5 Easy Costume Ideas If You Want to DIY Your Costume This Year

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The average man spends $97 on his Halloween costume while the average woman spends $77. But what if you don’t have that much cash to splurge on a fancy costume this year?

Luckily, DIY costumes offer a fun and affordable solution. And if you don’t have a lot of time to put your costume together, there are plenty of easy costume ideas to choose from.

Do you want some inspiration? Keep reading to discover the best DIY costumes that you can make in a pinch.

1. Scarecrow

Do you have a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans? Great! You’re already almost done with your costume.

Just add either a straw hat or a brown floppy hat and a pair of brown boots. Then, apply scarecrow makeup, and your costume is complete!

2. French Artist

All you need to transform into a fancy French artist is a thin-stripped long sleeve shirt, a pair of black pants, red or black shoes, and a beret. If you don’t have a beret laying around, you can order one online for less than $10.

If you want to take this costume to the next level, get a red bandana to tie around your neck and a paintbrush to carry around.

3. Nerd

If you work an office job, you can likely make a few additions to your average work attire to create the ultimate nerd costume.

Start with a button-down shirt. The best shirts for this costume will be short sleeve and have a pocket, however, any button-down shirt will work. Pair it with dress pants or khakis.

Then, get a pair of suspenders and fake glasses. Tie some tape around the bridge of the glasses and stick some pens in your shirt pocket for the final touch.

4. Operation

If you’re handy with a pair of scissors, you can create an easy costume that looks like the game of Operation.

Grab a sweatshirt and pair of matching sweatpants. Then draw the different Operation pieces on a sheet of white felt and cut them out. Use the red felt to create the holes the white pieces go into.

Glue the white felt pieces on top of the matching red felt pieces, and attach them to your clothes. Finish the costume off by using a marker to label the pieces and pop a red clown nose on for the game’s buzzer.

5. Tourist

Do you have a bright Hawaiian shirt that’s just sitting in your closet? Pair that with some khaki shorts or pants and you got yourself a typical tourist costume! A fanny pack, a big hat or sun visor, and a pair of sandals worn with socks will complete the look.

The Best Easy Costume Ideas

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have an amazing costume this Halloween. Just use one of the easy costume ideas above to save money and look great at all your Halloween parties.

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