Belly Dancing Costumes on Amazon

The Top 5 Belly Dancing Costumes on Amazon

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Belly dancing is one of the most exotic physical dances. Not only is the belly used to perform, but the hips are also used in connection to intrigue observers and garner attention. Awe is an understatement regarding the standard style, which is applied to the entire torso area while doing such effortlessly.

The appearance of a belly dancer is enough for some individuals. Not everyone has an interest in or the ability to participate in belly dancing. But to have the choice to purchase a costume to lounge around, or wear to a formal event, is for the reason of only wanting to wear one.

The Top 5 Belly Dancing Costumes on Amazon

Finding a belly dancing costume can be challenging since they’re not part of the regular inventory at most stores. Thankfully, Amazon has made this less of a chore and more fun. You can order your belly dancing costume and have it arrive in less than a week.

1. Pilot-Trade Women's Egyptian Belly Dance Costume with Bifurcate Isis Wings

Inspired by Isis, the goddess of ancient Egypt, this accessory is partly a tribute to her and her immortalized, legendary history. The wings can cover the entire body when wrapped from both sides.

They are formed by rods placed carefully for a webbed-like appearance. Although the rods are not included, they are an essential part because they are what shape the wings.

The wings can be worn by an attached lace tie around the neck area. While not heavy, the wings spread like that of an extensive bird diving down from the sky or while flying to an unknown location. They are flexible and are a creative accessory to be unique and to be memorable.

The assortment of colors ranges from standard to bright, and the size is meant to fit anyone. Careful handling should be applied to ensure the slightest scrape will not ruin the wings. Note: The rods must be purchased separately.

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2. ZLTdream Women's Belly Dance Costume Bra Top with Chest & Hip Scarf with Fringe

Complete with accessories, the bra and scarf is a fashionable match. This costume is intended to stun during dance performances and has tassels that are intended to move with every belly roll and hip shimmy. The style is nothing less than classy and is formal, aside from sexy.

The scarf can be a substitute for a skirt and conceals as much as possible above the thighs. Also, the bra is versatile and combines well with pants aside from a versatile scarf. Both halves sparkle while sequined, which help the stand-out appearance of the design.

A wide array of colors are available, including the standard colors of black and gold. Fringe as a texture provides an illusion that is slightly rugged yet tasteful. The style of the entire costume is reminiscent of a flashy show performer while maintaining sophistication.

Regarding the Las Vegas-style costumes, which performers wear, this costume could blend in and have the same effect.

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3. Royal Smeela Belly Dance Costume Set for Women - Belly Dance Bra and Belt

For individuals who love chiffon, this costume is a perfect choice. Although relatively thin, this costume flaunts an appearance of glamour. The striped sequined pattern is complete with beads and rhinestones, which are spaced and aligned neatly.

Along with the decorated halter-style bra matches a flowing skirt made to expand during a spin. One has a choice to either allow the long train of the skirt to drag on the floor or to carry it on both sides.

Although slightly dramatic and is inspired by an element of a ballroom skirt in somewhat of a ‘Hollywood’ like fashion, the colors are collectible and ready to be worn. They are also loud as well as eye-catching.

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4. ROYAL SMEELA Belly Dance Costume for Women Tribal Belly Dance Bra and Belt

Draped with beads and rhinestones, the bra and belt are sequined with a sparkling pattern. Numerous occasions are fitting to wear to this costume but are not required to dance while adding a twist to the usual solid materials.

The cups of the bra are reminiscent of seashells, and the belt is designed in the form of waves or could also be considered a fan-like design. With every move, the beads and rhinestones are intended to remain secure.

Colors include pastels along with darker choices such as orange, red, and green. The former is soft while the latter pops brightly and is livelier.

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5. Dance Fairy Belly Dance LED Angel Isis Wings with Flexible Sticks

A belly dance costume and light show in one. These wings have embedded LED lights and contain an AA battery-box needed to supply energy.

The material is polyester, which is fragile but hand-washable when needed. It is complete with a lace-up to tie easily around the neck, minus any other attachments and adjustments.

The design is more so geared toward children, yet adults can sport it as well. If one does not want a pair of wings that are plain, these wings are an attraction, have a fun appearance, and are best effective in a darkened room or outside at night. The wingspan requires enough room to spread on both sides to avoid friction.

