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Cheap yet Ghoulishly Scary Outdoor Halloween Decorations!

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Scary Halloween Decorations

Its Halloween and the spirit has moved you to throw a party. After all, Halloween doesn’t just scream party, it positively shrieks it! With the moon shining, the dead rising, and the costumes that deserve to be worn more than once, Halloween is the perfect time to scare up a celebratory Spooktacle.

And what better way to make that spooktacle spooktacular than by creating some atmosphere? When everyone is getting dressed up for your party, you’ll need to be dressing up the party area accordingly. Will it be casual scary, cute scary, or simply terrifyingly scary? Never fear, with the amount of selection of Outdoor Halloween Decorations on Amazon , you can pick all of the above. Here are some scary Halloween decoration ideas that will turn your backyard into a graveyard in the most petrifying way.

If you’re looking for recommendation on Costumes, check out this article on some Good Halloween Costumes to guide your costume choice this year.

Outdoor Halloween Props

The moonlight shining through the naked tree branches naturally creates a chilling backdrop for Halloween night. The supernatural however, you may need to shop for.

C4L Dummy Full Sized with Hands

This full-sized dummy with hands is Aargh- uably the scariest door guy on the block. Prop this guy on your porch to give your guests a fright and make your neighbors wonder who the new man in your life is. Open the Velcro closure in the back to adjust stuffing or add wire support, such as a coat hanger. Check it out on Amazon.

Halloween Haunters Zombie Ghost Crawler Torso

It’s your party and this guy is dying to meet your guests. Crawling out from his grave, just in time for Halloween, comes this bloody-faced screaming zombie ghost torso with LED lights for eye. When activated, his eyes flash red and he lets out a horrifying moan as he crawls across the ground in a desperate attempt to escape his fate. Check this prop out on Amazon. It’s bound to be the life of the party.

JOYIN Friendly Halloween Yard Stake Signs

This wacky set of cartoon character ghoulies and ghosties are bound to be your child’s new Halloween BFFS. With flying witches, silly skeletons, amicable mummies, friendly ghosts, and companionable pumpkins, this nine-piece yard set is too cute to be scary. To get this outdoor holiday prop for your little monsters, check it out on Amazon.

Betty Bash Witch Crashing In to Tree

Now that Betty has crashed your party in more ways than one, she’s become an eye-catching decoration for all your guests to enjoy. With hands and legs splayed out, broomstick still attached and purple hair trailing from her witch hat, Betty’s a flat-out winner for sure.  Her feet come with adjustable buckles attached to fit around most trees. Check her out on Amazon.

Yihong 6’ Long Inflatable Black Cat with Moving Head

With this 6’ long inflatable, a black cat will be crossing everybody’s path at your party. With a moving head and flashing eyes, this outdoor Halloween prop comes with a built-in fan, 2 ropes and 2 yard stakes. Pick one up for your scaredy cats on Amazon.

Recesky 30 LED Purple Ghost String Lights

 More delightful than frightful, these adorable ghosts are the perfect party decorations for all your little boos. Place them around the doorway to welcome trick-or treaters or hang them at your party for a little ghostly glow.  Battery operated with no plug required, these lights can be used anywhere and for any purpose. Check them out on Amazon.

NET HalloweenInflatable Grim Reaper on a Motorcycle

The Grim Reaper hath cometh and he’s traded in his horse for a Harley. Switch gears this Halloween with this 6-foot-tall air blown motorcycle riding grim reaper. He inflates to full size within seconds and lights up the nighttime scene to set your party off at full speed. Watch our though, this bad dude might just be too cool for a ghoul.  Check him out on Amazon.

Pink Inc. 2 Halloween Skeleton Lawn Flamingos

Black is the new pink this Halloween, at least when it comes to flamingos. These two black Halloween Skeleton Lawn Flamingos are a spooky twist on an old pink flamingo yard ornament. Made of plastic, this outdoor Halloween prop comes with 4 metal stakes and two flamingos, each with their own unique styles. Your guests will be tickled pink and frightened silly. Get them on Amazon.

Fun World Super Stretch Spider Web

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we decorate for All Saint’s Eve. This is a web you can tangled in, considering the fact that there’s 800 square feet of it.  Easy to spread, difficult to break and generous in size, check this worldwide web out at Amazon. Perfect for draping across hedges, fences, or the outside of the house.

1 byone LED Pattern Projection Lights

This year, Halloween decorations are off the wall – curtain, bedsheet and even ceiling. LED projection lights set off a GIF lighting effect, creating dynamic dancing Halloween patterns to create a bone chilling atmosphere for all of your groovy ghoulies. Moving life-like images cycle automatically and presentation modes can be changed at the click of a button. So easy to set up and use, even a zombie could do it.

Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas for the Table

Whether you’re going to grill, or just set out some candy, snack foods and cupcakes, your ghoblins will probably want to be gobblin’ on something; and when there’s gobblin’ ghoblins, it calls for a table for the food and utensils, appropriately decorated.

