds a girl’s best friend? No doubt about it! They’re also so the opposite of putting charcoal in her stocking. So, a diamond for all and for all a good night? Only if Oprah is planning to come down the chimney.

You get a diamond, you get a diamond, you get a diamond? We wish it were so easy. Unfortunately, you’ll have to put a little more thought into it if you want to keep your bank account jolly. So, what can you get the women in your life who deserves diamonds, but will have to accept a poorer substitute? Have no fear. We can help you find some gifts that will not disappoint (too much). Here is a list for every type of woman and for women that have a little of every type of woman inside them.

The Diva

You don’t have to ask the diva on your list what she wants for Christmas. Just assume the answer is “All that and more.” Read that as: don’t even think about buying her cubic zirconia. Rocks have to be real, thread count has to be high, and puppies have to be the kinds that look good in little pink bows. For the diva in your life, it’s the best or nothing. Here are some gift ideas that will put your Diva in her Christmas glory.

Godiva Chocolatier Ribbon Signature Gift Basket

You say, Godiva, she says “Go Diva”- but if she loves the chocolate, you don’t need to disabuse her of the notion. And she will love the chocolate. Brimming with heavenly divaliciousness, this selection features an assortment of eight of Godiva’s finest offerings with classic Belgian fillings nestled in a gold hat box and wrapped with the Godiva signature brown ribbon. The chocolate lava cake truffles are always the first to go. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Ledgle Selfie Ring Light

She says she wants a picture-perfect Christmas. That’s diva-speak for flawless selfies by the tree, with an emphasis on the word flawless. If she wants to be seen in the best light, there is no better light than the Ledgle Selfie Ring Light. The Ledgle features three different adjustable ring light modes and a ten-level brightness to get her the most outstanding looks whether she’s doing her makeup, taking a selfie, or even doing live streaming. Even the Queen Bee herself would agree, “If you got it, maybe you should put a ring (light) on it.

Oija Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Even the fiercest of divas would warm up to plush Mongolian Faux Fur throw pillow in blush pink, gradient mocha, or pink lavender. The Ojia Deluxe pillow cover brings a cozy feel to any Diva in her Diva Den or simply in her element. With silky polyester on one side and luxurious Mongolian fur on the other, the Ojia Deluxe is a diva delight any way, or where, you throw it.

Chateau Collection 500 Thread Count Sheets

How much do you love her? Let us count the ways. If you go by thread count, the Chateau Home Collection 500 Thread Count Sheets will make for a lot of them. This four-piece set has that hotel feel that comes only with the high thread count fabric of 100% combed cotton yarns. With a silky sateen weave and long-staple cotton, the Chateau Home Collection is luxury you can count on.  

The Cook

She’s the icing on your cake, the cheese on your burger, and the whipped cream on your macchiato. She’s the chef in your life, and she’s found ways to your heart that completely circumvent your stomach. So, what do you give the lady whose leftovers are another man’s Christmas dinner? Here are a few gift ideas that will add a little spice to her Christmas.

Lovely Sweetheart Red Retro Kitchen Apron

A little bit of Boop and a little bit of Ball (Betty and Lucille respectively), this apron is for the woman for wants to look good while she cooks good with a passion for polka dots. With a sweetheart neckline (no bib here), an oh-so-flattering waist strap, (who says cooks can’t have waistlines?), made of 100% cotton with completely functional pockets, this apron will have you kissing the cook and the cook kissing you right back.

Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

No one does it better than the ice cream man, excepting, that is, for the ice cream woman. Fearless, beautiful, and with a Cuisinart Mix It In in her kitchen, you can count on her to make a soft serve concoction that will stun and amaze. The Cuisinart Mix It In has not one, not two, but three condiment chutes, to deliver mini M and M’s, sprinkles, and (insert your topping of choice here) while she pumps layers after layer of creamy soft serve in Michelin Man-like proportions.  #swirllikeagirl.

Breaking Bread by Uri Sheft

Give a holla to the challah! Finally, the man behind New York’s legendary bakery is showing us how he rolls, babkes, rugalach, brioches, and cooks up some festive loaves just in time for the holidays. With the Boston Globe calling it “baker’s porn,” this book could make her holiday very exciting indeed.

Cookbook People Personalized Spatula and Spoon Set

What better way to make her signature dish than with cookware with her name on it? Made of elegant beech hardwood, with an ergonomic grip, this three-piece spoon set will give her a handle with her handle on it for all her cooking needs.

Gifts For the Boss Lady

She runs on heels, coffee, and pumps. She has a capsule wardrobe with all seven pieces, and a smile to go with all of them. She’s the boss lady, its Christmas time and you need to give her a gift that she can really work. But how you make a decision when you’re used to her making all of them? Don’t worry, we got you. Here are some gifts ideas for the wife who runs a tight shift and still likes to get loose.

Girl Boss Pink Coffee Mug

What’s the first thing every boss lady needs in the morning? A little girl power and a lot of coffee. The Girl Boss Pink Coffee Mug will put the confidence in her cappuccino, the tranquility in her tea and the cheerleader in her hot chocolate.

