24 Baby Halloween Costumes for Girls, Boys and Newborns

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Its Halloween time and your littlest boo is looking so wickedly cute that you’re just dying to get him in a Halloween costume. Luckily, the costume companies this year know a good photo op when they see it and they’ve made tons of costumes just waiting for your baby’s gorgeous face to fill in the head holes.

Here are some of the costumes on Amazon that will have your little bundles ready for those close-ups in no time.  We’ve organized the costumes into 4 groups:

  • Newborn Halloween Costumes
  • Baby Costumes for Boys
  • Baby Costumes for Girls
  • Disney Baby Costumes
Deluxe Baby Lion Costume

Newborn Baby Halloween Costumes

Trick or treat! Look what you got in your goodie bag this year, a tiny new family member.  Now that the bun’s fresh out of the coven, you’ll want to trick out and treat her to her first Halloween in style. No problem, new mama and papa! We’ve got the costumes to your make your little doll look perfectly “dahl-ling” his yee-ah. 

1. baby subway sandwich halloween costume

Wrap your newborn hero up like a Subway sandwich this Halloween. Designed for babies up to 18 months (foot long to party platter) this costume comes with two Subway sandwich papers, and a hat with all the fixin’ making your babe the (most) special sub of the day. Order up on Amazon.

newborn subway sandwich costume

2. Carter’s Halloween 3-Piece Little Avocado

What better way to top off your Subway sandwich than with a little avocado? Guac your baby’s world this year in this authentic Carter’s cotton ribbed tee, polyester costume and green and white tights. Check this out on Amazon and Avo Happy Halloween!

carter's baby avocado costume

3. Warner Brother’s Wonder Woman Baby Girl’s Body Suit Dress with Tiara and Cape

Wonderbaby to the rescue! Fighting for truth, justice and her first set of teeth, your mini glamazon princess will be a retro wonder in this red leotard with gold glitter print WW logo and utility belt with a detachable elastic cape, elastic gold glitter crown, and starry mesh tutu. For a wonderful Halloween, check this one out on Amazon.

baby girl's wonder woman costume

4. Newborn Infant Baby Boy Cotton bat costume outfit

Go batty with your bundle of joy this Halloween in the fangtastically adorable outfit from Younger Tree. Made of quality cotton blend material, this winged romper with ear hat is suitable for casual wear and has snap buttons at the bottom for an easy diaper change. If you’re looking for a newborn baby Halloween costume put this one on your radar. Available on Amazon.

newborn baby bat costume

5. Rubies Peas in A Pod Baby Bunting Costume

Give peas a chance this Halloween dressing your tiny one up as the cutest peapod on the planet. This soft green bunting fastens with a hook and loop at the back and has a horizontal opening in the back for diaper access (in case she peas). Get this costume on Amazon and have a veggie healthy Halloween!

newborn pea in a pod costume

6. Princess Paradise Baby Swaddle Wings Deluxe Costume

How about (potty) training your dragon this Halloween in the darling dragon swaddle wings number? Baby dragon will be looking smokin’ this year in this sleeveless bodysuit, with attached tail, pull on dragon character headpiece and wing swaddle blanket.

And don’t worry moms and dads. With this costume, comfort is not sacrificed for cuteness. Made of plush fabrics, this costume is comfy enough for any little dragon to curl up in. Once you see this on Amazon, you won’t be able to help but to cave in.

baby swaddle wings costume

Baby Costumes for Boys

Forget about snips, snails and puppy dog tails.  This year show ‘em what your little boy is really made of. At Amazon, they’re going boy crazy this Halloween with costumes that will make your little one toddle at full throttle and crawl with wild abandon. Here are some of our picks for the baby boys who are creeping it real this Halloween.

1. Elvis Presley Onesie Costume

The king may have left the building, but the baby is in the house this Halloween in this stylish Elvis costume. You won’t be able to help falling in love with your little one in this classic Elvis white high collar jumpsuit and pants set complete with “King” hat and “Elvis” booties. Check this out outfit on Amazon and get ready to get the neighborhood “All Shook Up.”

baby elvis presley onesie costume

2. Rubie’s Costume Company Dapper Drac Costume

Getting through the teething stages must have extra tough with this toothy tot, but the results are nothing short of fangtastic. Dress your handsome devil up to kill in a tuxedo jumpsuit with a removable high collar cape and a batty red bowtie to make this year really “count.” With this costume, he’ll be the cutest vampire in this “neck” of the neighborhood. Find it on Amazon.

baby dapper dracula costume

3. In Character Born to Be Wild Infant Toddler Costume

Get your little Son of Anarchy geared up for Halloween this year as the baddest biker to hit the Halloween highway. He’ll be gettin’ everyone’s motor runnin’ this year in his too cool for ghoul skull print do-rag cap, and biker vest and attached mesh- tattooed sleeves. But no matter how tough he is, he still has to have his diaper changed. Fortunately, there are snaps on the back for that. Burn rubber to Amazon to get your little bad boy in on the action.

baby born to be wild costume

4. Monster Boo Infant Toddler Costume

You must be good at making fiends because this year you’ve created a monster. With this outfit, your boo will be the cutest blockhead on the block. This costume includes a hood with furry Frankenstein hair, a scar, and attached vinyl bolts and a printed jumpsuit with a tattered vest and snaps for an easy diaper change. Bolt-on over to Amazon to avoid getting “overcharged.”

baby Boo Frankenstein's monster costume

5. In Character Lil Garden Gnome Infant Costume

Gnomatter where you go this Halloween, be sure to take your Lil garden gnome with you. Troll the neighborhood with your bearded bundle of boy in this lined jumpsuit with an attached belt, and leg snaps for an easy diaper change. The eyebrows and ears are attached to the gnome hat, the beard is detachable and the booties come with skid-resistant bottoms. Get it on Amazon and have a hairy Halloween.

baby garden gnome costume

6. Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Complete Yoda Costume

He may be small in size, but he’s wise beyond his ears. Turn your little padawan into a Jedi Master this Halloween in this complete Yoda costume featuring a soft cream-colored hooded robe, with a collared brown zip-up layer underneath and a soft green Yoda headpiece with wrinkles stitched into the forehead and ears. Get it on Amazon and powerful you will become.

baby star wars yoda costume

Baby Costumes for Girls

When it comes to the little ladies, they know they gonna run the world someday, but until then, they’re just getting their outfits picked out. From the ruffles and tulle to the rough and tough, baby girls are showing their Halloween selves off this year in these baby costumes for girls on Amazon. Here are some sure to inspire “Awws” throughout the neighborhood.

