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Fun Adult Halloween Party Ideas

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Here’s to a fun evening where you’ll be getting together with your friends for an annual Halloween party! And do you want to know what the best part is? It’s adults only! So that means the party doesn’t have to be rated G.

In order to avoid a party with small talk the entire evening, here a few ideas that will help spruce up the evening. Trust me, you want to be the talk of the neighborhood instead of being titled as the host who did not have any fun Halloween games for the party.

If you want Halloween fun plus are looking for a comfy costume twist, we recommend checking out our article on Onesie Party Ideas and combining the costumes, fun and games there with the Halloween ideas below!

If you’re looking to create your own party ideas or you’re in search for new ideas then you have clicked on the right article. has all the supplies needed if you are ever thinking of a board game or something else fun and interesting. 

Take out your pad and pencil and write your ideas.

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Fun Adult Halloween Party Ideas

With all of that said, let’s jump right into the ideas for the party.  We’ll provide you some recommendations on accessories/supplies below to help spice the party up as well as costume ideas, the rest is up to you!  Happy Halloween and enjoy!

Women's Glow in the dark skeleton halloween costume

Don’t Say Halloween

As soon as guests arrive don’t let them utter the dreaded holiday name throughout the entire party. This creates a fun challenge from the start. Pin three decorative Halloween pins to guests clothing and then remove a pin if someone slips up. What will happen the instant you utter the word?

decorative halloween pins

Scavenger Hunts

Make your guests head out on a quizzical adventure around the house, the backyard, or the neighborhood in search for clues. Set up a list of questions and a prize your guests will be looking forward to finding. Here are two scavenger hunt games for you and your guests to enjoy.

1. Halloween Camera Scavenger Hunt

Capture as many pictures of Halloween decorations around the house or of the neighborhood as you can. I’m sure adults will get along with one another in teams. When it’s a kid-free party you don’t have to worry about any fighting 😉

2. Halloween Video Scavenger Hunt

Find Halloween decorations near the neighborhood at local businesses.  It’s more fun to use outdoor decorations. 

If you need to, search for directions online.  A good way of ensuring there is even competition is to use three locations: Bank, Grocery store and Hardware store.

This scavenger hunt adds a creative twist to the game. Using a video camera record your different Halloween antics near each of the decorations and first team to return having found all three wins!

Little Red Riding hood Women's Costume

Halloween Games Involving Movies

Movies are one of the greatest inventions. Without movies, we wouldn’t have the famous scary movies or Halloween characters that we know and love.

1. Halloween Movie Trivia

Here’s the best game to test someone in their movie skills. It’s a full game of questions about different horror movies, characters, or even the actors.

Write down a list of 10 Horror Movies.  Identify the main 2-3 characters in each, both the character name and actor or actresses actual name.  Provide a prize for the winner after each movie and a grand total prize for the person or team with the most wins. 

Another way of doing this is to have each team come up with 3-5 of their own Horror movies and quiz each other.

2. Halloween Guess Who Game

Do you know all the villains from horror movies? Guess the villain only through players either describing or mimicking their actions.

Think of this game like doing “impressions” of the villain.  If you have enough people for 3-4 person teams you can play like Pictionary (link to Amazon) where one team member does the impression and the others guess.

3. Halloween Film Festival Game

If you want to have a special movie watching evening, go right ahead. Just make sure that your guests would like to watch a movie. If all is a go, shut out the lights, put out some candy and popcorn and have fun watching movies.

4. Halloween Movie Master Game

Does one of your guests claim that they’re the movie expert? Now is the time to put their knowledge to the test. Set up a few resembling set pieces from your favorite scary movies.

This game takes a bit more time but it’s great to use props (couch cushions, chairs, tables etc) to set the state.  More people acting out scenes make the game more fun.  Guessing games are the best!

5. Have You Learned Anything from Horror Movies

What’s more entertaining? Watching the horror movie or all the time you spend giving the characters advice from their actions? Let’s see if you have learned anything from horror movies.

The intent of this game is to make jokes out of the “life lessons” learned from horror movies.  

Example: Never walk down a dark alley after midnight.  

Here too, divide into teams and see how many original responses you get!

6. Famous Halloween Movie Quotes

Test your knowledge on which line a quote from a Halloween movie comes from.

The best lines seem to come from just before something tragic happens in the movie!  We recommend looking up Halloween or Horror movies and typing or writing up quotes on little pieces of paper and putting them into a hat to draw from.