Clark and Mayfield Morrison 17” Laptop Tote

Move over “9-5” and get ready for the sequel. Nowadays, its laptops instead of paperwork and totes are the new briefcase. The Clark Mayfield Morrison Laptop Tote would have the original cast turning green with envy. As elegant, beautiful and functional as the boss lady in your life is herself, this padded synthetic leather tote protects up 17.3” laptops with plenty of room for files, peripherals, and much more.

Lester Carry-on Spinner Luggage

If her business calls for traveling, this luggage is the way a boss lady likes to roll. Classy, sassy, sleek and chic, the Lester Carryon weighs in at only seven pounds, features a 100% polycarbonate hard shell, and is TSA approved to fit into overheads in both small and large planes. With multi-directional wheels, two spacious compartments, and even a nylon laundry bag for her delicates, this Carry-on will have her tickled pink, navy, grey, taupe, black or lavender.

Malicious Woman Candle Co Boss Lady Expresso Yo’ Self Infused With Hustle and Caffeine 9oz. Soy Candle

Every boss lady needs some “scents” of responsibility. With this 9 oz. soy candle, the name says it all. Scented with rich expresso flavors with tiny hints of buttery caramel and a splash of vanilla cream, this cheeky candle will put the muscle in her hustle whether in the office or at home.  The fact that a portion of the proceeds from the sale goes to empowering women may serve as additional   in”scent” ive

The Healthy Lady

When a lady is good for your health, she deserves appreciation. Since you’ve met her, your LDL has gone up, your HDL has gone down, and your BMI index is holding steady.  So what can you give this health goddess at this notoriously unhealthy time of year?  Christmas comes but once a year, but health is 365. Here are some gifts that will keep her healthy glow and her holiday glow as well.

Alo Women’s Moto Leggings

She’s downward dogged, vinyasa-flowed and shavasanaed with the best of them. She needs yoga pants that can hold up as well as she can. That means sweat-wicking, body-hugging, lightweight and preferably something in a matte shine fabric with Mesh details. With a moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology and a hidden key pocket in the waistline, the Alo Moto Leggings are sure to keep her in perfect zen. Check out the color selection to make your choice even more difficult.

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine

You know all her juiciest secrets. Pomegranate for antioxidants, cranberry for the immune system, and veggie juice for fiber. Now all she needs is her secret weapon (a.k.a a really good juicer). The Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer is all she needs to make healthy, homemade juice in seconds. Whether its firm apples with ginger roots or dark leafy greens, the Hamilton Beach Juicer machine will juice, produce and hopefully seduce the healthy lady in your life just in time for Christmas.

Oh, Nuts! Holiday Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket

 No sugar plums or figgy pudding here. This assortment brims with a healthier, trendier, vegan friendlier variety of Christmas treats. Kiwi? Oui, oui. Papaya? It’s got some of that too. This fabulous cornucopia is a feast for the eyes, mouth, body, and soul that all your guests can appreciate.  

Brook’s Women’s Pure Flow 7

Want to be a supportive husband? Give her the quality foot support of the Brook’s Women’s Pure Flow 7. The lightweight flexibility will delight her as soon she puts them on, but in the long run, she’ll find the body alignment cushioning is what really counts. Although they’re available in an assortment of colors, with the Brook’s Women’s Pure Flow 7, you can never pick a bad one.  

Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

When a woman says she wants nothing for Christmas it means one of three things: she’s either lying, she’s your mother or both.  Either way, you’re going to buy her something, and she’s not helping much. But any woman sweet enough to say that she deserves something in her stocking. So how can you fill it when she won’t spill it? Worry not, we’ve read her mind and we’ve come up with some great ideas that she won’t be returning too soon.

I Home Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? With this mirror, she could ask Siri on the spot. For the woman who wants to enjoy technology while putting on her makeup, we say “Hands-free at last!” The I Home Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker and Hands-Free speakerphone, she can speak to her friends, ask Siri questions, listen to music and apply her mascara flawlessly. Even if she wants nothing, she couldn’t ask for more.

Lulusilk Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask

Even the woman who wants nothing wouldn’t turn down a good night’s sleep. With the Lulusilk mask, you can treat her to the sleep of her dreams. Made with all-natural 100% Mulberry Silk (no cotton filling here), the Lulusilk mask is so smooth and silky, she’ll love it as soon as she sets it on her eyes. 

Pure Lavender Spa Gift Basket for Women

 If essentials oils are a basic essential, bath bombs are the bomb, and a comfy pair of slippers are always more than welcome, the Pure Spa Gift Basket is a great gift idea for the woman who’s seeking eternal beauty (products). This basket of bath toys will give her more than a reason to kiss Santa Claus. She’ll be indulging in rose petals, going nuts for coconut oil and massaging in layer after layer of sweet lavender essential oils. As for gifts, we say, this one’s a basket case.

QTMY Moon Rhinestone Tassel with Crystal Beads Hairpin

You may not be able to give her the moon and stars, but you can put a few in her hair. Perfect for the holidays, the QTMY hairpin will bring more bling than the lights on any respectable tree. Dripping with stars from a rhinestone moon and hung with crystals, this hair jewel is sure to be her favorite holiday decoration.