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Fun Ways and Info to Help you Choose a Cosplay Name

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You may think of cosplay as just a teen hobby, but it’s so much more. It’s a billion-dollar industry, made of up fan conventions, YouTube videos, advertising sponsorships, etc.

But don’t think that it’s all about money, though. It’s also about friendship, creativity and love of fandoms.

Cosplay brings people together. For instance, you may see the same people at different fan conventions, and you may discover you love the same genre. And a friendship is quickly born. Or you may find people at school or in the workplace who are artsy like you and want to work together to create a group costume idea and even watch the ultimate cosplay showdown together! Or, you may be lucky enough to have existing friends who enjoy the same fandoms as you and want to embark on a cosplay journey.

Whatever the case may be, cosplay is a lot of fun. I love the creativity of cosplay. Making a new costume or doing my makeup before going to a convention lets me tap into my creativity. I get to try new techniques, I get to use my glue gun (I don’t go anywhere without my beloved glue gun) and I get to lose myself in a character.

Fun Ways and Info to Help you Choose a Cosplay Name

If you are a first-time cosplayer or you’ve been cosplaying for a while, the article below will guide you through one of the most important parts of cosplay, the choosing of a cosplay name. Yes, besides choosing designing and sewing your costume, creating just the right name will set the tone for your character and your style of cosplay.


Keep reading for the ins and outs of cosplay names and how to choose them! First, for the newcomers, we’ll touch on the world of cosplay and explain what it’s all about. And then, on to the naming. We’ve given you a few strategies to find your cosplay name, such as using random name generators, interactive name generators, and even character quizzes. We’ve also given you a list of names to choose from, if you’re really stuck for an idea. Lastly, we discuss researching the meaning of your own name to use as a cosplay moniker.


We hope you enjoy all of the tips and tricks in this article. And please check back for more cosplay info. P.S. If you are a woman you might want to check out the 13 fun and easy cosplay costume ideas as well!

First of all, why is it called Cosplay?

People have been cosplaying, or dressing up in costumes and going to fan conventions for decades. And the term “cosplay,” derived from “costume play,” was said to be coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi of Studio Hard, after the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention in LA. Purveyors of cosplay, called “cosplayers,” dress up as characters from a wide variety of genres and media forms such as:

  • Anime (Pokémon, Dragonball Z, etc.)
  • Science Fiction (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.
  • Lore (Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, etc.)
  • Superhero Universes (Marvel, DC Comics, etc.)
  • TV Shows (Game of Thrones, Good Omens, etc.)

Cosplayers can explore their creativity by designing and creating their elaborate costumes (Like Cosplay Melee). Or they may purchase complete ensembles online. Either way, cosplayers are trying to look as authentic to the character they are cosplaying as possible. Though one of the main goals of cosplay is to have fun, it’s also important to many cosplayers to really commit to their character.

 And, to really embrace your character, it not just the costume you’ll need. To fully inhabit a cosplay character, you’ll need a cosplay name. Although some people, especially those who cosplay professionally, use their given names, it’s fun to think up a cosplay name for yourself. It will really help you get into character and will inspire you to create more realistic cosplay.

Popular Cosplay Names

Out of the most popular cosplayers in the world, only a few create cosplay names for themselves. The more popular the cosplayer, the greater the chance that they will use their given name. That is partially because they frequently branch out from cosplay into different areas, so it’s convenient for them to keep their own name.

But, if you’re just in it to have fun, then why not choose a cosplay name?

There is something you want to be careful about, however: picking a name that people, including you, can pronounce. If no one can pronounce your cosplay name, it will just lead to confusion and may cause your cosplay to be a flop.

Check out the creative and fun names on this cosplay name list:

As you’ll notice, most of these names give you a bit of insight as to the cosplay name origin as well as the characteristics of the cosplayer. This type of moniker will help people understand what you are cosplaying. Adonis Cosplay, for instance, is probably not playing everyday looking characters. In fact, many of his cosplay looks very masculine and powerful.

Use a Cosplay Names Generator

If this is your first time cosplaying, you may be putting all your creativity into designing and producing the very best costume and you may not have the time to think of a great cosplay name.

Well, you are in luck. There are many name generators out there. Some random and some interactive. And they are a great way to help you come up with your cosplay name.

I for one can get lost while using a name generator. They’re so fun and easy. You just plug in a bit of information, and you’re giving some useful, some ridiculous and some hilarious names. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one that you can use while cosplaying.

So take a look at the list of name generators below. I’ve offered various genres and styles of generators. And, there are plenty more out there if these aren’t to your liking!

Game of Thrones

If you can’t be someone’s boyfriend in real life, you can reenact the perfect (fictional) boyfriend, Ken. Ken plays the famous Barbie Doll’s boyfriend. All you need in order to look like the dreamy Ken is a cheetah print shirt, Cali shorts, khaki belt, stunning sunglasses, and that dreamy smile.

Available on Amazon. Let’s say you are cosplaying Game of Thrones. You’ve put a ton of effort into creating a mind-blowing cosplay costume and you’re soon on your way to your first fan convention. All you need now is a heroic name to go along with your costume and persona. Well, we’ve got just the name generator for you!