Among other colors, the stand-out is the rainbow-pattern LED lights from red to purple and are consistent in every section of the wings. Gold comes in a close second for a 24-karat glow with a yellow-gold tint.

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What is a Belly Dancer Costume Called?

The traditional name for a belly dancer costume is ‘Bedlah’ which is Arabic for ‘suit.’ According to Egyptian folklore, women wore the costume to distinguish themselves with the associated dance. The name is not commonly used but had become known in later years.

An alternative name is ‘uniform’ because of the staple style which dancers wore before the surface of other styles. Regarding style, the tribal design signifies its Arabic influence and is usually gypsy-like.

The belly is the focus as the bras are cut just under the breasts to show observers what they should watch closely.

‘Bedlah’ could be mistaken as ‘gown.’ Some belly dancing costumes have a formal style and are made with silk material. Satin is another used during the creation process.

They could be worn to a banquet hall or a fancy restaurant. Also, not all expose the belly and have lace material, although such is still sheer.

The costume is a staple for dancers in the profession and for individuals who want to look like one. Also, the standard coordination of the costume is a bra and pants, while actual skirts could also be included. However, a scarf can be worn over the face like a veil, as a skirt, or as a belt.

If you are interested you can also learn belly dancing online. Check out that article to see the best courses out there!

Storing Your Belly Dancing Costume from Amazon

Considering the materials of belly dance costumes are delicate, storage items such as Tupperware and plastic space bags combat wrinkling as well as ripping. If stored properly, the costume could last long if it remains flat while not in use, to maintain its form.

Plastic wrap is another storage tool but must be applied around the costume in several layers. This is more so a DIY method to be used as a hack and still gets the job done to preserve a costume. The method is cheap and an everyday item that many individuals have on-hand.

For a more durable approach, a garment bag that can hang in the closet is good as well. The item has a thick material, which is usually and made to repel dust, stains, and maintain the form of the costume, and such will preserve a costume to be ready to use again.

A department store is an excellent place to look when in search of a retailer to purchase garment bags, and they are relatively inexpensive.

In some instances, a plastic shopping bag is yet another method. The bag would have to be thick, and long, rather than flimsy to provide the protection needed. 

Protection from the absorb of unusual smells is essential in terms of gentle care of costume materials. Air is the main culprit of the staleness which could invade a costume if it sits out in the open for too long.

Not only that, but dry cleaning would also have to be a thorough process to be sure there would be no trace of the stale smell.

Allowing the costume to air out is also necessary after having been stored for a certain amount of time. Air-tight storage has its negatives, and sometimes moisture can mysteriously find its way in.

For example, containers can develop humidity, and such could cause sweating. Therefore, sweating is an invitation to the development of mold.

Chiffon and polyester are two materials that do not respond well to moisture, and the worst that could happen is damage. An alternate between storage and allowing the costume to settle freely without protection is good but only for short periods.

What do you Need to Wear with Your Belly Dancing Costume?

A thong is an everyday item that belly dancers wear underneath their costumes. Although provocative and, in some cases, explicit, the item is unassuming as well as likened to a ‘rubber band’ or ‘dental floss’ about elasticity and thinness.

Considering thongs can be worn only one way, there is no chance to go wrong while deciding the proper wear. The front is easy to determine as such is wider than the back. However, dancers who wear a thong before every performance are likely to be used to wearing one rather than be surprised by the feeling.

A bikini bottom is an alternative, but the item is not recommended as it is broader, thicker, and more recognizable than a thong. The item could also reveal a lining through a skirt, pants, or a belt.

When one wants to be secretive, this will not get the job done to accomplish much because it covers the entire front, which is attached to the sides, they lead to the back. This could be an inconvenience as well as annoying.

The term ‘unmentionable’ is used because it should be mysterious during a belly dancer’s performance. If the thong can be seen, most likely, the material is too sheer, which does not leave much to the imagination. The attention is supposed to be on the performance rather than the ability to see what a dancer is wearing under a costume.

Neither an expert nor a professional is needed to sport a belly dancing costume or bedlah. And, no matter what the occasion is, Amazon has you covered when it comes to finding the right one.

And if you are interested in learning belly dance, there are great courses to help you learn belly dancing online!