If you need food ideas, check out this article on Easy Halloween Finger Foods for your party.  As for the table, you want to keep it scary, but not so scary that your guests are going to lose their appetites – (you may want to leave the severed arm away the eating area). Luckily, there are an assortment of easy decoration ideas on Amazon to keep the ghoblins gobblin and keep effort down to a minimum. Here are a few suggestions.

Fun Express Zombie Blood Table Cover Party Décor

This table has two major advantages. The first is that the kids will love the zombie theme, and the second is that accidental spills that happen during the party won’t be quite as noticeable thanks to the blood splatters. (speaking of kids, if you’re looking for kid’s costume recommendation please check out our article on Girls and Boys Halloween Costumes) This white and red plastic table cover is a gory-geous addition to any Halloween party. It measures 54 x 108 and when taped to the wall can serve as a Halloween backdrop for photo taking.

Talking Tables Halloween Napkins

Tickle your guests’ funny bones by bringing these talking Halloween napkins to your table. Each beautifully printed napkin features a Halloween one liner that will have your witches cackling and your mummies in stitches. To get a 20 pack for you and all your fiendish friends, check these napkins out on Amazon.

Eldnacele Halloween Snow Globe Flameless Lighted Lamp

A candlelit dinner? How frighteningly fitting. Cast a spell on your guests with these mesmerizing glittering snow globe flameless lighted lamps. Turn on the battery-operated motor and watch the spider spin around the candle while the liquid creates enchantingly sparkling swirls. No smoke or scent, no wax or drippings, this centerpiece is available on Amazon.

Party City Frightfully Fancy Halloween Supplies For 36 Guests

What better way go get your Halloween shopping done all at once than by tricking out the whole table?

Let feeding time commence with 2 plastic table covers in a classic Halloween silouhette design. Treat your guests to both dessert and dinner with two sizes of plates and napkins to wipe their claws on.  Serve your magic potions in plastic cups and round your table settings out black premium utensils. Top it off with three paper hanging lanterns and 4 orange foil centerpieces which can double as balloon weights. Get it all in a click at Amazon.

  1. JOYIN Zombie Inflatable DrinkCooler and Decoration

This zombie is chilling out in his coffin and chilling your drinks at the same time. What could be cooler than this Halloween cooler in the shape of a coffin with a zombie popping out? Fill the bottom of the coffin with ice and the cans and bottles for all of your guests who are dying of thirst. Large enough to fit hundreds of bottles and cans made of durable PVC, this zombie is available on Amazon.

Halloween Clearance Yard Decorations

Where do the skeletons, ghosts and zombies go after Halloween? To the clearance department of course. The most frugal of shoppers know that best Halloween bargains start on the Day of the Dead and continue on from then on. Supernaturally, when we heard there was a clearance department on Amazon, we were just dying to check it out- and we were not disappointed. Now that we’ve seen it, the 856 clearance department is the new go-to for all of us creeps on the cheap. Want to throw a Halloween party with ten dollars in your pocket? Let’s get frighteningly freakish with the 856 on Amazon.

856 Store Battery Powered Eyeball Light Lamp

When you see what 0.94 cents can get you at the 856 Store, you won’t believe your eyeballs. This durable ten piece hanging light set needs no power source or plug, which makes it eye-deal for your outdoor yard celebration. Interestingly horrible or horribly interesting, these are sure to light up some eyes on Halloween. Check them out at the 856 store on Amazon.

856 Store Ghost Shaped Battery Powered LED Lights Multicolor

And if the eyeballs are starting to give the hairy eyeball, never fear, these friendly ghosts will be your little monster’s new best fiends for ever – and the best part is, they can be bought for less than your child’s allowance. Nineteen cents will get you a string of multicolored battery powered ghosts that will light up your outdoor shindig without the need for a plug. Check them out at the 856 Store on Amazon.

856 Store Ghost Face Solar Flame Torch

Party from dusk ‘til dawn with the Ghost Face Solar Flame Torch. Charged by the sun, this flame torch lights up at sundown and shuts down at sunrise in true fiendish fashion. With no power supply necessary, and at a drop-dead price, this outdoor Halloween prop will make any party a scream. Check it out at the 856 Store on Amazon.

856 Store Halloween Pumpkin Skeleton Witch Ghost Hand Lantern

You don’t have to sell your soul to get this hand lantern. Not when you can get it for 1. 39 at the 856 store.  This boo-tifully crafted LED lit lantern can be hung from a tree or the eaves of porch or used as a centerpiece for your table. To get this devilish deal go to the 856 Store at Amazon before Morticia Adams gets her dragon lady nails on the last one.

856 Store Hanging Ghost Gauze Terror Prop

 This hanging ghost is in the (haunted) house. With a face that only a mama skeleton could love peering out from a gauzy shroud, the hanging ghost has risen from the 856 Store just in time to  make your party a graveyard smash. Available in black and white, check this ghost with the most out at the 856 Store on Amazon.

Now that you’ve got some scary Halloween decoration ideas, what will it be?  Zombies are a real no-brainer; the Grim Reaper will just sickle your guests to death; but the witches will turn green with envy if they end up uninvited. Never mind, its Halloween and that means the more the scarier, especially when it comes to zombies. So, have fun this Halloween  and be sure make Amazon one of your regular haunts.