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10 Wicked Halloween Finger Foods To Serve At Your Party

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So, you’ve sent out the invitations, picked out your costume, and have games ready to play. All you have left to plan is the food. One of the best parts of Halloween is the snacks! Other than candy, there really is no set menu, which opens you up to a variety of possibilities.

What are some wicked Halloween finger foods to serve at your party? From graveyard-themed desserts to mummified appetizers, there are a variety of great Halloween foods to make at your party! Remember, try and stick to the theme and serve food you like with a spooky twist.

You’ve come to the right place for festive treats, both savory and sweet, that will impress your guests with their creativity and taste!

ceramic skull bowl with bone spoon

10 Wicked Halloween Finger Foods To Serve At Your Party

These are some personal favorite snacks to get people into the Halloween spirit! From appetizers to sweets, this spread requires very few ingredients, making them super easy to prepare and serve! Guests of all ages will enjoy your thought and preparation into the food!

10 Wicked Halloween Finger Foods To Serve At Your Party:

Mummies in a blanket is a Halloween take on the classic “Pigs in a Blanket,” you only need two ingredients to make this yummy and fun snack.

Use hot dogs and pre-made crescent rolls to bake your own mummies. Cut the crescent rolls into thin strips and wrap them around the hot dogs.

Remember to leave a little space between the strips randomly around the hot dog to give the wrapping effect. You can even paint little faces on the mummy with ketchup or mustard once they are cool enough and out of the oven!


Halloween party candy bowl

The perfect snack with the perfectly spooky name to match, Deviled eggs typically require hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, salt, and pepper. The combination of these makes a great bite size snack.

Some like to spice it up with a little paprika as well. Beyond the name, make your eggs even more festive by turning them into little devils. Thinly slice small pieces of red bell pepper to create “devil horns.”

Place two of them at the top of the egg to give the look of a devil. You can even use red food coloring for the deviled egg filling if you are going for a full-on devil look! Regardless, the small horns addition is cute and festive.

Nothing is creepier than eating dirt! Okay, so it’s not real dirt… but it looks like it!

You’ll need small see through plastic cups to get the full effect, chocolate pudding, thinly crushed Oreo or chocolate cookies, and candy worms!

Layer the pudding and crushed cookies and top with candy worms oozing over the side of the cup. You can add little pumpkin candies or tombstones for a graveyard or pumpkin patch theme! This dessert is very simple to make with boxed or premade pudding, cookies, and assorted candy based on your party theme!

Candy apples are classic Halloween treats, but they are often too big and too messy to snack on! People love to pick and choose toppings on things so let them do it at your party! You can make the spread as elaborate as you like.

You really only need sliced apples and melted caramel, but give them some options! Set up fun topping options like M&Ms, chocolate chips, crushed peanuts or other nut, marshmallows, and any other sweet thing you can think of!

Ladyfinger cookies look like fingers making them the perfect creepy Halloween treat. To complete the look, place sliced almonds at the tip to act as fingernails. To make it even more elaborate, paint the almonds red or a color to make it look like nail polish. These snacks are the perfect finger food, literally!

You can opt for fruit and or cheese with this one! The idea is to stick to a Halloween color scheme! Blackberries and cantaloupe on a skewer is a simple and healthy treat. Or try cubed cheddar cheese with black olives.

If neither of these options get your taste buds going, substitute for any black and orange foods that are to your liking! These skewers look really festive all together on a plate.

If you are looking for a snack that is a bit more substantial, try a quesadilla! Flour tortillas easily mimic the whiteness of a ghost. While Halloween cookie cutters work best, you can also use a knife to cut your quesadillas in the shape of a ghost. Before assembling, take one tortilla and cut out a desired ghost face.

This could just be two eye holes and a mouth! You’ll see the face after you assemble and the melted cheese creates the color contrast! Serve salsa, sour, cream, and guacamole on the side!

For your savory and sweet tooth, set out a bowl of some festive trail mix! Candy corn, pretzels, Halloween colored M&Ms, any type of nuts, and dried fruit! Mix and match your favorite snacks! This makes for a colorful treat for guests to snack on. Trail mix takes very little effort and is sure to be a hit at your soiree!

Stencils and cookie cutters are your friends! A super easy and inexpensive finger food only takes a fun spread of cheese and crackers.

Cookie cutter slices of various cheeses in the shapes of ghosts, pumpkins, witch hats, black cats, and more will make this yummy snack a festive display. For a full spread, add your favorite fruit pairings like grapes for an even more bountiful appetizer.

