What’s up costume and party lovers!  I hope you find value in the articles on this site!  They range from Halloween Costumes to Cosplay and Christmas Parties to Ghost Stories.  I love the holidays and it’s way more fun when costumed up!

At the same time, Ugly Sweaters and Onesies have become a huge part of Christmas fun I had to include them as well.  So, what you’ll find here are tons of recommendations for costumes, party planning tips for kids through adults and info and stories in general on holidays and cosplay events.

My name is Caleb Sharbono and I live in Texas. I have a ton of interests and have found a creative outlet in building this site together with the help of some really talented bloggers, developers and marketers.  Putting this site together was a natural fit! 

This site is what’s called an Affiliate Site as I connect into major distributors to supply the actual costumes and ugly sweaters (for now) and basically I have a chance to earn a small commission when something is purchased.  I just started the site in the summer of 2019 so it’s relatively new!  If you’re interested in trying something like this I’d love to help out.  Hit me up at www.threetigersmedia.com

My goal is to provide the most helpful article out there when it comes to costume and ugly sweater selection as well as party planning! 

I hope you’ve found something of value here for you and if not please check back soon as we’re constantly adding more to it! I plan on branching out into the other holidays as soon as I can add more wax to the candle! 

Thank for stopping by!