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Games that Involve Drinking

Now, are you happy that children are not around at the party? Get all your alcoholic drinks out and have a blast with these activities. Make sure that every guest has a designated driver before drinking. You don’t want to be at fault for someone’s casualty due to drunk driving.

1. Slap-a-Witch

Whip up a cup of witches brew and place it in the middle of the table. In a similar game to ‘slap-a-cup’ whoever misses bouncing a ping ball into the cup has to take a drink. Put on some spooky Halloween tunes to make the game even more interesting.

2. Horror Movie Drinking Game

How many times is Lourie’s name said in the movie ‘Halloween’? I guess you’ll have to make it a fun drinking challenge. Every time you hear her name, take a drink.

3. Thriller Flip Cup

Collect all the orange and black cups that you can find. Similar to how children play a fun game of musical chairs, except this time instead of wrestling for the chair, everyone has to quickly drink from a cup. Whoever is last to flip their cup is out.

4. Bobbing for Apples (Alcohol)

You guessed right. Instead of filling a bucket with water, fill it with alcohol and then mix in the apples. You could even make sangria. That’ll taste nice with apples.

5. Trick-Or-Treat

This game is not recommended for all. As warned in the beginning, make sure that all your guests have a designated driver to get them home safely. ‘Trick-or-Treat’ involves six glasses filled with strong liqueur followed by a treat cup that has delicious tasting liqueur. Upon rolling dice, players have to drink from the numbered glass. Go to town and mix up exotic flavors.

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Games Involving Pumpkins

Pumpkins add to the mystique of Halloween. It’s not October if you don’t see an orange glowing pumpkin. Here are some fun activities involving pumpkins.

1. Pumpkin Bocce

Replace the bean bags and throw a series of little pumpkins from a distance. Aim carefully and you just may get it right through the hole.

2. Pumpkin Carving Contest

Want to see who can carve the best jack-o-lantern? The only supplies you need to do is set up a bunch of newspaper, hand out the carving knives, and everyone goes to town. Or if they don’t want to carve a pumpkin give your guests the option to paint a face instead.

3. Pumpkin Bowling

Start a bowling match. Set up some pins, and roll pumpkins. See how many strikes you can get.

sturdy foam bowling set

More Games to Enjoy

1. Pass It On Ghost Story

Make up a spooky ghost story and pass it on around the circle. Don’t hold back in ideas or details. Make it a ghost story nobody will ever forget.

2. Guess The Candy Corn in the Jar

Guess the amount of candy corn in the jar. Whoever has the closest guess wins the prize and gets to eat all the candy corn.

3. Killer Instinct

Don’t you love when children play hide-n-seek? Except for this game for adults is much different from that. It’s scarier. You don’t have to worry about scaring anyone. Since you are the host don’t inform them about the scary costume you have decided to wear.

4. Costume Parade

Dig up your finest Halloween costume. Whoever has the best costume wins a prize for the evening. Whatever the prize is up to you. Make it a fun night.

5. Head Waiter

A relay race for adults. Here’s a fun twist. Your heads have been transformed into balloons. Eventually, the winner becomes the server of a new challenge.

6. Petrified Pyramid

Reminiscent of the game ‘Pyramid’, print out a set of questions and make teams. Have fun with your friends.

7. Halloween Charades

A game where you have to act out a certain object, character or person is fun for all. Remember, the challenger is not allowed to speak. Create some fun mannerisms and have a ball.

8. Zombie, Witch, Ghost

When you open your eyes you’ll come face to face with either a zombie, a witch, or a ghost. Not literally. One person has to stretch their arms out like a terrifying zombie, the person as the witch has to shape their arms above their head in a triangle, and the last person standing waves their arms from side to side.

9. Halloween Pictionary

Keep the word a secret and draw it out. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or not. What matters is that you have to keep your challengers guessing what the picture is before time runs out.

10. Halloween Bingo

Who doesn’t love Bingo? Print out or create a few bingo sheets. Instead of numbers, use pictures or words involving fun Halloween themes.

11. Would You Rather

Toss up two creative ideas and ask your players which they would rather do in any given situation. It’s a fun game and you never know where it’s going to go.

12. Mummy Wrap

If you don’t mind using up a few roles of toilet paper, the key to a mummy wrap is to cover the challenger from head to toe and then see who wins the race. Make sure players can see.

Don’t even worry about holding back. There are no kids at the party! Have a fun evening and catch up with friends and neighbors who you don’t get the chance to talk with. However, be safe. If you plan to drink, be wise. Halloween is a month to be creative, binge eat on candy, and watch the scariest movies. There are plenty of activities to do at a Halloween party. Think up your own.