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20 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

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Men are notoriously hard to buy for. Even if you ask them what they want, they’ll tell you they don’t know.  If he wants it, he buys it, if you buy it, he doesn’t want it. It’s a riddle inside a conundrum inside a riddle.

But here it is, Christmas time, and it’s the season to give. So how do we spread our brotherly love when the brothers are so hard to buy for? Have no fear, you can find a thoughtful gift without putting much thought into it at all. With this list, your most thoughtful gifts for men will be no brainers.

The Geek

He can calculate the trajectory of a speeding bullet, find out the amount of acceleration that it would take to leap tall buildings in a single bound and knows how much force it would take to stop a train. Who cares if his idea of a hot date is going to Best Buy and getting a Jolt cola afterward? He’s the geek in your life and let you copy off his physics test in high school. But what can you get the man whose Smartphone is already state of the art? Luckily, we found a few geeky gifts and gadgets that just might be the perfect formula.

Dr Who Tardis Cookie Jar

Here’s a quick hypothesis: If you give the geek in your life a Dr. Who Tardis Cookie Jar for Christmas, then he’ll have somewhere to put his oatmeal raisins out for Santa. Want to test it out? Try buying him the Dr. Who Cookie Jar. For the Whovian in your home, this miniaturized and beautifully detailed version of the phone box from the British TV show doubles as a place to store brain food when the computer sessions go into the wee hours. An officially licensed collector’s item, you can steal this cookie jar for less than $30.

Star Trek Next Generation Blue Tooth Communicator Badge

What about the guy you met at Comicon who keeps sending pictures to your Facebook page flashing the Vulcan hand salute? He’s on your list too. What can you get the Trekkie in your life? With the Star Trek TNG Com Badge, he’ll be the envy of the Enterprise. This badge does it all. It has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and noise cancellation, accesses Siri, Alexa, and Google, lets you listen to texts and emails, and plays the classic Combadge chirp when there is an incoming call. Most agree, its lightyears ahead of its time.

Kotobukiya Yoda Lightsaber Chopsticks

What about that other guy you met at Comicon who really had a thing for low mein? The Kotobukiya Yoda Light Saber Chopsticks are just the thing for the guy in your life who eats his noodles and uses them. These light-up utensils turn green with a click of the stick.  You can give the chopsticks alone or add them to a set of Star Wars collectibles to make a package.

Loominoodle TV Backlight

And what better way for a geek to decorate for Christmas than by hanging lights on his TV monitor? The Loominoodle TV Backlight improves color, contrast, prevents eye strain and adds that cozy glow that makes the existence of Santa Claus seem completely logical. It installs in under five minutes, turns off with your TV and works on any size screen, making it the perfect fit every time.

The Drinking Man

He introduced you to Guinness Dark, taught you how to tell a Cabernet Sauvignon from a Merlot, and knows the meaning of “Shaken not Stirred.”  What can you give the host who already has the most for Christmas? If you’ve got a man in your life who appreciates a smooth shot of whiskey every once in a while, he’ll be intoxicated with the gift ideas we found. Here are some things to make even the most sophisticated drinker drunk with pleasure.

Northern Brewer Craft Beer Making Starting Kit

Why give him the ends when you can give him the means? For the gift that really keeps giving, get him a Northern Brewer Craft Beer Making Starter Kit. With everything he needs to make fresh beer at home, an instructional video, a lifeline to customer service, and his choice of recipe, this brew kit will have him honing his art while drinking his craft.

Mixology Bartender Kit

Christmas cocktail party anyone? Bring on the booze and bring on the schmooze.  And who better to play bartender than your boozy bestie? With the stainless steel all-inclusive 14-piece Mixology Bartender Kit, he’ll be backhand pouring like a pro by the second round. Check it out on Amazon. (Peppermint Schnapps and candy canes sold separately).

“These Cards Will Get You Drunk” Drinking Card Game

 The title “These Cards Will Get You Drunk” says it like it is. If you give you this game to your guy, a festive night is in the cards. With simple directions, (Arm Wrestle. The loser drinks), no limit to the number of players, and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, this game will make your guy the life of every Christmas cocktail party.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Ice Cube Maker

Chilling with a chilled whiskey. If that’s all your guy wants for Christmas, you might want to consider giving him the Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge. The Whiskey wedge is the dilution solution for any man who’s ice cold whiskey turns to watered-down whiskey by the time he gets to the bottom of the glass (pretty much everyone who doesn’t have one of these). Each unit comes with a silicone ice form and a double old-fashioned glass. When frozen, the ice mold forms an ice luge that will chill his whiskey without watering it down. It brings the perfect chill to every glass and to every man the perfect chill.

The Rocker

He took you to your first Metallica concert, taught you how to play “Smoke on the Water,” and gave you a fake ID so you could into the Whiskey before you were old enough to drink. He has a pearl inlaid SG, a Custom Fender Limited Edition and a Gretsch ’59 Vintage Select Duo Jet Black. So what do you get the rocker in your life who already has the complete AC/DC catalog? As long as there is music, there will be harmony at Christmastime. Here are some heavy-duty picks for the pick holder in your life.

