17 Last-Minute Halloween Costume For Guys That Procrastinate

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The calendar says it’s October 30th already…this means you only have one day left until Halloween!

Don’t have a costume yet? No worries; we’re here to save the day. Here are 17 last-minute Halloween costumes for guys.

1. Shaggy From Scooby Doo

The key to this costume is having the right kind of green shirt, and that’s pretty much it. It helps if you bear some physical resemblance to the character.

2. Mario and Luigi

Help your other procrastinating buddy out; this is a perfect costume idea for two people. This is a costume that’s widely available and never goes out of style.

3. Pirate

pirate costume is a great choice that’s never going to go out of style. It works well if you plan on spending the night drinking.

4. Secret Service Agent

If you already own a suit, you can easily make this one work with a few props and some black sunglasses.

5. Spiderman

Another tried and tested classic. You should have no problem finding a decent Spiderman outfit on short notice.

6. Mad Scientist

Dig out that old lab coat from science class. You could add fake blood to make it a bit more spooky.

7. Rick and Morty

A mad scientist outfit can easily be the Rick half of a Rick and Morty costume with a few minor adjustments. Your buddy just has to wear jeans and a yellow shirt.

8. Nickelback

Glue some nickels to the back of an old t-shirt and go out as Nickelback (hah!).

9. Zombie

Another great last-minute idea. A little fake blood, undead makeup, and a bit of acting will go a long way.

10. A Sims Character

All you need to look like a Sims character is to have a green diamond above your head. That’s it!

11. Slash

All it takes to nail this one is a top hat and a wig. Bonus points if you bring out a guitar as well.

12. Hunter S. Thompson

If you own a Hawaiian shirt and aviator shades, you already have most of what you need to get down this iconic writer’s famous look.

13. Banana Costume

A simple yet controversial classic that you can probably get cheaply and on short notice.

14. Inflatable T-Rex Costume

If you want a costume that’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser in almost any setting, you should consider the inflatable t-rex costume.

15. Skeleton

Halloween is spooky and skeletons are too; this is the perfect match.

16. James Bond

Another one that could be done with things you already own. A tuxedo and a prop gun are all you really need to sell it.


This iconic robot from the South Park series is an easy costume to pull off; the worse it looks, the better. You just need a cardboard box or two.

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Guys Who Procrastinate

As you can see, just because you’ve procrastinated doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Go with our last-minute Halloween costumes for guys and you’ll be the life of the party!

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