10 Group Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect For Your Office Halloween Party

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What’s not to love about Halloween?

The decorations are awesome. The candy, especially the limited edition ones are delicious. You don’t need to buy anyone a gift, and it’s a good time to marathon your favorite scary movies.

Of course, it’s not Halloween if there’s no dressing up. Some would even say that the costumes are easily the best part of Halloween. And it’s even better if you can dress up as a group.

That said, here are 10 of the best group Halloween costumes that aren’t just best-buds-approved. They’re perfect for an office party, too.

1. The Avengers

As group costumes go, this one isn’t the easiest to pull off. But if you have lots of time to prepare, it’s worth it. There are DIY options online or if you want the easy route, buy online.

2. Minions

Did you say last minute group costume ideas? Well, this is one and it’s Stuart-approved. All you need are yellow shirts, denim overalls, black gloves, goggles, and black sneakers. 

3. Mean Girls

There’s no need to wait for Wednesdays anymore just so you can wear pink. And as long as everyone’s game about channeling their inner Regina, Cady, Karen, or Gretchen, it’s going to be so fetch!

4. Dominos

Black shirt + white dots = one of the easiest Halloween group costumes you can make. Tip: If you don’t want it looking too homemade, you can use white iron-on fabric for the dots.

5. M&M's

This is super cheap if you have people in your group who are handy with a paintbrush. But if you don’t, bring the shirts to a printer and you don’t have to worry about the Ms turning out uneven.

6. The '80s

There are so many possibilities for this idea. You could dress up as ’80s pop stars or wear the trends of the era – oversized blazers, shoulder pads, power suits, and so on.

7. Deck of Cards

You can go full on Alice in Wonderland here or you can have shirts printed. DIY is also possible with some duct tape, crafting board, and parchment paper.

8. Where's Waldo?

Don’t have a red and white striped shirt? That’s okay. You can use a white T-shirt as your base and then add some red felt. Complete the look with a pair of round glasses and you’re good to go.

9. Crayons

One color for each member of the group, how hard could it be? Complete the look with party hats spray painted in the colors you’ve chosen.

10. Emojis

If no one wants to be the angry emoji, that’s fine. There are 2822 other emojis to choose from. Each person can even wear two emojis if they want – one in the front of their shirt, and the other at the back.

Group Halloween Costumes: DIY or Buy Online?

It depends on what you’ve agreed on and how much time you have left to prepare. Buying online is less stressful. But you have to choose a store that does Halloween costumes right.  

As for DIY, there’s a risk that some costumes will look better than the others. If you want to avoid this, make sure everyone in the group helps out. You can also assign tasks to members so each one is able to contribute something.

Looking for Halloween Costumes?

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got group Halloween costumes, as well as costumes for kids and toddlers. We also have costumes for different themes and holidays.

Feel free to browse our selection or check out our blog for more Halloween costume ideas.