Pick-A-Palooza DIY Punch Pick Maker

He may have a hold of your heart, but he probably has a really hard time keeping hold of his picks. Guitar players go through picks like they go through underwear, probably a lot faster since they don’t seem to wear underwear much.  Since a good pair briefs is out of the question, you might consider giving him a Pick-a-palooza DIY Punch pick maker. With a sturdy blade, quality design, cool plastic strips, and a leather keychain holder, he can have his pick of picks without missing a note. 

Marshall Refrigerator

For your musician, it’s six packs and Marshall Stacks all the way. When the stacks hold the packs, it’s even better. Take his band practice to eleven with a Marshall Half Stack refrigerator in the rehearsal room. Its beer buzz meets guitar fuzz perfection.

D’Addario DIY Solderless Custom Cable Kit

With guitar cables, the struggle is real. The length is wrong, the connectivity combination doesn’t match up, the go-to cable has been gone to one too many times, or your simply one cable short of getting the job done.   No wonder musicians are frustrated. If cables have the musician in your life playing the blues, the D’Addario DIY Solderless Custom Cable Kit will allow him to create cables of any length and of any connector type. Great for last minute gigs or simply musicians who wait for the last minute.

Party Tyme Hair Bands Karaoke

Bang your hair-sprayed head, let the falsetto notes ring out, and bring on the air guitar. “Party Tyme Hair Bands Karaoke” is here, and everyone’s “feelin’ the noize.” There’s no rocker that won’t get a well-choreographed kick out of this. Just beware, with sixteen guitar-driven hits, there may not be a very “Silent Night” in your Christmas.  

The Foodie

He’s such a real man, he’s not afraid to eat quiche. When life hands him lemons, he makes lemon chicken, and he knows which artisanal ice cream shop makes the best mint chip. What better way to get to his heart than through his stomach? For the foodie in your life, the culinary route is the best to take. Here are some thoughtful gifts for men who really bring something to the Christmas table.

Bento Heaven Bento Box Bundle

Say “I love you” in Japanese by giving him a BentoHeaven Bento Box Bundle.  This minimalist stylish bento box comes with chopsticks and multiple compartments to keep food mess-free, aesthetically pleasing and well balanced. It even comes with lunch box notes so you can say “I love you” in any language. With cutlery set and free lunch bag thrown in, this bento box bundle will show your foodie you have real taste.

George Foreman Panini Five Serving Panini Press

He may not be able to use it on Christmas, but he can surely make some mean Paninis with the leftover turkey. The George Foreman Panini Five Serving Panini press has enough room to feed the whole family well into New Year’s. The fat removing slope removes 42% of the fat, which is especially useful for post-holiday dining. Get it in red for an extra Christmassy touch.

Jolly Green Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves

Too hot to handle? Not for your man, if he has the right gloves for the job. Ignite his cooking passion with the Jolly Green Ekogrips BBQ Oven gloves. If he’s been burnt too many times, these silicone gloves are heat resistant up to 425 degrees.  If you’re looking for a great selection grills to impress him with too check out this article on the Best Propane Grills. They protect both hands up to the wrist and their no-slip dexterity makes them ideal for everything from light bulb changing to opening a pickle jar.

Cuisinart Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

Ben and Jerry who? I scream, you scream, we all scream for the Cuisinart Ice Cream and Gelato maker. When everyone is screaming for ice cream, the Cuisinart will have the foodie on your list cranking out batch after heavenly batch. Chocolate chips, brownie pieces, peanut butter cups, and Oreos – if you can take it, he can make it with the Cuisinart. This appliance also features a see-through lid, so you can watch the process in action.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Husband that Has Everything

Whenever you ask him, he says all he wants for Christmas is you. Well, he’s got you already, so where does that leave you when it comes to gift ideas? Still, any guy sweet enough to say that certainly deserves something nice in his stocking. So, what can you give the husband who has everything? Here are a few ideas for the husband that needs nothing but is worthy of everything.

Readaeer Twelve Watch Storage Box Organizer

Who’s got the time? He does. If your man loves to sport a timepiece, the Readaeer 12-Watch Storage Box Organizer will beautifully display everything from his Montblanc Star to his Apple Watch Series 4. With a leather exterior and velvet interior, this organizer is a keeper for any timekeeper in your life.

Tactical Box Self Defense Tool

Right (or should we say write), out of James Bonds suitcase and into your husband’s stocking comes the Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool. Used by Navy Seals and military pilots (who still need to write home to mom), this part pen, part self-defense tool, has a flashlight/ glass breaker on the end so he’ll never get trapped, and he’ll always have the power of the pen

Primode Motorized Tie Rack.

Buying him a tie? So, cliché. Buying him a motorized tie rack with LED lights? Now you’re speaking his language.  Give yourself something to buy him and give him a reason to start wearing a suit to work. The Primode Motorized Tie Rack stores up to 64 ties, and 4 belts, and has LED lights so he can find his tie without asking you to help him look for it.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation

If he already has everything he needs, maybe you should give him another woman. The Echo Dot 3rd generation brings Alexa into every room of the house. This smart speaker has voice control for music, connects with others and offers the skills and knowledge of Alexa that she’s so well loved for. Who knew another woman could be so useful?