Cosplay costume ideas for kids

11 Fun and Simple Cosplay Costume Ideas for Kids

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If you are new to the concept of cosplay, the idea of styling and acting as a popular character is popularly called cosplay. You can choose any of your favorite movies, anime, superhero, or comic character.

Some people go as far as dying their hair, wearing colored contacts, painting their bodies, and getting tattoos. However, when you are choosing pop culture or anime costumes cosplay for your kids or tweens, you only need some basic accessories and the right costume. With a little effort, your toddlers and tweens can look like trending anime and pop culture characters.

11 Fun and Simple Cosplay Costume Ideas for Kids

Let us take a look at 11 fun and simple cosplay ideas for your kids costumes.

Here’s the list with descriptions of each of the cosplay costumes below:

  • Inuyasha
  • Wonder Woman
  • Chun Li
  • Bunny Rabbit
  • Ash Ketchum
  • Edward Scissorhands Costume
  • Son Gohan
  • Dracula
  • Woody
  • Jerry Minion
  • Little Red Riding Hood

1. Inuyasha

Inuyasha is a popular anime series featuring a half-demon character that had a lonely and difficult childhood. While the series is highly underrated, anime fans love the series and the character of Inuyasha.

Your kids, both boys, and girls can play this anime character especially if they have long hair. Since you need minimal props to cosplay the character, it is a great idea to choose Inuyasha if you do not want to spend a fortune on a tween cosplay.


2. Wonder Woman

Who doesn’t idolize the princess of the Amazons, Diana Prince, or the Wonder Woman? It is every girl’s dream to reenact the iconic DC Comics character. Make your daughter’s dream come true with this beautiful Wonder Woman costume. You can also make your own skirt and purchase the Wonder Woman corset, tiara, belt, armband, and gauntlets to add finishing touches to your princess’s look.

Wonder Woman

3. Chun Li

Remember Street Fighter? Even today, hundreds of gaming and anime fans love the game’s epic characters. Choose Chun Li for your child’s cosplay. This assiduous martial artist is on a mission to save humanity from evil forces.

The cosplay looks particularly great on children with long hair. But you can also add hair extensions or buy a wig if your child does not have naturally long hair. Creating the costume from scratch will be a little difficult so buying a Chun Li costume is a great idea to perfect the look. In fact, you can also make your toddler look like the iconic character.

Chun Li

4. Bunny Rabbit

Whether you are dressing your toddler for a photo shoot, a picnic, or a theme party, a bunny onesie for your little one makes him/her look special. You can find comfortable and breathable unisex rompers to turn your little angel into a cute-looking bunny. Choose from a wide variety of long-sleeve onesies and bodysuits that also feature bunny ears and a cute little furry hairball tail.

Bunny Rabbit

5. Ash Ketchum

Everyone loves Ash Ketchum, the young boy who aspires to become the next Pokémon master. Ash’s cosplay is very simple. You need a blue jacket, a basic pair of jeans, and a Poké Ball hat. This cosplay option is great for parents who are looking for a quick and affordable cosplay for their kids. Add gloves and shoes to make the look complete.

Ash ketchum

6. Edward Scissorhands Costume

Being one of the most popular Halloween costumes, this one is great for kids of all ages. Although the costume may prevent your kids from zipping up their pants or jacket, the scissors, the hair-do, and the costume create a scary look to rock the Halloween season.

Make them look even scarier by making your little devil wear a wig. Even girls love portraying the timeless Edward Scissorhands character, so don’t limit the cosplay to your boys.

Edward Scissor hands Costume

7. Son Gohan

Kids and teens who love Dragonball Z will love to perform as Son Gohan. The android is capable of sucking any living thing through its tail to up his power.

Although the costume is fairly simple and fun to create, make sure you get all the accessories, including the one-star Dragonball, to make the cosplay more exciting. Since the character loved riding Son Goku’s cloud in his younger years, you can also use the cloud as a colorful prop. The cosplay is perfect for kids with short hair as you need a cap and not a wig to create the look. 

Son Gohan

8. Dracula

Let’s admit it. We all loved dressing as Dracula in our childhood. Now, it is our children’s turn to become one of the most (in)famous vampires in history. The cosplay is a fabulous way to create a Halloween cosplay for a party or convention. Your boy or girl can reenact a dramatic look by wearing a long black cape with an oversized stand-up collar and a red and black vest. The look is great for all cosplay and Halloween parties.


9. Woody

Your child can become everyone’s favorite character from Toy Story. Who else, but Woody?

The best part is the costume is available for kids of all ages, from toddlers to tweens. If you are looking for a toddler cosplay for sale, go for a jumpsuit with a long yellow sleeve-top and add a small hat. For older kids, you can get a cow-print vest along with denim-print pants and a brown belt. Don’t forget to add Woody’s brown cowboy hat to bring the legendary fictional character to life.


10. Jerry minion

Being a playful and cheerful two-eyed character, Jerry minion is anything but ordinary. Since he is short and plump, the cosplay can suit any chubby little kid who wants to look irresistibly cute in a costume.

Your boy or girl will love to play this adorable minion. You can also find a costume for your toddler to make him join the cosplay revolution.

Jerry Minion

11. Little Red Riding Hood

If your little princess loves the unforgettable character, let her dress up as the young girl from one of the most famous European folk tales. The red hooded cape goes well with the Trick or Treat bucket and gives your princess a timeless and unique charm.

Liitle Red Riding Hood

Final Thoughts

There is a wide range of children’s cosplay costumes UK. Now, your little ones and grown-up kids can sport their favorite geeky or funky character in custom cosplay for kids to hit a convention in style. If you want to know more about conventions and how to participate, we’ve done the research and these are ‘The biggest cosplay conventions’ out there.