Cosplay Foam Clay 101-How to Make it, Where to Buy it and More!

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“What do their Cosplay costumes have that mine doesn’t?” If you’re one of the aspiring Cosplayers looking to turn your cosplay costume zeroes into cosplay costume heroes, cosplay foam clay may be the answer!! In this article, we’re going to be addressing all of the burning questions you’ve been wanting to know about this phenomenal material sweeping the Cosplay universe! First, we’ll cover the basics, such as:

  • What is Cosplay foam clay?
  • Where can I buy foam clay?

Then we’ll delve into the more technical aspects, such as:

  • How can I make cosplay foam clay?
  • How long does it take foam clay to dry?
  • What is the fastest drying foam clay?

Now, without further delay, let’s get to the clay!

What Is Cosplay Foam Clay?

Besides being the best thing that happened to Cosplay predating Harley Quinn, foam clay is an amazing material used to create intricate detail on costumes! It’s a non-toxic material that comes out of the tub looking like wet clay, but it dries into a light soft foam!

One of the reasons that we love foam clay so much is that it makes it super easy to create highly detailed costumes without crazy good dremeling skills! Plus, due to its flexibility, it’s far easier to create detail than it is with EVA foam (link to Amazon).  And once it’s dry, you can sand it, glue it, or paint it, just like EVA foam!

foam-mo foam cosplay clay

Where Can You Buy Cosplay Foam Clay?

Now we know what your thinking! Where this stuff been all of my life and how can I get my hands on it immediately? Luckily, there are many places for you to buy cosplay foam clay from, and we happen to know a few of them!

It probably comes as no surprise that the cosplay universe has found its way to the world’s largest online retailer! One of the best-selling foam clays on Amazon is the Cosplay Apprentice Foam-Mo Air Dry Moldable Foam Clay. It’s moldable, durable, and there’s no mo’ Foam-mo about when it comes to getting high-quality cosplay material! Check here for the price.

Another most excellent Amazon Foam Clay is the Moldable Cosplay Foam Clay by the Foamory. Scan the Q-R code on the package to get your downloadable instructional pdf and get started immediately! Check here for the price!

batman vs superman: dawn of justice cosplay costume

How Can I Make Cosplay Foam Clay?

It’s only a matter of time before the geek inside every cosplay costume comes out and wonders,” How can I make this cosplay foam myself?”

Fortunately, there is away! Provided you don’t mind working with materials that require a dust mask or respirator.  If you want to try your hand at this DIY project, check out at your own risk! Just remember, it’s all fun and games until you add the carbisil (a.k.a. anti-sag). Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

How Long Does It Take Cosplay Foam Clay to Dry?

At a quarter-inch thickness, cosplay foam clay takes about 48 hours to dry. At this time, the material will be strong enough for priming and painting. If the piece is thicker, you may want to give it up to a week before you attempt any deep cuts and sanding. (source) Patience, padawan!

Note: Once the surface starts to dry, it may be hard to smooth lines out. Adding a TINY amount of water may help! (source).

What’s the Fastest Drying Cosplay Foam Clay?

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts on the path to greatness! Despite the differences in quality between brands, they all take about the same amount of time to dry. Variations in drying time are most often caused by the amount of clay you use and the humidity in the air.

Bonus Tip: Turn the piece while it is drying to make sure it dries evenly! If you’re working with a large amount of foam, the inside may not yet be fully cured after the recommended 48 hours.  While this is ok for priming and painting, hold off on sanding and cutting until the piece is completely set (source).

Now that you’ve found a way to take your cosplays to the next dimension, you may want a little guidance.  Luckily, the internet is full of helpful cosplayers who love to share their experiences!

You can find loads of cosplay foam clay tutorials on everything from tips, to reviews, to what to do’s, and even to what not to do’s here! We hope you’ve enjoyed our discussion about cosplay foam clay, and we hope your costumes are all the more marvelous for it.

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