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The Top 10 Cosplay Websites to buy Quality and Cheap Costumes with Fast Shipping

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Let’s make just one thing clear. There is nothing wrong with wearing a store-bought Cosplay costume. No Cosplayer should be castigated from the Cosplay community based on his or her lack of skills/time/ inspiration it takes to make a costume from scratch. After all, no one knows better than a group of geeks how harmful exclusionary practices can be!

What is wrong with store-bought Cosplay costumes is that they can be expensive, they can take anywhere between two and six weeks to be delivered, and once they do come, they look like something your grandmother sewed.

Well, fret no more!  We’ve scoured the web to find you the best Cosplay costume websites where you can buy quality, cheap costumes with fast shipping!

In this article, we’re going to answer all your burning questions about where you can buy costumes that won’t break the bank or simply break on the way to the convention!  We’ll cover:

  • What is the best Cosplay Website?
  • Where can I buy used Cosplay?

And then we’ll give you a list of the top 10 Cosplay Websites out there! So, without further ado, here we go!

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What is the Best Cosplay Website?

No, we’re not going to go there. We’re not going to tell you what the best Cosplay costume website is, nor are we going to tell you the best topping to put on your pizza. That’s going to be up to you.

What we can do is steer you in the right direction!  Certain cosplay websites can be depended upon for consistently high-quality work, fast shipping, and reasonable prices.   Read on to explore your options and scroll through at your leisure! When you find the character you love, stop, and order – both the costume and the pizza! Satisfaction guaranteed!  

Where Can I Buy Used Cosplay?

Great Cosplay costumes never die, they simply get reincarnated. Secondhand costumes typically happen when coplayers retire their old costumes as they get ready to move on to new characters. When you buy these costumes, you’re not taking the easy way out, you’re breathing new life into an empty shell.

One of the used Cosplay costume websites we’re currently digging is AC Paradise (American Cosplay Paradise).  It’s a USA Cosplay website with a huge database where cosplayers can list their costumes for sale.  Thumbs up for all the cool photos and the info from the sellers about which cons the cosplay costumes were worn at. Check it out here.

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The Top Ten Cosplay Websites to Buy Quality and Cheap Costumes with Fast Shipping

You want to get your costume delivered faster than a speeding bullet, and preferably able to deflect one with its high-quality EVA foam armor? Never fear! We’ve scoured the world wide web to find the top ten cosplay websites where you can buy low priced, high-quality costumes that are sure to save the day!

Hello Cosplay!

What better place than the UK to find dresses fit for a cosplay queen? This UK Cosplay Website has no shortage of anime, movies and game costumes, and accessories.  But what sets it apart from the others is its fabulous collection of gothic and renaissance dresses!  Costumes range in price from about $90 to $200. Check Hello Cosplay out here.


EZily one of the best cosplay costume websites to buy from is EZCosplay. With a wider variety than any other Cosplay website in the USA, EZ offers a selection of anime, game, and movie costumes arranged alphabetically (to make it EZ-er for the shoppers). Be sure to check out the presale items and the clearance sales. With prices up to 75% off the original, you can find costumes for below $30.00!  Check out EZCosplay here.


It was only a matter of time before the web’s largest retail store got hip to Cosplay! What’s more surprising is how hip Amazon got! Although Amazon does not offer the range of products that you’ll find at cosplay dedicated websites, many Cosplay local retailers sell to Amazon, making it the new hot spot for anime, movies, games costumes, masks, and wigs! Costumes range in price from about $30 – $100. Check out Amazon cosplay here.

Cosplay 007

Its name may be 007, but there’s more bondage than Bond to be found on this website. No suits, ties, or hidden shoulder holsters here; these costumes kick ass and take names. The categories which sell most on this website are Justice League, The Incredibles, and The Avengers. The prices are high, but totally worth it, considering you get the full costume with wigs, shoes, and all accessories included. Not to mention,  the materials are super fine! Prices range from about $100 to almost $300 per costume but check Cosplay 007 out. This is cosplay the way it was meant to be done.


Arguably the greatest thing to come out of Canada since the group Rush, Cosplay Sky is a Canadian Cosplay Website that specializes in custom made costumes from expert tailors. One great thing about the Cosplay Sky costumes is that they’re made for daily wear. In other words, you can cosplay as frequently as you like, without wearing, tearing, or getting otherwise messed up. Kind of gives a new meaning to casual Fridays. Most costumes range from between C$86 and C$250. We’re especially loving the Elton John Rocketman Dodgers Uniform. Check Cosplay Sky out here.

Light In the Box

Still on a Ramen noodles budget? Never fear! If the word cheap always has a positive connotation, Light in the Box is for you! Light in the Box is a global retailer known for selling lifestyle products at ridiculously low prices with super fast delivery.  With an extensive selection of costumes, wigs, shoes, accessories, and even a few full cosplay costumes, Light in the Box is our pick for cosplayers whose dreams far exceed their bank accounts. Check Light In the Box out here and prepare to dream big and save big.


Are you a cosplay fan who is so not a fan of costumes that look like they came off an assembly line? Face it, the last thing a cosplayer wants is to be on the losing side of a “who wore it better” contest. For those who want the authentic look of a handcrafted costume, without actually handcrafting it, Etsy offers cosplays from thousands of sellers at rates cheaper than most big manufacturers. Check Etsy out here to buy Cosplay costumes on this website. The average price of a costume on Etsy is between $46 and $79.


If not the best Cosplay Costume websites, MicCostumes is one of the cutest, tashiki ni! Our choice for anime fans, MicCostumes offers anime- zing selection from Dragon Ball, Naruto and beyond. It also features costumes from big-name designers, such as Coskidz and Delusion Cosplay. Prices run from about $30-$100. Check MicCostumes out here.

Cosplay Shopper

 Want to Cosplay a superhero? Sounds like a job for lycra spandex Zentai bodysuit! If you’re looking for bodysuits in a variety of colors to complete your full body cosplay, Cosplay Shopper will do you justice!

Head to toe spandex, not your thing? Never fear!  Cosplay shopper has a wide variety of to die for high-quality cosplay outfits, wigs, and accessories to make every cosplay dream come true.  Costumes range from about $100 to $200. Zantais run from between $30 – $60.  Check the Cosplay Shopper website out here and prepare to be amazed!


When there’s a cosplay costume website like this, there is no XCOOS for an ill-fitting costume! Let’s face it, Superman simply doesn’t carry as much authority when he’s tripping over his cape. With XCOOZ, you can order your favorite costumes on- line custom made to fit your awesome bod. Also, the customer service is awesome. Sometimes, we like to call them up for no reason just to chat with them. Only kidding. Check out XCOOS though. Their prices are low and their costumes are high quality.

So, there you are. We guarantee you’ll find something that will work with your bod and your budget! And  if you want to check for yourself on how these websites stack up price wise, hit up this article on ‘How much do cosplay costumes cost’ and we’ll break down the tiers of the costume cosplay universe!

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