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Christmas Gifts: Educational Kid Games They Will Actually Play With

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There’s no denying that our children spend an inordinate amount of time playing computer video games. Some say these games help to develop important skills, others say they’re the devil in the disguise of cartoon characters. Either way, it doesn’t seem very good parenting when you come home to find your child blowing up bad guys in virtual reality instead of doing his homework. Is there such a thing as a fun brain game for kids and if so, will it meet their definition of fun?

Now the holidays are approaching and the last thing anyone wants for Christmas is a meltdown. How can you give him “Gulliver’s Travel’s” when he’s hoping for Ace Combat 7? That’s going to make your Lilliputian especially hostile. Can you keep Christmas bright and your kids bright at the same time? Here are a few educational games that might do the trick this holiday season.

Educational Toys For Toddlers

This is the time to introduce them to a world of letters, letter sounds, numbers and number sequences. Should they really be playing games with seemingly innocent titles in which the main goal is to smash the enemy to bits?  Probably not the best idea. Not to worry. Here are some gifts that will have them thinking “Paw Patrol on a Roll” is really for the dogs.

Learning Pad Fun Phone with 6 Toddler Learning Games

What more appropriate way for your toddler to learn the alphabet than on the same device he’ll one day use to send text messages? Just as fun and just as functional to your toddler as your cell phone is to you, the Learning Pad Fun Phone features six fun learning games ideal for children from 18 months to years. With  ABC’s to 1,2,3s to spelling and even a “Where Is” Quiz game, even your toddler will have a hard time staying off his phone.

Top Bright Magnetic Toddler Toy Game Set

One day, she’ll hold a degree in computer engineering, but for now, she’s pretending to be a bird mom feeding her baby bird with colorful insects. The Top Bright Magnetic Toddler Toy Set develops fine motor skills, problem-solving, and color recognition. Don’t let the cute insects fool you, with this STEM inspired game set, you may be making a more valuable investment than you thought.

Best Learning Whack and Learn Mole

Silent night, mole night? Certain to be one of the “whackier” gifts on your list, the Best Learning Whack and Learn Mole will excite, delight, and ignite your child’s passion for learning. All your child has to do is whack the interactive mole to set it off singing the alphabet, asking questions, helping your child count and identify colors. And once the “whackiness” is over, the mole has you covered. Its sleep mode function will your toddler sleeping like one of Santa’s angels in no time.

The Best Learning Learning Cube

First, he’ll open the gift box, then he’ll open the real gift box. The Best Learning Cube is a treasure box of learning in and of itself. Each of the six sides features its own unique function for your little one to discover with the press of a delightfully oversized button. He’ll learn numbers, the alphabet, the colors, animal sounds and musical instrument sounds that play all the toddler oldies but goodies. A winner of multiple awards, the Best Learning cube is sure to increase his skills and his enjoyment exponentially.  

Educational Games for Five-Year- Olds

They’re the masters of their arts and crafts class, they’re the coolest kids in the playground, and they’ve finally figured out what elemenopee means. They’re the kindergarten class of 2019 and it’s their first Christmas break. Their biggest worry is whether Santa will come or not, your biggest worry is they’re going to develop brain freeze before they get back to school. Luckily, with these fun brain games for kids, their brains will stay warmed up.

Botley the Coding Robot

Coding is so easy that a five-year-old can do it. Seriously. With Botley the Coding Robot, your kids can learn to code before they learn to tie their shoes properly. Botley comes straight out of the box, ready to go, with no need for an app or a download. Using a remote control, children can explore his features and program him for up to 120 steps, leading him around looping paths, and obstacles (obstacles and roadblocks come included). With Botley, they’ll be on the road to first grade in no time.

Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Talking Microscope

With the Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Talking Microscope the Disney Channel is so preschool! When he watches dandelion seeds fly, honeybees collecting pollen, and gets an up-close look at snowflakes and butterfly wings, Spongebob will just become another talking sponge. Featuring the voice of Bindi Irwin and photo-quality images, this microscope is guaranteed to fascinate, educate and give your child something he can truly appreciate.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Physics for Dummies we’ve seen, but physics for five-year-olds?  That’s a gravitational force to be reckoned with. It’s unlikely that your five -year -old knows the formula for projectile motion, but the Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes will give him or her some idea the way it works. The box includes three different planes, the Looper, the Glider, and the Wildcat, each designed by aeronautical engineers to perform specific stunts. The adjustable launch stand allows kids to change the angles of the flights so they can learn about aerodynamics, force, and trajectory and have a stompin’ good time while they’re at it.

Crazy Forts

Give your five-year-olds some structure to their days with Crazy Forts fort building set. Crazy Forts comes with 69 geometrically shaped balls and 44 sticks to connect them. The object is simply for the child to connect the balls and sticks forming his own unique structure and play place where his imagination can flourish. Durable, portable, and best of all, with no batteries included, Crazy Forts builds motor skills, STEM problem skills, and a really cool fort.

Educational Toys for Kids 8-12

You’re trying to teach them problem-solving but you can’t figure out what to give them for Christmas. Does that make you a bad role model? Of course not. It’s hard to come up with fun, brainy games for kids that are hypnotized by X-Box One. Never fear, some presents help your kids problem- solve and solve your problem at the same. Here are some options that will keep their brains working without overworking yours.   

Smart Labs Squishy Human Body

What would Christmas be without a squishy human body? No, we’re not talking about Santa Claus here, we’re talking about the Smart Labs Squishy Human Body Toy, and the squishy parts are on the inside. This 12” human body comes with forceps and tweezers that let kids assemble and dissemble a 3-D model like no other. It even comes with a book tracking the journey of a bite of pizza through the human body to explain how the body breaks down food. Gross? Yes. Educational? Yes. Sounds like the perfect brain game to give your 8 to ten year old.

