9 DIY Sexy Halloween Costumes For Your Last-Minute Halloween Party

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1. Playboy Bunny

When it comes to easy, sexy Halloween costumes, bunnies are a great choice. A black swimsuit, some ears, and a bunch of cotton balls for a tail and you are all set to be the life of the party. 

2. Minnie Mouse

All you need is a pink bikini and some white paper. Cut out some circles, stick them to your bikini material, and voila! You have a sexy Minnie Mouse costume.

Just don’t forget to add the ears to complete the look. 

3. Victoria's Secret Angel

Wow the crowd with one of the best sexy Halloween costume ideas of all time. All you need is some lingerie, a branded bag, and some wings and you can transform into a runway stealing angel, turning heads wherever you go.

4. Daisy Duke

If may be a dated reference, but everybody is going to do a double take at a sexy Dasiy Duke outfit. All you need is a chequered shirt and some denim shorts, and you are on your way to being the sexiest chick at the ball. 

5. Caution Warning: Hot

Looking for some truly creative sexy Halloween costumes? Then why not go all out and become a caution.

All you need is a roll of yellow caution tape. Wrap it around the bits you want to keep covered, and you are a walking warning of your hotness.

Adjust the coverage to suit your level of bravado, and you are good to go.

6. Censored

Want a DIY sexy costume that is hot and funny at the same time? Why not censor yourself.

All you need is some nude underwear, one piece or lingerie, and some neutral color squares. Glue the squares together and place them on your top and bottom, and there you have it. 

7. Adam and Eve

Looking for DIY sexy Halloween costumes for couples? All you need for this is some underwear, preferably green, and as many fake leaves as you want to glue. It’s simple but effective. 

8. Sexy Teacher

A white shirt, black shirt, a pair of glasses, and a sexy yet stern glare are all you need to become the ultimate object of desire at any Halloween party. This is a timeless classic fancy dress costume that will always be a hit.

9. Devil

Red underwear and a pair of horns are all you are going to need to become the very symbol of hotness. Substitute the underwear for a red bathing suit or another matching outfit to adjust the degree of hotness for any party setting. 

Making DIY Sexy Halloween Costumes Is Low Cost but High Fun

Halloween has become the hottest holiday of the year, and armed with an array of DIY sexy Halloween costumes, you will be one of the hottest attractions each time. 

Buying a costume is simple, but building one yourself is just fun. Going to extra mile and creating a custome for yourself will not only save you money, but it will also have you enjoying Halloween a bit longer, as you will be getting in the spirit of things as soon as you start creating. 

However, if building your own costume doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, we have you covered. Our range of sexy costumes is the best around. Just come on in and see for yourself.