Presentation is everything here! Guacamole is the perfect addition to your Halloween food table! Arrange your guacamole in a block on the plate to mimic the shape of Frankenstein’s head. For his hair, use blue corn tortilla chips!

They look like the dark hair Frankenstein has. Use sour cream and olives for the eyes, nose, mouth, and nuts that come out of his neck!

Easy DIY Halloween Themed Snacks

The best DIY snacks are the ones you can shape to look like Halloween characters and props! With very few ingredients and easy preparation, you can put these together in no time for your guests to enjoy!

Here are 3 easy DIY ideas to get you started:

  • Witchy Snacks
  • Spider Snacks
  • Pumpkin Snacks

Make peanut butter cup witch brooms! All you need are peanut butter cups and pretzel sticks! Insert the pretzel in the top of the cup and they will stand on their own.

You can also use Hershey kisses or similar candy on top of a dark cookie like an Oreo to make witch hats. You can ornately decorate them or leave as it, just attach by slightly melting the bottom of the kiss so it sticks to the cookie!

Spider snacks are easy as they only require something round and then you can add legs! For another savory snack, try mini pizzas with little olive spiders on top! Slice some of the black olives in half for the body and others into 8 little sections to make legs!

If you like tangerines, turn them into a pumpkin! Peel them and add a small piece of celery to add as a stem! Tangerines look very similar to pumpkins when peeled, making them a great healthy snack! If you are looking for something a little more indulgent, try pumpkin Rice Krispy treats!

While it may be a little messier, all you need is Rice Krispy cereal, marshmallows, and orange food coloring. Heat the marshmallow, add the food dye, then cereal. Form into the shape of pumpkins and let sit. You can add a Rolo or similar shaped candy in order to create a stem!

The Best Themes For a Halloween Party

With so many Halloween themes available to you, how could you choose just one? The best advice for choosing a theme is to make it specific to your interests, but not too specific that planning will be difficult.

There is nothing wrong with a general Halloween party theme, but more specific will allow you to be more creative!

Here are a few themes that will spark many ideas for food, decorations, and activities:

  • Vampire
  • Murder Mystery
  • Halloween Movies
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Haunted House
  • Autumn Harvest

For a vampire theme, think blood everything! Red gel frosting dripped down cupcakes makes for the perfect oozy treat. Top them with the plastic vampire teeth to complete the look!

Decorate the tables with mini coffin confetti or paper cut outs for wall décor! Make some of your menu items garlic-centered, as we all know, vampires hate garlic!

Th murder mystery theme is great if you want your guests to stay engaged with an interactive activity. Have guests dress up in a specific time period or setting that you would want the murder to take place! There are many online resources for kits and set up to find the perfect game for your guests!

Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Halloween, Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc. Choose your favorite movie and either watch it, have your friends dress up and play games, or both!

With shows like the Walking Dead, zombies are all the rage! Try a “brain toss” with water balloons or use frosting to make a cake that looks like a brain. They are a zombie’s favorite treat!

The haunted house theme will require a bit more effort and orchestrating, but will be really fun for guests! It doesn’t have to take up your entire house, but should cover a few rooms!

Set up black tarping for best results to make narrow pathways. Don’t forget to have props (or people) that will jump out!

If you want to stick to a simple theme without the gore, look for pumpkin, leaves, and corn-related decorations to fit an Autumn vibe.

With an orange, brown, and yellow color scheme, create harvest themed centerpieces with mini pumpkins and squash. Keep snacks pumpkin flavored or more veggie-based to emulate a harvest!

A “best” theme really depends on what you and your guests will enjoy! The best theme is one that pays a lot of attention to detail and you can put a lot of effort into!

How To Find Creative Recipes That Fit Your Theme

The Internet is your best option in finding creative recipes that will be impress the guests at your Halloween party! There are so many cooking websites that have great holiday recipes!

The greatest resource for Halloween-themed recipes in Pinterest. The website is designed like a bulletin board, allowing you to look up recipes and how-to’s for almost anything.

If you type in “Vampire Recipes,” you will be met with pages of creative options. You do not need an account to view the “pins,” but setting one up is helpful for saving them!

Around the holiday, many grocery stores and big box stores will sell Halloween-specific cookbooks. You can also look to buy these cookbooks online.

The magazine aisle at the store is also an excellent resource! Cooking magazines have special fall and Halloween issues with amazing recipes to use at your party!

Some great online and print publications for recipes include:

  • Country Living
  • Food Network
  • com
  • Martha Stewart

Even if you don’t use all the recipes, they will spark great food ideas for your next party! Stay on theme and enjoy the masterpiece you’ve created!