Here are a few of the male names that came in the Game of Thrones Name Generator:

1.)    Jovarn Weaver

2.)    Liram Inchfield

3.)    Levir Wode

4.)    Dorrick Forrester

5.)    Gordar Wythers


How about some randomly generated Anime and Manga names for your next cosplay adventure? With Anime and Manga cosplay, you’ll need just the right name. So, take a look at the list below. But remember, with Japanese or Japanese-sounding names, the surname comes first.

  • Enagawa Marimaki
  • Yadanaka Koharu
  • Sekizora Usase
  • Makifumi Reidiri
  • Wakunishi Wakakichi

Also, If you’re fishing for Anime costume ideas, check out our article on ‘What Anime character should I be’ to help you along.

Interactive Name Generator

Now, this is a fun and interactive name generator. It’s not as random as the ones we’ve already discussed. With this name generator, you plug in your name or nickname, your likes and hobbies, a word that is important to you, and a favorite number or letter.

I did all that and here are some of the fantastic names it gave me:

  • Machete Three
  • MuraFighting Sword
  • Fighting Max
  • Cardboard Sword
  • Jump Scooby

Granted, some of the names the interactive name generator gave me were a bit silly, like Plush Plunge and Guava Aviva, but some were pretty cool, especially “Machete Three.” I may actually use that for one of my anime characters!

Elf Naming Generator

Here’s another random naming generator that I really had fun with. If you’re into the elf genre and you’d like to explore cosplaying an elven creature, this random name generator will give you some unique elf names. Wouldn’t you love to go to your next fan convention as Esneat Phoenixcaster? Or perhaps Agalias Firefighter. My personal favorite is Tasudd Banemolder.

There really are too many cosplay names generators to name. All you need to do is Google your favorite genre and I bet there will be a name generator for you to find your very own cosplay name! Good luck!

Scroll through and pick from a Cosplay Names List

Perhaps you aren’t into cosplay name generators and you’d rather look at lists of cosplay names. Well, you are in luck.

The cosplay name list below features established cosplay characters. They’re very popular, making it easy for you to create an ensemble to go along with their names.

  • Lynx from the Fortnite video game.
  • Harley Quinn from the DC Universe, including movies such as Suicide Squad.
  • Poison Ivy, another popular cosplay character from the DC Universe. She is a love interest/enemy of Batman.
  • Catwoman Also from DC Universe, Catwoman is a supervillain and an enemy of Batman.

The names in this list are all very recognizable. If you want to cosplay a familiar character, one that everyone at your next fan convention will recognize, then, choose a character (and name) that everyone knows.

Pick at random name from a Cosplay Name Quiz

If you’re looking for another easy way to find a cosplay character name, along with a cool character, why not take a cosplay name quiz? Just answer 25 questions covering your favorite fan genre, video game platform and even food choices. Answer the questions and in a flash you’ll get your answer of what cosplay character should you be.

I took the cosplay name quiz and came up with Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. Not only does she have a great costume, she has a great name as well. I’d love to cosplay a character called Lightning!

So take the quiz yourself and see what name you get. And then you can move on to creating a fabulous costume to go along with your fabulous name!

Use your own name and Cosplay Your Name!

  1. Here’s something that’s rare but is sometimes done. Cosplay your own name. Why not? Quite a few cosplayers use their own names and create their own unique characters.

How to cosplay your name

First things first. Look up the meaning of your given name. My first name is Aviva, which means springtime in Hebrew. So, I could cosplay a fairy costume emblazoned with flowers.

Or what about the name Hunter. I know two Hunters, one female and one male. And cosplaying a hunter would be perfect for either one. They could go medieval, as a Robin Hood-esque figure in green tights with a bow and arrow, or more modern, with a flannel shirt and jeans and a bow and arrow. Either way, that would be a fun costume to cosplay.

I must point out one thing though, there are rules about carrying weapons, even fake ones, at fan conventions, so if you choose a character who carries a weapon, please check with the convention organizers before bringing one.

To find out the meaning of your given name, as well as the history behind it and alternate spellings, check out Behind the Name. It features thousands of male, female and unisex names from around the world. Even if you don’t want to cosplay your own name, I’m sure you could find a wonderful name here for cosplaying. Give it a try.

Where to go from here?

We’ve given you a few resources to start you on your journey of choosing a cosplay name. You may enjoy using one of the random name generators we’ve offered. Or you may want to pick your cosplay name from a list of popular cosplay characters. Or, maybe taking a detailed quiz that asks you about your likes and dislikes in order to suggest a character for you would be more helpful. 

We’ve also given you food for thought about researching and using your given name in the world of cosplay.

It’s a lot to take in, and you don’t have to choose a name right off the bat. You could concentrate on developing a costume. Or you could learn to sew in preparation for putting together your cosplay ensemble. Or you may want to read up on different genres and decide what to concentrate on.

We hope we’ve given you some helpful cosplay name ideas. However you embark on your cosplay adventure, just remember to have fun.

Oh, and if you’re a newbie, we also have an article covering some ‘Easy cosplay ideas for beginners’ if you’re just getting into the ‘Cosplay World’.