1. California Costumes Baby Girl’s Crafty Lil’ Witch Infant

One day she’ll be a powerful businesswoman, but for now, she’s just practicing her spelling. Dress your little sorceress up in this bewitching dress and a hat that would make the Wicked Witch of the West turn green with envy. Get it on Amazon and treat her to the cute side of the dark side.

baby girl's crafty lil' witch infant costume

2. In Character Baby Pink Elephant Costume

No fears, big ears.  Put some spunk and some trunk into Halloween this year with this pretty in a pink one-piece jumpsuit with snaps for easy diaper change and skid resistant feet. Check this one out on Amazon, and get a little “ear” ie this Halloween.

baby pink elephant costume

3. Disguise Infant Pirate Princess

Let your princess shake her little pirate’s booty this year in this inAAArguably adorable costume. The package includes a striped dress with an attached red coat and three corner skull hat with an attached scarf. The neighbors are sure to think it’s off the hook. Dig this treasure up on Amazon.

baby girl's pirate princess costume

4. Cute shower Girl Baby Unicorn Costume

It’s a safe bet that the only thing your little girl will love more than dressing up as a baby unicorn is getting to wear a pastel rainbow-colored tutu as part of it. She’ll look “pretty magical” in this dream come true consisting of a stretchy bodice with 3D flowers, and dreamy unicorn eyelashes, and a golden horn tiara. Check it out on Amazon and don’t stop believin’ in unicorns.

baby girl unicorn costume

5. In Character Costumes Baby Girls Huggable Hippo Costume

 When it comes to Halloween outfits, this is an absolute hippopota- must-have. Put your hip little hippo in this furry purple jump with a hippo hood featuring lashed eyes, ears, nose and teeth and have a Hippo Halloween. Check it out on the Amazon (Rainforest).

baby girl's huggable hippo costume

6. Rubie’s Costume Noah’s Ark Satin Ladybug Costume

Bug your little lady out this year by dressing her as everyone’s favorite beetle. She’ll be all ruffles and rumba panties in this black and red dress with antenna and booties included. Who knows? With the way she looks in this outfit, we might just be in for a new beetle mania. Get it on Amazon.

baby girl's satin ladybug costume

Disney Baby Costumes

It seems that no matter how many costumes we outgrow, we never outgrow our love for Disney. After all these years, we still haven’t stopped believing in dreams coming true, once upon a times, happily ever afters, and dressing our babies up as tiny fairy tale characters. 

So, on that note, here’s to holding our banners high and keeping Disney alive for the next generation. These Disney Costumes are among the most charming.  

1. Disney Disguise Baby Girls’ Tinkerbell Deluxe Costume

All you need is faith, trust, a little Pixie dust, and this Halloween costume to turn your little one into a magical fairy.  This flowered green dress with tutu and soft wings will make Tinkerbell infantaneously. Buy it on Amazon and always remember, if you tink you can.

baby girl's tinkerbell costume

2. Disney Boy Costume Coverall Beast

Oh, what a handsome beast. Furry though he may be, this beastie boy is dressed to impress in this coverall with screen printed tailcoat and fancy dress cravat. Straight out of a fairy tale, this pint-sized heartthrob is sure to sweep the beauties off their tiny glass slippered feet. Find this costume on Amazon and make it a Happy Halloween ever after.

baby boy's beast costume

3. Disguise Princess Cinderella Prestige Costume For Babies

Get ready to turn some of those pumpkins into carriages this Halloween, because there’s a little Cinderella in town and she’s got a prince to catch. Your petite princess will be the belle of the ball in this fancy tutu onesie and tiny silver crown. Just make sure she doesn’t lose one of her booties during the festivities. Buy it on Amazon and she’ll be the one trying the princes on for size.  

baby girl's cinderella costume

4. Disney Baby Dumbo Costume

“Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.” That’s what Dumbo’s mama said to him when he was just a little elephant baby. If those words aren’t enough to make you want to dress your baby up as Dumbo this year, this costume will. Your baby will look ear-resistably adorable in this jumpsuit with a detachable tail and character headpiece. Check it out on  Amazon.

baby boy's disney dumbo costume

5. Disguise My First Disney Snow White Costume

Who’s got the cutest little baby face of all this year?  You won’t need a magic mirror to tell you that it’s your itty-bitty ballerina dressed in her Snow White Disney baby costume. This Disney Princess costume is traditional Snow White with a red and black puffed sleeved top featuring a character cameo, yellow tutu attached, and a darling red bow to top her pretty head. Get it on Amazon and live apple-y ever after.

baby girl's snow white costume

6. Disney Mickey Mouse Costume Bodysuit Set

Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e! That’s right. The mouse is in the house again this year and he’s not going (as) quietly (as one). Suit your tot up in this Mickey Mouse bodysuit and character hat. A must-have for your Musketeer, this costume is available on Amazon. Have a very magical Halloween!

baby boy's mickey costume