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In 2010, Amped Asia called her, “probably the most universally attractive Asian girl on the planet due to her geekiness and sexiness too.” Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to Linda Le than that. Known as Vampybitme to her Cosplay fans, Le is an American cosplayer, columnist, model, writer, producer, and Internet personality.  She’s a vampy girl in a geeky world and, in this article, we’re sinking our teeth into her personal stats, and her professional accomplishments. 

So, what do you want to know about this Cosplay pinup girl beside her cell phone number? It turns out that we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about Linda and how she did it, does it and plans to keep doing it. First, let’s talk about some personal stats. In the beginning section of the article we’ll discuss the following: 

  • Vampybitme Twitch and Online Store
  • How much is Linda Le worth? 
  • Why is Linda Le famous? 
  • How old is Linda Le?
  • How tall is Linda Le? 
  • Where is Linda Le from?
  • What is Linda Le’s pre-fame Background?

Then we’ll delve into Linda’s professional achievements. Read on to see how Linda Le brought game to the Cosplay gaming world


What’s the scoop on this femme fatale? Word has it, she’s rockin’ out on Cosplay. Check out these stats and see if we’re lying.

vampybitme twitch and online store

If you want to get more involved and interact you can follow her twitch.  Check out videos, sign up for chat and watch live action play.  Check out her Twitch Channel for more info.  

In addition, to that there is her online store with so many cool items.  You can get everything from poster prints to clothes.  Everything is centered around Linda Le of course. She’s crushing it!

batman vs superman: dawn of justice cosplay costume


She may be the star of the Cosplay gaming space, but she’s certainly worth a lot in the material world. Linda’s net worth, which comes primarily from modeling, is at approximately 24 million as of 2019 (source). That’s a pretty big paycheck for a pretty petite Cosplayer. 


So how did this vixen claim her Cosplay fame? Surprisingly, not by looks alone. Linda actually came to earn her Cosplay celebrity status when a Japanese toy and collectible company called Kotobuiya noticed her cosplays in the showcase book “Otacool 2. (source).


A very sexy Sagittarius, Linda Le was born on December 15, 1982, making her 37 by the time 2020 rolls around. No stranger to the Internet, Linda joined Nerdist Industries in 2012 to produce Just Cos, an Internet show about the world of Cosplay, hosted by fellow cosplayer Chloe Dykstra. (source). However, as cunning as she is stunning, Le is clever enough to make sure to invest her time in multiple platforms to create several streams of revenue.


Though a major threat in the Cosplay gaming world, the star stands at a petite 5’2” and weighs in at a mere 90 lbs. 

harley quinn: secret wishes cosplay costume


Exotic though she may look, Linda Le is as American as apple pie. A native Okie, born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, Le gets her enviable Asian features from her Vietnamese immigrant family. When she grew up, she moved to San Jose, California where she graduated with a business degree from San Jose University. (source). 


Beauty school dropout? Not quite. After nabbing her business degree from her alma mater, Linda moved on to study hairstyling at Paul Mitchell’s in the US, and at Toni and Guy in London as well as in Tokyo. She came back to the good old USA to teach modeling and makeup.


Turns out Vampybitme doesn’t get much beauty sleep. In 2013 interviews, Le said that she “works about 15 hours a day and gets a maximum sleep time of 4 hours.” For Le, fifteen hours a day adds up to a lot of productivity. Here are just some of the accomplishments of the Cosplay:  

  • After impressing the head honchos at Kotobukiya with her inimitable Cosplay designs, Le went on to collaborate with a laundry list of artists from companies in the US and Japan. Most notable among then was her work with Street Fighter Artist Long Vo, with whom she created comics and artwork for Udon’s Entertainment Book, VENT.
  • She expresses her genius for design as part of the costume and armor making prop group, Mantium industries. Le is also a paid gamer sponsored by Mad Catz. 
  • Not only does Le have a passion for costuming, but she also has a passion for writing. She currently writes a column for YouBentMyWookie – All Things Geek. Check out this link to get a sample of Le’s uniquely Nerdist perspective. 
  • An avid gamer, Le served as a member of cosplayer’s Katt Gunn’s professional gaming and cosplay team, sponsored by MadKatz.

Want to take a page out of Vampy’s book? If you’ve got the talent, charisma and smoldering sex appeal, you too could be on your way to booking shows at upwards of $10,000 a pop. With room, board, and travel included, that’s a pretty sweet deal. 

vampybitme Facebook and instagram

If you’re interested in following Vampybitme’s social accounts you can check out here facebook here.  

She also has a stout following on Instagram.  Check out more photos below as well as check out Vampybitme on Instagram at 

anime mizore shirayuki cosplay costume

Fortunately, we have a lot more information about to get started!  Check out our article on how much do cosplay costumes cost and see how cosplay costumes are broken down into basically three cost categories.. Hope you enjoyed our low down on Linda.

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