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Cosplay Melee: The Ultimate Cosplay Showdown

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As a fanatical cosplayer, I’m excited every time I heard about a cosplay TV show. I am always eager to learn as much as I can about the exciting world of cosplay, or costume play. And, although there aren’t any cosplay TV shows currently in production in the U.S., YouTube and other streaming services thankfully are picking up the slack and airing cosplay shows Like Call to Cosplay, Heroes of Cosplay, which featured the wildly popular Yaya Han, and Cosplay Melee – popular shows that were all broadcast a couple of years ago.

So, you’re even a bit curious about the history of cosplay or the world of cosplay, then you are in luck. Because these fun and exciting programs have peeled back the curtains and given us details behind the scenes in the creation of cosplay characters.

Cosplay television shows allow us to learn the cosplay process from the very beginning, when cosplayer characters are still in the idea stage. We are given exclusive looks into the minds of cosplayers.

In a show like Cosplay Melee, not only does a cosplay creator need to show off their skills in physically building a character; they must also create a compelling backstory for them.

So, read on while we talk about Cosplay Melee, an exciting and inspiring cosplay show.

Cosplay Melee, the Ultimate Cosplay Showdown!

Cosplay Melee was a popular reality show that aired on the Syfy cable channel in 2017. It garnered legions of fans, so there’s no surprise it has an IMDB satisfaction score of over 7.3 percent and 93% of Google users surveyed liked the show!

The show brought together some of the great cosplay designers of our era and pitted them against each other to see who could impress the judges with their creations and take home a $10,000 prize.

We were taken through the drafting/developing/designing stage, through to the actual construction of the costumes. And we followed along to see the character being modeled, impressing and inspiring viewers!

Although cosplayers and wannabee cosplayers loved and admired the show, it disappeared from our schedules after a run of only six episodes and we’re still not clear on if it will grace our screens for a second season.

Cosplay Melee was a mixture of some of my favorite things. Well, cosplay of course. I’m in heaven any time I can see how cosplay dynamos show the public how they design and execute their creations. And, then, of course, I love anything to do with arts and crafts. I’m always learning new crafts and art techniques.

 The show gave me ideas on how to improve my cosplay development techniques. It showed me how the pros and high-level hobbyists dress to impress! (If you are interested, there are courses and tips in how to design your character!)

While watching Cosplay Melee, I studied the processes and took note of what worked and what didn’t work. Then, I took those processes and techniques and applied them to my cosplay design and development.

Cosplay Melee truly improved all aspects of my cosplay and I’m eternally grateful for SyFy producing and airing the show.

Hostess with the Mostest

What else did I love about Cosplay Melee? Well, it’s host, of course. Yvette Nicole Brown is one of my favorite comedic actresses. She shines in everything she does. The NBC comedy Community was a fan favorite, especially in my household. And one of the main reasons Community was so popular was Yvette. She brilliantly and hilariously portrayed the middle-aged divorce with aplomb. So, I was so happy when I heard Yvette was going to be the host of Cosplay Melee. And I knew she would entertain  us all.

The Ins and Outs of Cosplay Melee

In this article, we’re going to cover some topics that Cosplay Melee fans (and soon-to-be Cosplay Melee fans) need to know. First, we’re going to discuss the confusing circumstances of the show’s cancellation.

Then, we’re going to give you an in-depth look at the show, so you know what to expect next time you stream it on YouTube.

We’re also going to talk about a rumored season 2 air date.

And, finally, we’ll discuss my favorite episode!

So, read on and discover the awesome world of Cosplay Melee!

Is Cosplay Melee cancelled?

Well, here’s the scoop. I’ve done a bit of sleuthing and Cosplay Melee hasn’t officially been cancelled.


Unfortunately, information is kind of murky. The Syfy channel hasn’t announced any decision on Cosplay Melee. That means the show is in limbo, neither renewed for a second season, nor cancelled. But I’m really hoping that Syfy will decide to renew it.


And, here’s where things get weird. I found the OFFICIAL Cosplay Melee Facebook page. This page is run by Syfy. And, there’s a post from summer 2018 that says: “Hello all! How many of you are looking forward to a Season 2 of Cosplay Melee!!!! Let us hear from you and spread the word!!!! And, the post is signed by “SYFY”!


I don’t know what to make of this. I have so many questions. Why would SyFy post a question asking people if they’re looking forward to a second season of Cosplay Melee if they weren’t going to film and air it?


Plus, IMDB, one of the best sites for TV show scheduling information, hasn’t listed Cosplay Melee as cancelled. What is up with that?


And, I also found multiple articles online talking about an announced season two, but unfortunately, the purported date has come and gone!


So, is Cosplay Melee cancelled? No one really knows.

What is Cosplay Melee?

Syfy channel’s fun and exciting reality television show first aired in February 2017.

It was hosted by fan favorite Yvette Nicole Brown. As I mentioned above, I’m sure you remember her from NBC’s Community, where she hilariously played Shirley, the conservative, middle-aged back-to-schooler.

Fans loved the six original broadcast episodes of Cosplay Melee (and, as I said above, we’re holding onto hope for many more episodes).

The Gist of the Show

Each week, four Cosplay Melee contestants were asked to design and execute high-quality and imaginative cosplay designs.

