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One of our favorite Cosplayers, Jessica Nigri: Worth, Pay and More.

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One of our favorite Cosplayers, Jessica Nigri.

She’s probably one of the most famous Cosplayers around and for good reason.  Jessica Nigri’s career spans from Cosplay to Promotional Model to all around influencer.  She has also taken on roles as a fan convention interview correspondent, is a voice actor and YouTuber.  Let’s face it, she’s a rock star in a nerd’s world and we love her!  (source: Wikipedia)

In this article we’re providing all the info you’ve been asking for regarding Jessica herself as well as her career and the things she’s accomplished there.  We’ll start with some personal stats before we get into her professional accomplishments. 

We’ll cover:

  • How much is Jessica Nigri Worth?
  • How much does Jessica Nigri Get Paid?
  • Why is Jessica Nigri Famous?
  • How old is Jessica Nigri?
  • How tall is Jessica Nigri?
  • Where is Jessica Nigri from?

After covering Jessica’s personal info we’ll dive into her professional accomplishments.  In this section we’ll cover:

  • Nigri’s Entry into Cosplay
  • Jessica Nigri’s notable professional accomplishments

All right!  With outline out of the way. Here we go!

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All About Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is crushing it in the Cosplay space.  Check out these stats!

How much is Jessica Nigri Worth?

Here’s where modeling, gaming and being a Cosplay celebrity pay off!  Jessica Nigri, with all her talents and multiple roles she’s played starting in 2009, has a net worth of $1 million! (source)

That’s no small change for the gaming space.  Some of us work our entire lives just earn that much in total and Jessica has pulled of off, already!

How much does Jessica Nigri Get Paid?

Don’t let your parents tell you that gaming won’t pay off!  This is especially true if you’re the beautiful Jessica Nigri.  Jessica has multiple sources of income.  She does promotional modeling, conventions, she’s a YouTuber and has been a paid spokesperson and professional model for various game launches.  Her gigs range in payout but it’s estimates she’s making approx. $11,000 per month off of YouTube.  (source)

Also, Jessica has a substantial Patreon page.  The low estimate for subscribers is $10 per person and jessica’s page has 3,200 patrons!  Not bad for a promo model!  That’s an estimated $384K each year! (source)

How old is Jessica Nigri?

Jessica Nigri was born on August 12, 1989.  She’s 30 now in 2019 and will be 31 in 2020!.  She’s definitely taken advantage of one of the biggest influencers of the Millennial generation’s ability to create and grow as an entrepreneur: the internet! 

An avid gamer herself, Jessica is no stranger to online activity but as a businessperson Jessica has been clever enough to ensure she’s covered on multiple platforms and create multiple revenue streams.

Why is Jessica Nigri Famous?

When you’re beautiful, talented and can hold your own in a Cosplay conversation, the fame is sure to come your way!  Jessica wow-ed the San Diego comic-con during her first appearance and as she explains in her “Something Important to Me” YouTube video, it’s all of the people around her that have helped her rise to the top!

She’s also very humble and her personality and gratitude us contagious.  It’s no wonder she’s become famous!

How Tall is Jessica Nigri?

Although you can’t always tell from the pics, she pretty tall!  Jessica is 5’7”!

Where is Jessica Nigri From?

Jessica was born in the United States, but her mom is actually a Kiwi from New Zealand.  Jessica was born in Reno but she moved back to her mom’s home country of New Zealand and grew up there.  Jessica eventually moved back to the US and moved to Arizona. 

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Can you get paid to Cosplay?

You can!  It take talent, charisma and sex appeal but it’s definitely possible.  Some cosplayers can make upwards of $10,000 a show.  In addition to the salary they also get travel, room and board comped!  That’s an amazing deal.  (source)

We have much more information available in one of our articles about how to get started and especially, how much do cosplay costumes cost and who makes them.  Check it out and whether you’re a cosplay veteran or just beginning we hoped you enjoyed this tidbit on Jessica and have fun at the next convention!