Snap Circuits Light Electronics Exploration Kit

It’s so not his dad’s electronic game, but his dad is going to be wishing it was. The Snap Circuits Light Exploration set will have dad’s longing for “Freaky Friday” to be than a movie. This innovative kit contains over 55 color-coded circuits to create 175 projects. These projects include an Infrared Detector, Strobe Lights with Spinning Patterns, a Color Changing LED, a flying glow in the dark fan, and a color organ that be controlled by an iPod or MP3 player. When describing this kit, feel free to use the word “awesome.”

Mad Gabs

This year, it’s going to be Sand Tack Laws coming down the chimney. That is if you give your child Mad Gabs. In this game, teams work together to form groups of unrelated words into common phrases before the clock runs out and hilarity will ensue. For educational Christmas fun, Mad Gabs is sure to be Thigh Sing Gone Thick Ache (the icing on the cake).

My First Lab Duo Microscope

Frog’s blood, mosquito heads, and human skin cells. Not Satanist but scientist. Although they may sound sacrificial, they’re just some of the many materials on the prepared slides that come with the My First Lab Duo Microscope. Besides a sturdy microscope, this kit comes with a petri dish, test tubes, blank slides, and forceps. It even accepts blank slides with your child’s own specimens to examine. Keep the cat far away.

Educational Games For Tweens

They call it the awkward age and it’s going to be an awkward moment for when they open a gift from you that gets a disappointing reaction. The only way to keep things chill is by giving them a gift that they’re totally down with. Can you find a gift that’s both educational and too cool for school at the same time? Luckily, we came up with a few gift ideas that will keep everyone’s Christmas in zen.

Copernicus Edible Chemistry Set

This gift gives fusion cooking a new meaning and takes experimental cuisine to the next level. The Copernicus Edible Chemistry set lets kids create fun fizzy drinks, color changing foaming jelly, polymer pudding, and cabbages that do what they’re told. And no need to buy anything extra. The Copernicus has all of the non-toxic food-grade ingredients and equipment to have your tween concocting the most explosive sweets since pop rocks. Toothbrush not included.

The Original Buddha Board

Soon they’ll be thinking about permanent ink, but for now, they can experiment with a somewhat more temporary version.  On the Buddha board, the ink evaporates into thin air as soon as it dries. Tweens can appreciate their art in the moment and practice the art of letting go as the inky image disappears. Now you see it, zen you don’t? With the Buddha Board, she’ll be so cool, all the kids will want to meditate with her.

K’nex Thrill Ride Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set

 When life for tweens gets to be an emotional roller coaster ride, you can turn their frowns upside down, horizontal, and vertical. With the K’nex Roller Coaster, mood swings become sharp turns, and ups and downs become terrifying heights and breathtaking dips. Let your tween build her STEAMagination with a glow- in -the -dark track, an air-powered motor car, and brain powered construction.

ThinkFun Laser Maze Junior

Move over elementary school mazes.  For tweens, lasers are the new pencil, the maze is the grid, and trajectory is an important consideration. In the Think Fun Laser Maze Junior, your tween is on a mission. In that mission, he needs to use science and logic to reflect laser beams to rockets by strategically placing satellites throughout the maze. If he hits a space rock, it could rock his world into oblivion. With over 40 different multi-level challenges, the Laser Maze Junior is sure to have your tween seeing mazes from a whole new angle.  

Educational Games for High School Students

Ask most high school students and they’ll tell you they would rather have a lump of charcoal in their stockings than anything educational. Luckily, some gifts can turn that lump of coal into a spoonful of sugar. And for your teens, the medicine is going to go down big time. If visions of robots are dancing to EDM in their heads, give them what they want – just throw a little bit of education in there for good measure. When college is in the future, it’s all about the present(s). Here are some gifts that will put your teens way ahead of the class.         

Kindle Paperwhite

This newly refurbished Kindle Paperwhite is the thinnest and sleekest model yet, plus it’s waterproof, which means your teens can soak up the sun while they’re brains are soaking in all of that knowledge from the exclusive Kindle library. Designed to read like paper, even in direct sunlight, and with twice the storage of the original Kindle, the Paperwhite has college written all over it.

3D Doodler Create

Your teen has grown up a lot over the years, now her drawings are growing up with her.  With the 3D Doodler Create, your teen can draw in midair (that refers to the pen, not the teen; she can draw flat, lift the pen,  and it will continue drawing with the ink suspended). But acrobatic aside, there are a lot more tricks the 3D Doodler has up its plastic tube. The doodler is also great at repairs. It can fix a worn-out cable, improve a kitchen hook, and give silly string a run for the money.


Will the world end on Christmas Day? Not if your teen has anything to do with it. Pandemic is a fast action board game that casts your teen and his buds and besties on a hero’s journey to save the world from the pandemic that is threatening to wipe out the human race. The world depends upon their teamwork, problem-solving skills, and cooperation to save it from complete destruction. Will Pandemic save the Christmas Day? For you and your family, the answer is a definitive “yes.”

Little Bits Electronic Synth Kit

Who said anything about silent nights? ‘Tis the season to bring the roof down, hopefully not at the same time that Santa’s sleigh lands there.  This modular analog synthesizer is made up of modules that snap together to with magnets to create circuits in seconds for amazing sounds out of the box and transforms into a performance station that can be attached to recording and live sound equipment for professional settings. No worries about stink eye here. When you see his reaction, you’ll be throwin’ your hands in the air and wavin’ like them like you just don’t care in wild abandonment.