Fans were on the edge of their seats as contestants worked through the first round, an elimination round. Then there was the second round, the one that determined the winner of the episode.

  • During the first round, a contestant is directed to draft and create a test piece, something small, not a complete outfit. The judges then look at the piece and decide which three contestants will go on to the next round and which one contestant will be eliminated. The elimination round is sad because no one wants to say goodbye to a well-liked and creative cosplay genius.
  • Now we come to the exciting second round. This is the round where the remaining three contestants have to go to the drawing board and design their character. And not just an everyday character. This character needs to be unique. It must resonate with the judges. And, their creation must show off their technical know-how and expertise as a cosplay character designer.
  • Here’s a recap of the design phase of one of the episodes so you can really get a feel for the show: During the third episode, contestants had to either create a demon or an angel, depending on what they were assigned. They then had to decide if the wings of their costume would be able to move, which would mean they would have to construct a special mechanism.
  • After deciding what their Cosplay Melee characters will look like, contestants must determine what tools, supplies and materials they will need to pull off an incredible execution and wow the judges.
  • Now is judgement time! Contestants display their masterpiece and the judges get to work, looking at the workmanship, creativity, really everything.
  • After a nail-biting wait, the winner is revealed, and the prize? $10,000! I’m always sad to see the unlucky two contestants who failed to make the grade. But, you must remember, even though they didn’t win, their Cosplay Melee character costumes were still incredible. They are totally at another skill level!


You may thing that the contestants chosen for Cosplay Melee would all be professional cosplayers. At least, that’s what I though. Wow, was I wrong, however.

Yes, some contestants were professionals in the cosplay universe. However, you’d be surprised to learn that there was a contestant who was a blacksmith, one who was a police officer and even one who was a veterinary assistant. Really, people came from all walks of life to vie for the top spot each week.

What’s the common thread among all of the contestants, whether they are professional cosplayers, or they are from other walks of life and use cosplay more of as their creative outlet? That common thread is that they are all wildly creative, with a curiosity and a know-how heads above everyone else. They were featured on the show because they had a drive to win and to impress. And impressed we were!

Is there a Cosplay Melee season 2 release date?

Unfortunately, as we explained above, there is no scheduled season 2 release date. Again, news articles listed a purported release date, but that date has come and gone. All we can do now is hope and wait. If you are really interested in watching the next season, I suggest making a Google alert so you will receive the latest and most up-to-date information about a second season!

What were the best Cosplay Melee Episodes?

I loved them all!

But, the best Cosplay Melee Episode, in my opinion, was Angels & Demons. The four contestants blew my mind with their creations: Angel and Demon cosplay costumes, complete in the case of one uber-creative designer, with mechanical wings that even moved! I was so sad when the first contestant was eliminated. I won’t give any spoilers as to who, but he or she will go on to great things, this I can say. I was definitely tense and nervous waiting to find out who took home the $10,000. Again, I won’t give anything away, but all four contestants blew my mind with their creativity and skills!

How can I watch Cosplay Melee online?

Even though Cosplay Melee is not currently being aired on SyFy, there are a few streaming services where you can watch this fantastic show as of early 2020. These listings could change, however. Read below to see if you can watch Cosplay Melee on Hulu or one of the other streaming services.

YouTubeTV (Subscription needed to watch Cosplay Melee on YouTubeTV)

Hulu (Subscription needed to watch Cosplay Melee on Hulu)

Sling TV (Subscription needed to watch Cosplay Melee on Sling TV)

Vudu (Subscription needed to watch Cosplay Melee on Vudu)

YouTube (Some for-pay episodes and some for free, uploaded by users)

Here’s an overview of all of the episodes, so far:

1.) A Night at the Space Opera

Contestants were tasked with developing a cosplay character from a space opera genre.

2.) Throne Off

Cosplay creators had to create Game of Thrones cosplay characters to stun the judges.

3.) Angels and Demons

The goal this week? Wow the judges with the best angel or demon character cosplay.

4.) War Games

High-tech futuristic video games were the theme for the fourth episode. And contestants didn’t disappoint with their space-age creations!

5.) Superheroes

Our penultimate episode, Superheroes, stunned viewers and judges alike. Contestants created fabulous superhero cosplay costumes that would have been right at home in a popular superhero movie.

6.) Animelee

Cosplay Melee’s final episode (so far), Animelee really illustrated the high level of creativity that we saw all season. Contestants went back to basics with a favorite cosplay genre, anime.

The Future of Cosplay Television Shows

I’m a huge fan of cosplay. I love everything about it. The creative, the costumes and the conventions. And if you want to dress up you can find deluxe cosplay costumes, in that article! 

So, Cosplay Melee is the perfect TV show for me! Although I’m disappointed that there are only six episodes of the television show, there’s no telling when or if another season will be broadcast, or, whether a similar show will take its place.

But, thanks to streaming video services and the wealth of shows that keen viewers have put up on YouTube, shows like Cosplay Melee will delight people for years to come.

I wanted to mention something else before we go. After reading this article and watching any of the cosplay series I talked about in the article, you may want to move further into the cosplay universe and discover tips and tricks to improve your cosplay techniques, especially if you’re a beginner. So, we also have an article covering some ‘Easy cosplay ideas for beginners’ if you’re just getting into the ‘Cosplay World’.

Check back for more articles about cosplay. We’re adding them frequently!